Motion for Impeachment

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    It is our responsibility to keep the Commission in-check when we believe our institutions are being mismanaged. It is in my belief, that the current Commissioner for Economics, Dr. Suzannah Beech, has shown herself to be reckless in her position, and has not only mismanaged the office, but seems to be quite dangerous to it as well.

    Upon taking Office, Dr. Beech immediately began undermining our institutions, by "reviewing" the operations of the European Central Bank. Dr. Beech's supposed "review" included a decision to suspend the applications to the Eurozone for an indefinite amount of time, placing all potential applications in state of limbo, and then not actually giving any proof or evidence of this supposed review itself. This sparked confusion across the EU, and even some criticism back at home from Framptonia itself, where her decision has been described as "naive" and "moving in the opposite direction" of Eurozone expansion. Unsurprisingly, her tenure has so far been marked by the greatest shrinking of the Eurozone in all of history. Her reckless control over the European Central Bank is the least of our worries however, as she seems to not understand how the Euro works at all. For some reason, Dr. Beech has not grasped the concept of a fixed currency, and has insisted that reductions in Eurozone member states could damage the currency. This is an entirely confusing prospect, as the Euro is a fixed currency ((OOC: Fixed at $1NS)). As a result, Beech has spreading unnecessary uncertainty across the region, worrying foreign treasures about possible Euro-exits, while being entirely unfounded and untruthful.

    Our institutions are clearly not safe in her hands. We cannot count on her running them properly, and we cannot count on her representing them and the EU either.

    During the the tariff crisis that has recently ensued, Dr. Beech proved entirely useless in holding talks, where she was showed little fight and resolve, and gave in hilariously easy. It seemed like she was almost satisfied with the crisis ensuing. We expect our Economic Commissioner to work hard, and fight tooth and nail in order to maintain economic order in the EU.

    All in all, Dr. Beech has so far been a disaster, and with the EU entering into a difficult time, we need someone better. We need to get the Eurozone organised, and we need someone who at least understands the Euro at the helm, and someone willing to hold the economies of the EU together. Dr. Beech cannot do this.

    So I hereby propose that we vote to impeach Dr. Beech as Commissioner for Economics.

    EDIT: Debate starts now and ends at 05:35 GMT on November 27th. Voting begins at that time and concludes at 05:35 GMT on November 30th.

    Edward Firoux

    Councillor of Inquista

  • With all respects to Framptonia, but I was dissapointed at the job that Beech has done to this Union. I do agree we should exspand the Eurozone. Even though Kalmar uses the Kroner. Kalmar will most likely support any actions to centralize the EU under tue condition of right and corruption free leadership. Henceforth we vote FOR the impeachment.

    -EU Councillor, Halbred

  • ((OOC- does the Commissioner get the right to defend herself against the motion?))

  • Miss Stephanie Hughes rose to her feet..

    Fellow Councillors, I must first make clear that what I am about to say is the view of the Government of the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia and in many respects does not correspond with my own personal views.

    Dr Beech is no friend of the new Government in Limpdom. However this motion of impeachment seems both premature and unnecessary..

    In the discussions between Framptonia, the United Kingdom and the Duxburian Union she did manage to facilitate some lowering of the tensions between our Country and the United Kingdom, even if there was no involvement from the Duxburian Union. She tells us that she is undertaking a review of the functioning of the Central Bank and the Euro Currency and the Government sees no reason to disbelieve her. There have been some reports in the press about Countries leaving the Euro, but these appear to have stemmed from National Governments involved and not the Office of the Commissioner. The reports seem to suggest that there is some sort of discussion ongoing regarding the Euro, but my Government has no confirmation of this. The volatility of the currency markets has been as a consequence of the leaks and it would appear that Dr Beech and Dr Reed were required to take preventative action to support the Euro, which seems to have calmed the markets. None of this suggests a level of incompetency that would require an impeachment after just three weeks.

    Plus it appears very strange that after an election to the post of Commissioner only three weeks ago, the Council would want to impeach a Commissioner on the basis of leaked reports or as a consequence of not agreeing with policy matters. This is supposedly a democratic process. Having elected Dr Beech it seems madness to impeach her for doing her job. If you don't like the way a Commissioner does their job, then you shouldn't have voted for them.

    The purpose of impeachment is not to give Countries the option of changing their mind before a Commissioner has had the opportunity to deliver.

    I strongly recommend the withdrawal of this motion.

    Miss Stephanie Hughes - EU Councillor

  • This post is deleted!

  • California votes FOR the impeachment.

    Paul Keating

    Councillor for the Commonwealth of California

  • "The Government of Poretos has decided to vote AGAINST the impeachment of the commissioner"

    - Councillor James Tournay

  • Pacifist Cowards votes AGAINST this impeachment.

  • Framptonia votes AGAINST this impeachment

    Miss Stephanie Hughes - EU Councillor

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    On behalf of the Microstate of Inquista, I vote FOR this impeachment.

  • On behalf of the Federated States of the Weissian Isles, I vote FOR impeachment.

  • " Stonekrog votes AGAINST the impeachment "
    -Councillor, Gustav Brant

  • "The Federal Republic of Xeng votes Against this impeachment, the Economic Commission isn't responsible for the decisions that national policy makers mke. if countries want to adopt their own currency and leave the Euro that is up to them." Said Xengese Councillor Miyan Sheng-Li

  • On behalf of the Government of Davishire I vote AGAINST this impeachment

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    Voting has concluded, and the motion for impeachment has failed by a vote of 5 to 3.

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