Urgent Discussion on Establishing New government in the Teutonic States

  • About 3 months ago, Davishire announced that they were blockading the Teutonic States. They cite their reason for a noble cause, but other evidence contradicted their claim. I would ask Davishire for the third time to pull out of the Teutonic States, and stop the fighting. Lord Vele is essentially done for. It is time to stop bickering, and immaturity. Let us all discuss what is to be done with the Teutonic States particularly this government. Why I have brought you here today Ladies and gentleman is because the Kalmaran people amoung others have grown tired of the death toll and trauma. Enough is enough, we will not get anywhere if this continues. All of these women and child would die invane which they already have. It is time my friends to for the EU council to do the work not Davishire. We shall will now determine the fate of The Teutonic States.

    -EU Councillor, Harold

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    I think we need to, first and foremost, allow the persons who will come forward from the Teutonic State set out their vision for their own home country. If we decide what the Teutonic State will look like, we run the risk of the appearance of an imperial Europe. We first need to figure out who is standing up as the leadership of the Teutonic State and see what they want for their country and support them.

    I also question the councillor from Kalmar and his motives. Since when did a blockade constitute killing people? The Teutonic State has not seen active warfare yet, but Kalmar has. To piggyback Kalmar's frustrations onto a legitimate issue that is entering a year in the Teutonic State would be irresponsible.

    Davishire did not act alone; the United Kingdom also participated in the blockade of the country, precisely due to the fact that there has been no action from the Council on this issue. In fact, what European force would have made Lord Vele stop besides a Coalition of the Willing? None. There is no enforcement capabilities at a European level which would help avoid the situations of individual nations having to step in. The Commission cannot do anything, neither could the ECoJ. They could just blow a lot of smoke and write very stern letters, all of which could be ignored. Europe has YET to get it right in regards to the Teutonic State (or indeed any rogue state), and us deciding the self-determination of a population should be the last thing that we should want.

    Let's wait until we find the leadership of the Teutonic State and see what THEY want and what the people want for their country before we try to establish a new government in a quasi-imperial manner.

    Iain Duncan Smith

    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

  • Miss Stephanie Hughes rose to her feet.

    To some degree I agree with both the previous speakers on this subject. But then I and my Government also disagree with them at the same time.

    Kalmar is right, that now that Lord Vele appears to have been removed from his theatre of operations, it is time to start thinking of how to allow for a democratic renaissance in the Teutonic States. However United Kingdom is correct to suggest that imposition of a democratic model upon the States by the EU or any outside nation would not be a sign of democracy. The people of the Teutonic States have to make that decision for themselves. However the United Kingdom is incorrect in saying that we should consult with the emerging leaders of the Teutonic States about how to proceed. Consulting with leaders of an undemocratic nation about the level of democracy those unelected leaders desire, is simply a recipe for ensconcing the already powerful and unelected in their positions.

    The Teutonic States is a rogue state, i do not think that that is in dispute. But then again, so is the United Kingdom of Davishire.

    Stephanie Hughes - EU Councillor

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    Firstly, I am glad to see you appear yet again, Miss Hughes.

    Second, if we don't at least see what leadership there is on the ground, we run the risk of being run out of the country altogether anyway. We should allow the people to bring democracy to their own country, instead of imposing it on them. That is going to bring them lasting stability. If we come in and do nation building by ourselves, all we've done is given the impression is that the European Union will simply impose itself on a country like an imperial force, something that I think several members have accused both Davishire and Britain of being in the past.

    We should consult the leadership of the people and see what can be done. I mean, we just elected one of them to the Commission that was not involved with Lord Vele. Surely there's more than one.

  • My government wishes to state that as yet Lord Vele has not been removed from the Teutonic States. He is still in the nation.

    He did attend to the Davishrian base in the nation to surrender himself, but escaped before he could be taken into custody.

    Cllr David Cameron

  • The Teutonic People will not be used to running a government themselves. If you look in history, the west made this mistake countless times. We cant allow to grant people freedoms especially if they do not know how to proceed with them. We need educated people assigned from the EU Council to administrate and establish this government. Of course we need to hear from the people of the Teutonic States if they want a democracy to begin with. And I agree with the Framptonia we should not just pick a leader but have to at the people approval. But, I cant emphasize enough that these leaders need to be educated and we need to establish public universities.

  • ((OOC To UK: Davishire made several posts describing the military bombarding cities and towns. They also explicitly described the misery, pain and death and the Teutonic people. This may not be for sport, but these are crimes against humanity. Especially since they ere(I am not sure what there status quo is right now) not allowing access to Humotarian Aid))

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    Cllr. Gisela Stuart stood to speak in the Council for the first time

    "Angleter has no wish to involve itself in the Teutonic crisis, but gives its wholehearted support to those seeking to bring about a quick and peaceful resolution. We would stress, however, that any such efforts must be Teutonic-led. It is extremely condescending to say, like the Kalmarian Councillor has done, that the Teutonic people are incapable of governing themselves. Giving the Teutons a 'choice' between two or three Europolis appointees in some weird charade will go over just as badly as imposing a single Europolis-appointed ruler upon them. Moreover, it is bizarre that we would consider the Teutons incapable of electing competent leaders of their own, but would at the same time entrust to them whether they should ever be able to elect their own leaders in the future."

  • I somewhat agree with Councillor Stuart. But, the common misconception of us saying that they cannot is far from the case. I will clarify what my point is. While, I do wish the Teutonic people to set up a government themselves, that is not realistic. This is why I have brought up this discussion today in the Council. We should ask the people of the Teutonic States about what they want and if they want a democracy to begin with. However, yes I do see a disaster for the people of The Teutonic States if they were completely left to create their own government. Their administration would be vulnerable and easy to take from a dictator that similar of Lord Vele. We as a Union, clearly does not want this to happen. Therefore, we need someone educated temporarily take charge of this government and establish the administration under oaths he will not be in office more than 2 years. But again we need to hear from the Teutonic people.

  • "We cannot simply sit this one out until someone for Teutonic speaks to us. Teutonic terrorists have already made it clear that some of them have been dangerously radicalized, and are a danger to the region, especially neighboring country's. We cant just blockade them, or shut down it's borders, we cannot let the nation starve, that's insanity. we absolutely need to step in and stop criminals from destroying that country. I'm not saying we should make an EU controlled government or even establishing anything like that, we should simply help the good willing people, so they can decide what is best for them."

  • "and how do you propose we go about doing that? Diplomacy won't be easy probably impossible and most EU nations wont support military action"

  • We don't. This process will take a long time. We will negotiate with them. If they want Lord Vele back, then we have no choice but to do so. The funny part Davishire is on one of the letter of warning presented from the Prime Minister, he warned you that the Teutonic people were going to retaliate if you kept doing that. And now here we are.

  • We have a copy of the letter if you want to read it:


  • "We cannot discuss giving Lord Vele back because we do not have custody of him.Although, the Davishirian Government welcomes any suggestions to end the current situation"

  • Like Stoneic Councilor had said, we have a rising issue with terrorists throughout the Union, What it seems like to us is the only way we are going to contain the growth of Terrorists is to do what they were created for. They are telling the Davishirian military to get out. The more people that this military kills the Hydra effect will apply. So the way we are going to solve this peacefully is to get out of the Teutonic States. Lord Vele as other countries has agreed upon is no longer a threat. If he tries to retake his crown, he should know that he will lose it again in a matter of days.

  • It is quite clear that the representative from Kalmar is uneducated on these issues. For that reason I shall not continue to discuss this point with him.

  • "Uneducated? Why this is his country's mess to begin with my government tried reasoning with his. It was your educated government that killed lots of people and started this terrorist problem. Your educated government apparently repeats mistakes of the past.

  • "The Davishirian government has conducted a small number of airstrikes on Teutonic Military targets. This number was very small and did not cause any civilian casualties. The Government of Davishire also did not plan or prepare the recent attacks in Davishirre which I believe you were referring to."

  • Suppose your statement was true, it would not change the factor that you are in their country destroying infrastructure. These people are angry because they think "Who the hell are these people thinking they have a right to come in our country our homeland and destroy buildings such because of poltical correctness

  • "Jesus christ, how many times have we told you? Davishire is not conducting bombing strikes. A small number were carried out a month ago. Numbers so small that you could count the strikes on one hand with fingers to spare. THis is not about Political correctness, but about human rights and peoples lives."

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