Kalmar- The Office of the Minister of Finance

  • In the name of the United Kingdom of Kalmar,

    Everything for Kalmar.

    Welcome to the office of the Minister of Finance

    We speak on behalf of the Minister of Finance, Håkon Sæbøld

  • The Kalmaran economy just recently enterd a recession due to the destruction of The Scandinavian World Trade Center in Oslo, Norway. Only one trade center remains in the Scandinavian Region. We believe the recession will last 6 months at the most.

  • The Folketing is proud to announce that North Anglia will be officially endorsed. We also have passed legislation to will supply 1.5 billion Kroner(about 145 million British Pounds) to the rebuilding of their capital, Königsburg, or other means to situate themselves into a stable situation.


    Håkon Sjæbøld- Minister of Finance

  • This is a little clip that my colleagues have made- joining Facebook:

  • We would like to announce that the Folketing has passed legitslation: Velvilje which will insure that the people that have lost their jobs, families and homes will be put into good quality shelter. They will be fed, sheltered in the elaborate big Houses that the Folketing have paid for. While 960 Million British Pounds have been lost in costs of war, this will only costs one forth of the losses taken. These broken families need a place to stay, especially for Christmas and the New Year. Our future plans is to cut Military Spending to further fund well-paid jobs.

  • Dear to the Governments of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland and the United Kingdom of Davishire,

    With the Reconstruction process beginning to take shape, we have sent back our workers to the oil fields. One of our biggest oil fields and pumps have been destroyed and spilled. Billions of Kroner has been lost. We invite you to a cooperative investigation of 3 missing persons and what caused the oil spill during your military exercises outside our maritime claims. We hope this will show cooperation between our 3 nations into finding out what happened and punish who was in charge of the massive oil spill.

    -Minister of Finance, Haakon Sjaeboeld

    -Prime Minister, Loekke Rasmussen

  • ((OOC: After an endless conversation with Aalen and Angleter, I have decided to withdraw my claim. I will withdraw my claims, but I do believe there was an argument. Considering our history with the two nations and we are finally reestablishing relations, it would be not wise to peruse this issue. Since multiable nations are refusing to recognize this incident, my government has not made any claims on an gas explosion. But I do want to note there could have a good arguement))

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