EU4 Invitations

  • Everyone is invited to play multiplayer EU4 on the 11th of December at 21:30 EST. I am creating a custom nation map that will have a special theme that relates to our RPing. If you love colonization you will have a fun time. If you are interested in showing up, the information is below:

    Server Name: NSEU4

    Password: NationStates(one word with caps)

    Version: 1.13.1(info on version should appear when attempting to hotjoin)

    Mods: No mods full DLC's for Wealth of Nations, Res Rupiblica, and El Durado

    Note: Do not worry if you do not have some of the exspansions, it doesn't matter since recent patch.

  • well, sign me up

  • Sure thing

  • Currently I will be including the following nations into the map:

    The United Kingdom, Kalmar, Stonekrog, Xeng, Icholassen, Inquisita, The Weiss Isles, Pacifist Cowards, Germany, Angleter, Davishire, Shevrar, Framptonia, The Iberian Empire, The Dubuxian Union, and California. If anyone feels left out let me know(I doubt anybody cares though).

  • Unfortunately, I will have to schedule this game session to the 26th or 27th of December due to an inflexible schedule in real life. The good news is that my friend may have an opportunity now to play with you guys. In fact she has a nation state so I may try get her on here(though she is very flaky) and new people that play EU4 to get a chance to sign up. See ya then, and dont forget to sign up and ill make sure you are on the list up above...

  • I would like to, before we start (our first session after Christmas) to state what is the starting province for each nation:

    Nation:Starting Province:Continent:Technology:
    CaliforniaMiwokNorth AmericaWestern
    DavishireManhattanNorth AmericaWestern
    Duxburian Union*Barsa(Undetermined)Southwestern AsiaMuslim
    Iberian EmpireMadridEuropeWestern
    IcholassenOttawaNorth AmericaWestern
    InquisitaConstantinople Southern EuropeEastern
    Pacifist CowardsMoskvaEastern EuropeEastern
    United KingdomLondonEuropeWestern
    Weiss IslesÖselEuropeWestern
    XengXi'anChina ProperChinese

  • Things to keep in mind before going on:

    i- Everybody is welcome. I don't care if you are new to this game or a genius, this game is for everyone.

    ii. (I am assuming there will be AI) AI will be set to Normal

    iii. Everyone will have the same exact ideas.

    iv. Your rivals are already set when you start your first session

    v. War is strongly discouraged for the first 11 years. (Unless it is a defensive war)

    vi. Game session will begin every other week at the same time(hopefully) at 18:30. It is a one hundred minute session with a 10 minute break at 19:15-19:25. But this is ideal exceptions culd be made.

  • Admin

  • Depending on time, I could be free on the 26th for this 🙂

  • I have no idea what this is about = does someone what to send me an appropriate link please? Also please note that 26th December is my birthday, so if we play any games I expect to be allowed to win!

  • @Inquista

    Let me explain what exactly this is for you seem not to understand(maybe you do idk). This is for a game that 3 of us play. Now, I wanted to balance out the map for this game because as it already is, there was too much people in the European Continent for a colonization campaign. So I looked at a few things about some nations I had no room for(those happen to be the nations I hate in rp lol) be it was nothing personal. No I am not trying to extensively defend myself, but it seems that you do not understand the process:


    i- Your state religion is some sort of Orthodox

    ii- According to the actual region map, you are close to where Constantinople would be.

    iii. Hey it is a golden province in that game. High tax and trade power. Take that as a compliment


    i. Davishire's capital as you know, is London. The UK refers it to "New London". In which the Dutch started "New Amsterdam" were New York is today, it assumed that was closest to New London as it gets.

    ii. Davishire would have lots of room to expand so don't take it in a negative way. Though the development is low that the down side.


    I'll be honest with myself, I had not idea were to put Icholassen, so i put it in Ottawa so it would keep from Davishire's guarantee from becoming a superpower.

    Duxburian Union:

    i. Though its culture seems to be Slavic, I did want the pacifist cowards to have some room(because he is actually playing)

    ii. Look at this map:

    user posted image

    It looks vaguely similar to Mesopotamia so that is were i put him

    iii. Again, map balance

  • Admin

    @Kalmar lmao. I was kidding, don't take me seriously!

  • Call Time:15:15 Eastern Standard Time (Begins at 15:30)
    Password/Username:Username: NSEU4 Password: NationStates
    Duration:100 minutes (10 minute break dividing 45 mins)
    Session:Every other Saturday, starting the 26th of December
    Notes:Custom map Finalized. Some errors concerning leader names, and government types. 15 nations match 1444-1819 CE
    Other:Anyone is welcome to join. We encourage anyone who has EU4 to join us. The launcher has been updated to v1.14 and Expansions follow:
    Conquest of Paradise, Wealth of Nations, Res Rupublica, and El Durado

  • @Kalmar When you say "call time" is there a Skype call/Discord group or something going on or will it be in-game chat?

  • by "call time" i think he means the start of the game, though i cannot find his server.

  • Call time is when the server will be avavlibe sorry! I had to do stuff with my family

  • The server is up right now so if you want to play you have 15 minutes to log on.

  • Time is nearly up. So it will hsot the server at two differnt times. I will host this server later today at 21:30 EST and tomorrow at 15:30 EST

  • The Game is starting in 15 mins and the server is up now. Please get there as soon as possible. -To the EU4 players

  • Next Game if nobody will show up will be tomorrow at 15:15 EST. This is the last chance for the RP session for this week.