Konigsberg Zeitung

  • The old TBC has been dismantled, being a product of the old regime. This is a new independent news source, for a fresh start. If you don't yet know me I am Gorthuar, a member of the EU Commission and your hopeful new leader. I am currently working on establishing a new, more democratic government, but the process will be slow. A few weeks ago I handed Lord Vele over to the UK and Davishire, this man, a miscreant who staged a coup d'etat and ran this nation into the ground for personal gain, is now gone. I will work to fix up the damage done, rebuilding after the loss of much life and property. One of my first acts is an amnesty program for previous government troops, and rebels. Along with this is a weapons buy back program, happening for one month along Ruhr Street in Konigsberg. Any explosives and firearms, civilian or military, will be refunded, with a bonus bounty price on things such as landmines and grenades. The funding for these programs was generously given by the UK, estimated at around 300 million pounds.

    Next on the list is the rebuilding of Konigsberg, which will be started by the end of the month. Rubble from around the country is being collected at the South-End Park of Konigsberg- it will all be recycled into usable building material. Anyone interested in work is to report to me personally, in my office at 78 Sumph Street. The work is paid and with family benefits, the first in a series of renewal programs I am working on. Pay and compensation is to be determined individually, by family size and skill levels.

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