You are Invited...

  • Those wishing to go must head to the Marine in Saint Novella on the 11th December. There, they will board the RNS (Royal Nicoleizian Ship) Athena where they will board and go to their rooms whilst the journey to Inquista.


    Each guest is allowed 2 plus ones, so, each is allotted 3 people allowed on board. Any special requests will be dealt with.

    Susan Callaghan - Room 640 (Light/lime green)

    King George of the UK - Room 631 (Light/lime green)

    Archbishop Cracticus - Room 635 (Light/lime green)

    King Hubert of Davishire - Room 602 (Purple) (George Osbourne barred from this particular event)

    Emperor Artabanos of Inimicus - Room 632 (Light/lime green)

    Prime Minister Sam Courtenay - Room 633 (Light/lime green)

    Lord Vele - Room 641 (Light/lime green)

    King Beauchamp - Room 640 (Light/lime green)

    The Klingenburgs - Various rooms, on Navigation Deck

    Lucinda Bareham - Room 644 (Blue)

    Weissian Delegation (??) - Room 645 (Blue)

    Corelian Delegation (??) - Room 643 (Blue)

    Anyone else who wants to go - Rooms on the Promenade Deck

    Please RSVP, or just turn up. Up to you.

  • His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos is honoured by the invitation from His Nicolezian friends, and will attend the occasion with pleasure. He may or may not bring someone with Him.

  • Lucinda Bareham would be delighted to attend, but as she is 8½ months pregnant she would like some reassurance about the standards of midwifery available on the RNS Athena.

  • It is ill-advised to travel whilst so heavily pregnant. We do have the equipment to deal with such discrepancies after what happened with Anastasia at her last event. You never know, there might be quadruplets in there. However, another representative from Framptonia will be welcomed immensely. - Gregory DeSousa, Queen Anastasia's PA.

  • Admin

    Archbishop Craticus and Mikaela Kligenberg will both be delighted to attend this event.

  • Admin

    Mr. Courtenay regrets that he will be unable to attend. However, he sends his best wishes onto Her Majesty and Nicholas, and offers the Crown Prince George, his wife the Crown Princess Theodora, and ambassador Bob Ainsworth (who will require a separate room) as suitable replacements for his absence.

  • Former Commissioner Susan Callaghan will be pleased to attend, along with High President Michael Solomon and his wife, Marie.

  • Viscount Hargadoon and his wife would be delighted to attend one of his last public engagements as Viscount