Letter to ALL EU Councillors

  • Dear Councillor,

    I am currently working on reviewing the security arrangements for EU Institutions within Europolis.

    As you have an interest in this matter could you all please provide me with your thoughts on what security for European Institutions should look like.

    I plan to publish results this side of Christmas, so please can you reply to this within the next 7 days before the 17th December.



  • The United Kingdom of Kalmar will hereby attend. We must warn all Councillors of the unfortunate death of Harold Hjakford. He had committed great service to the Kingdom and his people may good keep him forever. Without further ado, I would like to take hold of his office until the rest of his term is up.We will publish our thoughts in behalf of the Folketing on the 15th of December -Margaret Kyrkjebø- New Eu Councillor on behalf of The United Kingdom of Kalmar

  • Dear Councillor for Kalmar,

    Please provide your information in written form. There is no meeting for you to attend.


    Geoffrey Asquith-Robinson

  • Admin

    Dear Commissioner Asquith-Robinson,

    Though I have little experience of my own to draw on, I have found Council security to be extremely lacking. My predecessor witnessed, for instance, the bizarre episode of the kidnapping of Cllrs. Bareham and Pickles, resulting in the latter's untimely and tragic death, as well as the shooting of Cllr. Devoy and Commissioner Eriksson. We deserve to be able to serve as representatives of our nations in safety and security, and it is a disgrace that our lives have so often been placed in such danger. That is basic security, so basic that I do not feel like I should need to go into any specifics. How can someone get a gun into the Council building and be allowed to cause a lengthy disturbance before actually shooting anyone, and then be able to shoot not just one, but two people? How on Earth can a team of people be able to overpower two Councillors and abduct them from the chamber itself without security stopping them at any point? This is not a question of new specific arrangements; this is a question of our security services carrying out the most basic requirements of their job. I am hopeful that you will be able to achieve this most basic level of competence.

    Yours sincerely,
    Cllr. Gisela Stuart.

  • Dear Commissioner

    As the successor in this chamber to Lucinda Bareham, this is a matter of great importance to me. The security of this building should be such that weapons and explosives cannot be brought into the building, let alone into the Chamber. I am concerned that there appears to be no accreditation of Councillors and we have witnessed in the recent past officials from Countries other than their Councillor speaking from the floor of the Chamber. I would suggest that only persons properly accredited as a Councillor with the Office of the Speaker should be allowed on the floor of the Chamber and the security services should ensure the enforcement of such.

    In the event that Councillors wish to hear the views of persons who have not been accredited, then this should take place in one of the many meeting rooms of this building. I can understand that there might be occasion when the Council wishes to hear from a Head of State on international matters of importance, and maybe there should be an exception for these rare occurrences, but I feel that otherwise the only persons with audience rights in the Chamber should be Councillors.

    Miss Stephanie Hughes - EU Councillor.

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    Dear Commissioner,

    Whilst security is paramount to our and our staff's protection it should not jepodise any notion of transparency or public access to the seat of European democracy. We must make it possible for the public to access our building and feel they are not hidden from proceedings. I think the best way is a security checkpoint at the entrance all go through daily incliding councillors. Please consider the citizens in your report.


    Dr. Jens Nørreport

    Councillor for the New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia

  • Dear all,

    While this is a rather short letter, I do want to address that the crime rate in Europolis is unaccounted for at least from our viewpoint. I am assuming that Europolis is a safe place. Security is not a big necessity however it is still one. We should not need abundant security members. But as a more pacifist nation it is not necessarily my place to make a detailed analysis on this issue. Thank you

    -EU Councillor, Margaret

  • Dear Councillors.

    Councillor Miyan SJiang-Li will be representing the Federal Republic of Xeng so that our Republic gets a seat on the table of how this regions security is going to be over4seen.

    (OOC: Sorry guys, not much time for a full letter so had to go short and sweet)

  • Dear Commissioner

    My government is in full support of increased security in Europolis. However, we believe that whatever decision is made, the security forces should neither be supplied nor influenced by any one nation or corporation in hopes of preventing widespread corruption in the city.

    -EU Councillor Mr. Benito Ost

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