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    Millennial Bank

    The Bank That Doesn't Suck ®

    Company Profile

    Global Headquarters: 1 Wall Street, FL 8, Verington V3K1A1 DU
    Date Incorporated: 2nd, 823
    CEO: Alan Trennington am Verington
    Revenue: K:205 million
    Expenditures: K:188 million
    Cash Reserves: K:1.16 billion
    Ownership: 77% Millennial Bank
    10% B. Devoy
    5% Alan Trennington
    3% Andres Marian
    3% Kligenberg Ventures
    1% Byran Lunde
    1% Kyle Nyquist

    Mission Statement

    Millennial Bank strives to be a financial institution that doesn't suck. We're not here to rip you off or shake you down. We're a creative, tech savvy, somewhat eccentric group of young people who became disenfranchised with the cold, slow banking system and decided to do something about it. Do you remember when banking used to be fun? Do you remember when the bank used to treat you like a real human being with feelings? Neither do we! Imagine a world without fees, without hidden tricks, where your service is human and your transactions are instant. Welcome to the future of banking, welcome to Millennial Bank!


    Millennial Checking - The checking account that doesn't suck!
    - No monthly maintenance fees
    - No minimum daily balances
    - No minimum to open accounts
    - 100 free checks
    - No overdraft fees. By default, all transactions with insufficient funds are declined, even electronic transfers. It is impossible to overdraft your account.
    - Optional line of credit attached to your account if you want traditional overdraft service.
    - All deposits (even checks) post instantly. Our network is built on top of the Ripple protocol.
    - Hold balances in any currency, fiat or crypto. Swap between them instantly with our mobile and desktop apps.
    - Optional post control, schedule the time and order that outgoing payments post in.
    - Deposit cash instantly at any partner network ATM or Ripple-enabled ATM.

    Millennial Saving - The savings account that doesn't suck!
    - Optional customer account encryption. Nobody can access your funds, not even our employees.
    - Instantly transfer funds to/from your Millennial Checking account.
    - No withdrawal frequency limits.
    - Earn bonus interest for every year you've been a Millennial Bank customer.
    - No credit checks or banking history checks

    Millennial Card - The credit card that doesn't suck!
    - No annual fee.
    - No monthly payment due dates. Choose how much you want to pay and when. For highly-qualified customers.
    - Schedule payment at any time on any day, to post at any time on any day.
    - Automatic currency conversion abroad using Ripple pathfinding. You always get the best exchange rate.
    - EMV chip for security.
    - NFC chip for contactless purchases.
    - Virtual card numbers for secure online purchases.
    - Custom cashback bonuses, select categories and percentages based on your spending habits. For highly-qualified customers.
    - Your credit does not get dinged for late payments less than 30 days late.

    Contact us for information about investment, mortgage, relationship, business, and other services.
    Contact us for any reason, we'd love to help!
    1-800-MIL-BANK (Always a real person in your country with an accent you can understand) (Responses in less than 24 hours) (Our agents don't read from scripts)

    Appeal directly to the CEO? (Please be patient due to high volume of emails)

    Visit our HQ in person?
    1 Wall Street, 8th Floor, Verington City (1, 2, 3, 1A, 2A, 41N, 23W, 3K8 trains, A, W, E3, E4, R82, K20 buses, 4 ferry, Wall Street station on commuter rail)

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    Millennial Bank is looking to establish partnerships with banks outside the Duxburian Union. We'd love to share networks for Ripple, ATMs, and ACH, and we're looking to open branches internationally. We would also like to discuss the sale of stock to investors who share our vision and mission. Additionally, we want to start trading on the London Stock Exchange.

  • The newly created Azuro National Bank is interested in a partnership with the Millennial Bank because of its "no-suck" policy and straightforward simplicity. As we are working with the new fledging economy of the Federal Republic of Azuro, we wish to strengthen ties with other EU members through economic relations. We invite the the Millennial Administration down to the ANB for a meeting.

    Office of the Azuro National Bank, LTD

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