Operation Conserve Callaghan

  • Not IC Secret Statement.

    "Operation Conserve Callaghan has commenced. We are launching the (standard) aircraft carriers, the HMNS Romanov, the HMNS Union, and the HMNS Saint Regina will be deployed along with 5 diesel submarines, the HMNS Octopus, the HMNS Squid, the HMNS Angler, the HMNS Eel, and the HMNS Union will escort the ship along its journey to Inquista." - Head of the Navy, Eugene Fodor.

  • "Dear Sir,

    As a friendly reminder, even though the Aleutian government believes in free movement of commercial and military vessels alike through the Aleutian Strait, we do maintain of sovereignty over the Strait and reserve the right to restrict any naval traffic from non-Black Sea countries. While we certainly bear no ill thought or suspicion toward the voyage of the Nicoleizian fleet, we hope you understand the passing of a great fleet of 3 aircraft carriers and 5 attack submarines through our capital of Constantinople DOES raise security concerns. We therefore kindly ask the Nicoleizian government to inform us your exact schedule of transit through the Aleutian Strait as well as to accept our offer to escort your fleet through Aleutian territorial waters. Four submarines, IAS (Imperial Aleutian Ship) U31, U32, U33, and U34, as well as the destroyer IAS Peloponnesos will accompany your ships to assure a smooth movement into the Black Sea.

    Tiberius Pontitius Quarto, Grand Admiral of the Imperial Aleutian Navy."

    IAS Peloponnesos


  • "We of course mean no harm. The escort could be replaced with Inquistan Naval ships, and no Nicoleizian ships would cross the strait of Aleutia. Of course the key word in "Operation Conserve Callaghan" is "Conserve", we're just trying to protect the Royals and Dignitaries and this is the first military action of Icholasen since the 2014 re-founding of the armed forces by beloved former Prime Minister Laverne Cox." - Eugene Fodor.

  • "We certainly did not mean for Icholasen to cancel the operation all together. We simply request a copy of the itinerary of the operation and inform your government that we will send ships to escort and shadow your fleet as they travel across the Strait."

  • "We will inform your Government when the fleet nears Aleutia. It isn't a very quick voyage, it might take time for us to reach Aleutia.

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