Old Terr Selec 4

  • Oops.. fixed that:


  • Ah feels good to be back

  • Are you the same Iyori who, on the chat of another region, said that he hated the EU and was going to come back and troll us all?

  • Hi I would like plot number 13 please on behalf of the United Socialist States of Shevrar

  • Admin

    @Dubee @Shevrar - Done!

    @Iyori - I know that you're the same player as Xeng.

  • Admin

    Xeng, Baal and Iyori are all the same player. Which is fine and I don't had a problem with it, but as long as only one (or two, if the puppet is justified) is on the map. I'd prefer to not clutter it with puppets.

  • Actually no, baal was my brother, but he's moved on anyway to another region he is more interested in anyway, which was too bad because I woudl've liked to have rp'ed with my younger bro. Iyori was my old account which I had to use because my current one. that I am using right now was temporarily misappropriated by some asshole in Japan, who knows me quite well and changed my password. But I recovered it so I won't have to use iyori anymore. I don't know about this other iyori that other guy talked about though.

  • Pahaha, @Iyori @Xeng that's lies. Considering the fact that in the past you claimed that you were Japanese. So your slip of "someone in Japan" took your account it lies...

    It must also be considered that this Iyori claimed to have been a member of the EU previously, and the account that you posted from is the ONLY Iyori we have ever had #morelies

  • I am Japanese. But I currently live in Australia at the moment. People do change location. Also My previous nation on ns was iyori 2. I don'tknow what the previous one was. Nor do iI really care

  • We have sources from other regions, that is #lies

  • Whstever. Thatsmy explanation. Not satisfied then check my ips and defer to the admin who was probably tracking me.

  • Admin

    Admin here. Here's what I know:

    • Xeng is, as he says, the same player as Iyori. The same player was also previously Echelon and New Flevoland, and has been involved in the region as far back as 2010.
    • As far as I can ascertain, this player has always been based in Australia for as long as they have been involved in the region.
    • On Sunday, both the Xeng and Iyori accounts changed their passwords, and the Xeng account was locked. On Tuesday these accounts changed their passwords again, from the same IP address as on Sunday, which is also the (Australian) IP address normally associated with both accounts.
    • This player is male and has said so as Xeng. As Iyori, however, they claimed to be female. As a result, the pictures Iyori posted of 'themselves' in the RL Picture thread have been deleted.
    • Baal initially posted with the same IP address as Xeng and Iyori. I asked Xeng about this, and he insisted that Xeng lived with him and would be moving out in a couple of weeks' time. Baal then didn't post for a couple of weeks, but then returned, posting with a wide variety of different IP addresses - hailing from Finland, New Zealand, and (depending on which locator I used) either the USA or Australia - in the space of a few days.
    • I am unaware of any instance where this player has abused their multiple accounts, even if one were to surmise that Baal is one of that player's accounts.
    • None of this player's accounts' - or Baal's - email addresses share any kind of pattern or common feature.

    I'm unwilling to pass judgment either way on the Baal issue or the Japan/password issue. There is, however, cause for suspicion, and in that sense it's a relief that Baal won't be posting here any more. I don't see any need for action, except that I'm not going to tolerate any new accounts cropping up with the same IP address as Xeng. We'll judge how true those alleged comments on the forums of another region were by Xeng's conduct henceforth. Let that be the end of the matter.