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    December 12 2015

    On this day, the Federal Republic of Azuro came into being in sector 15. It is also on this day the Supreme Chancellor was voted in with 90% of the democratic vote. This means 90 Members of Parliament from the National Social Democratic Party (NSDP) will take seats in the House of Freedom. Named to the Supreme Cabinet by Rght. Honorable Mr. Eli Locatelli are 20 Ministers whose names will be released from capital city Unity, along with the Vice-Chancellor and the Chancellor-Speaker, in a government report soon. Azurins celebrate in their newfound democratic state, and look forward to the future.

    Free healthcare will finally be activated


    Free public health care service, a promise given by the old Union of Forza Azzurro government, will come into effect 12 p.m. Saturday night. Mr. Locatelli's predecessor, Angelo Vichini, promised the citizens of Venice free public health care if they joined the Union. This was soon after promised to all of the peninsula once Vichini established a republic, and now, with Locatelli's assistance, a republic has indeed been born. And so has free public health care, announced from the white steps of the House of Freedom in Unity City.

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