Global AID Activated: Mission Teutonic State

  • Gen. Al Tarkini - "Global AID is Turmanistan's humanitarian military branch. It must be activated in light of what we have seen in the Teutonic State. Although the airstrikes/combat conflict is over, the people need medical supplies, food, makeshift clinics and some mode of transport for those people who may be severely injured. Turmanistan will be sending one of its Boeing C17 Globemaster III to the Teutonic state to drop supplies and create a humanitarian base there until things get fully normalized. I would like to assure everyone that this move is NOT a combat mission but a humanitarian one. But be forewarned that the crew and aircraft are equipped with the latest weapons if any situation occurs whereby civilians or the crew itself are attacked by an outside force. Turmanistan remains a neutral power, but MUST be allowed to be engaged in international humanitarian missions."