The people republic of keygraystan

    • Full name: The peoples republic of Keygraystan
    • ShoKeygraystan
    • Denonyms: Kegraystanian, kegray
    • Capital city: Leninstad/LenninVille (french)/Lenninstadt
    • Civil Anthem: March of the volenteers
    • Official Mottos: HAIL LENNIN!
    • National Holidays: 9 August (lennins birthday) 17 January (national holiday
    • Formed: 1351 (basic roots); 1578 (current territory encompassed); 1801 (monarchy abolished); 2012 (Empire formed)
    • Head of State/Government: President Vladimir Lennin

    • national religion: Pastafarianism

    Text of the national anthem

    Arise, we who refuse to be slaves;

    With our very flesh and blood

    let us build our new Great nation!

    The Peoples of Keygraystan are at their most critical time,

    Everybody must roar defiance.

    Arise! Arise! Arise!

    Millions of people become one,

    Braving the enemy's gunfire, March on!

    Braving the enemy's gunfire, March on!

    March on! March on, on!

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