The Convention of Stockholm

  • The Convention of Stockholm

    With political unrest seeming to occur throughout the European Union, or if political instability was to occur, the conversion of Stockholm will state the following on behalf of the people of Kalmar:


    i. The convention of Stockholm will be the criteria and guideline for future foreign crisis and incidents until the next election of the Prime Minister of Kalmar, in 2019. In which the next prime Minister may choose to extend this convention

    ii. The United Kingdom of Kalmar hereby condemns any form of foreign military action occurring within the Scandinavian Region. The following plots will be considered the Scandinavian Region in respect the United Kingdom of Kalmar: 1,2,3,4,5, and 6. If military action were to occur under the exception for its own defense or sovereignty, then this passage will apply.

    iii. Humanitarian Aid will be prioritized within the Scandinavian region over any other regions. This will apply especially if political instability was at its current state.

    iv. The United Kingdom of Kalmar hereby pledges Political and Militaristic neutrality if any crisis was to break out outside of the defined Scandinavian Region.

    v. Kalmar will reserves the right to declare war if any foreign troops was to be currently active within the Scandinavian region or of any suspicion that activity will occur. In foreign defined as any nation that is in resides or pledges allegiance to a country that is outside of the region. Under the condition if any treaties are currently under affect

    vi. Kalmar will at the minimal criteria attempt to obtain friendly status to alliance with her Scandinavian neighbors. Kalmar will also financially support its neighbors when needed with the condition that their foreign record is in good to excellent status.


    i. The United Kingdom of Kalmar will protect the right to good communications both confidential and to the public. However, if Kalmar sees that these communication are threatening in some way in Kalmar communications will be regulated and may be shut down depending on the vote in the Folkeing.

    ii. Allied or any countries that we currently have friendly status with will have the right to access Kalmaran public internet, as log the individual is not subject to hacking or similar crimes.

    iii. We will pledge the freedom of speech on the internet line or any other means of communication.

    iv. Any propaganda or state funded programs will be rejected regardless if it violates passage iii.


    i. The United Kingdom of Kalmar will hereby accept any currency that is of origin of the Scandinavian region.

    ii. Trade within all places will be regulated. Defined as any materials or means to create or expand a standing army until 2020. This includes chemicals, crude oil, and linens that make camouflage garments.

    iii. No citizen within the Scandinavian region that has a clean criminal record will be denied the right the United Kingdom of Kalmar

    iv. All visas will be individually created via diplomacy.


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    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland rejects the Convention of Stockholm and will continue to associate itself with North Anglica (Teutonic State), as it has been requested to do so by its leading reformer.

  • The government of Davishire echos the comments made by the United Kingdom. We shall also continue to exercise our rights to use international waters around the Scandinavia as we see fit.

    The Government of Davishire also dismisses Kalmars right to claim a degree of sovereignty over Scandanavia.

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    The Duxburian Union categorically rejects the Convention of Stockholm and the right of Kalmar to administrate territory that it does not physically possess. Interference with Duxburian trade and allies is not recommended if Kalmar wishes to make it to 2016, let alone 2019.

  • (OOC: UMm you do realise plot 6 is my territory right? I don't give you the right to make policy decisions over within my territory. Xeng governs Xeng, no-one else)

  • As much as the Twelve Commonwealths doesn't want to get involved in the North, it has to speak out against this silly declaration. Once again the North has played host to fickle, kneejerk responses. Like our friends in the Duxburian Union, we reject this Convention as having no legitimacy whatsoever. We call on Kalmar to abandon it's course of action in antagonising it's neighbours, and work peacefully to put this blemish behind it.

    The Foreign Affairs Department of the Twelve Commonwealths

  • The people's republic of keygraystan votes against this on the grounds that this takes away peoples right of self rule

  • Those of you that have replied keep in note this is within our internal nation alone any passages you are concerned about please quote upon them and we will clear up any confusion. This convention is not to be concerned by anyone else but the United Kingdom of Kalmar. I apologize if you thought this was a proposal.

    Furthermore I see some concerns from my Scandinavian brothers and sisters that suggest we declared our sovereignty over plots 1-6. What we meant to say is that is what we consider as the Scandinavian region. This purpose of this proposal is simply stating that Kalmar will try to stay out of conflicts happening outside the region stated. Davishire, we disapprove of your presence in this region not necessarily making you get out.

    I do think that some nations are instigating a simple foreign policy that was adopted by our nation than necessary. Please don't especialy if we are trying to fix things. Thanks

  • A message from His Imperial Majesty:

    "I have to admit I sighed rather deeply when I saw this declaration. Of course, Kalmar's government has the full right to declare whatever niceties it wants to declare, but not so much if that comes at the cost of other sovereign nations in the region. I and Inimicus have been very, very careful in involving Ourselves in the mess - no offence - the North has been in recent months, but it may be known that the Empire will, at any cost, defend another nation's sovereignity. It seems the former Teutonic State is finally stabilising and reforming, we do not need yet another rogue nation in the region.

    As the Imperial Armed Forces acted in Groot-Belgie when that nation went out of its bounds, as they rescued me in Rimroth, and as they blockaded when Davishire falsely invaded the Prussian State, they will not shun action against Kalmar, should that nation threaten or act firmly against another nation's territory or sovereignity."

    Emperor Artabanos

  • Kalmar, the government of Davishire would like you to redact your comment regarding Davishirian presence in the region. The government considers it to be interference in our foreign policy and goes against the peace treaty which you signed and agreed to.

  • The United Kingdom of Kalmar has not interfered with any military or foreign choices that Davishire has committed to. We, as a sovereign nation should be able to express our disapproval of such of actions. Furthermore, we did not say "anything" about military presence of specifically of yours.

  • Section 1 of the Davishire-Kalmar peace treaty clearly states the following

    "1-Kalmar agrees that it shall not get involved or comment upon Davishirian Foreign Policy and the actions of Davishire"

    Now, I please ask you to reconsider this comment.

    "avishire, we disapprove of your presence in this region not necessarily making you get out."

    which is a clear comment upon our foreign policy and is a breach of the agreement.

    Cllr David Cameron
    Minister of State for Europe

  • We have stayed true to our terms. We did not say "Davishire" anywhere on this convention. This is expessing our postion not actions

  • If we achieve to be regonized as a neutral nation, we will withdraw this convention due to lack of purpose.