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  • If you saw my new post that is the RP way to say I am getting close to saying "I am done". I understand at the very least most of you do not hate me in any way. But this has been imposing too much stress on me and my grades are beginning to slip right before the finials. NationSates was very tranquil and calm for me to play, but I wanted a region were we can Role-Play and be a little more realistic game to play. Yes, I get this from my mom and I am suspecting from my dad too, I have anxiety problems. As absurd as it seems this is serious. Ill be back if I decide to leave, but I have this once before and I am wondering if it worth it now. I just want to know your guy's thoughts.

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    @Kalmar I wish you told us about your anxiety problems beforehand.

  • This should be about fun and enjoyment, if it isn't and starts to cause anxiety for anyone, then they should leave. This isn't real life, it isn't important and if it becomes so important to anyone that it causes them anxiety and resentment, then it has become unhealthy and it is time to give up.

    It will be a shame to see you go Kalmar as Framptonia has seen Kalmar as one of our few allies against the global trading bloc that forms most of the EU, but if you need to leave, then I understand.

  • Well, as you know I had made one more attempt. While the nations have slightly cuttthroat, it is mostly because nations have been overwhealming me. While this is a problem, I do really enjoy this game. Politics have always been a value since I was 13 and I want to see what is like to see a nation craft their politics.