The Democratic States of Apollon Musagete

  • The Democratic States of Apollon Musagete
    A Territory of The Slater Democracy of Balanvinski.
    For Balanvinskian information, please see this post.


    Capital: Lifar
    **Bordering nations: **Eastern Roman Empire to the West and South (across the sea); unknown lands to the North and East
    **Major bodies of water: **Black Sea to the South

    Natural hazards

    Level of Development
    Largely undeveloped; Lifar is the only city in Apollon Musagete, even it is not large; lands surrounding Lifar are rural and agricultural; most of nation is unexplored


    Economy is weak; primarily agricultural; industrial sector in Lifar; Lifar acts as a European port for Balanvinskian goods

    Power Sources
    Government-sponsored electrical program powered by hydroelectric plants on coast of Black Sea

    Land transportation is easy through Lifar; very few roads outside of Lifar; connected by road and rail to Eastern Roman Empire
    Air transportation is limited to regional airport in Lifar
    Sea transportation is primary international entrance to nation by means of ports in Lifar

    Apollon Musagete is a European venture by the government of The Slater Democracy of Balanvinski. As part of The Meritocracy's attempts at cultural exchange, the Balanvinskian government sent a few thousand citizens to European Union to establish a small territory.

    A tiny military is maintained by Apollon Musagete; a peace-keeping and defensive force;; however, overt, unprovoked military action against Apollon Musagete may be considered an attack on The Slater Democracy of Balanvinski and The Meritocracy as a whole

    Government type

    Lifar, territorially; Stravchine in Balanvinski, nationally

    Administrative divisions - none; the government in Lifar acts as city council; plans have been developed to create states, and expand territorial government upon completion of exploration

    Legal system
    Lifar Court; based upon Balanvinskian system (American); plans have been developed to allow for expansion, should it be deemed necessary

    Requirements for voting eligibility - currently, no territorial voting exists, but citizens over the age of 18 are allowed to vote for Balanvinskian affairs; upon completion of territorial government, citizens over the age of 18 will be allowed to vote in matters pertaining to territorial government

    Executive branch
    user posted image
    Territorial Governor Mitch Henreich

    Legislative branch
    none territorially

    Judicial branch
    Lifar Court

    Political parties and leaders
    All members of current territorial government are Slatercrats, current majority party of Balanvinski

    People and Population

    Population Size

    Ethnic groups
    Germanic - 61%
    Russian - 27%
    French - 12%

    _Atheist/Agnostic - 47%
    Christian Protestant - 30%
    Pagan - 20%
    Other - 3% _

    German (official) 100%
    Other 80%
    English (official) 90%
    French 10%

    definition: age 15 and over who can read and write
    total: 100%
    male: 100%
    female: 100%

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