Talking in the Shadows

  • Dear Fellow Europeans,

    The recession has crippled our nation's Economy. Our unemployment has skyrocketed and we have lost considerable amounts of money. Above all, unrest has start to become noticable. I ask the European Council for our recognition as a Neutral Nation at least temporarily. I would like to make an exception to be able to complete our current or scheduled diplomatic meetings with the United Kingdom, and Aurzo.

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    Angleter is happy to recognise Kalmar as a neutral state, and supports this bid to be recognised as such region-wide. But as far as I'm aware, Kalmar should be able to conduct ordinary diplomatic meetings with other member-states as a neutral nation, so no exemption should be necessary.

  • Framptonia too is a neutral state and welcomes the addition of further neutral states. However neutrality does not imply isolation, and still allows for diplomatic relations with other nations.

  • The Councillor arose to her feet

    " I thank the support of the Democratic Republics of Framptonia and the Apolitical Kingdom of Angleter. However, Kalmar is attempting to make a series on reforms that we fell that can be secured if we are recognized by the council for our neutrality. As a nation that in the past had made political mistakes, I do stand by my belief that this proposal that I brought forth on behalf of the people of Kalmar is in everybody's best interests. So I ask once more to get this bill approved until we see that Kalmar is stable enough to make foreign polices freely, hopefully not causing more instability within the Northern Nations . Thank you for your time."

  • "I would like the Councillors that are under consideration of supporting our neutrality to determine their position on this issue within 24hours. We would like all the support we can get to become neutral." -Eu Councillor, Margaret

  • The Fremetian government is in full support of Kalmar's neutrality.

    -Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federation of Fremet

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    You have the full support of British government.

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    The Duxburian Union will support this for as long as Kalmar actually acts as a neutral nation.


    Under the European Constitution: ARTICLE 6; SECTION 4 passage 2 Neutral persons shall forfeit their neutrality if they commit a hostile act against a belligerent, or commit an act in favour of a belligerent, such as voluntarily enlisting in a belligerent military.

    I would like to remind the Duxburian Councillor that the whole concept of a neutral nation is very much being neutral. In this state, it would not be logical, nor politically healthy to make another major foreign policy decision. Paranoia over our nation's polices is unnecessary at this time. I thank the Councillor for support into being recognized as a neutral nation.

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    ((OOC: Debate on this has been going on for more than four days now. Can the Speaker @Halsberg open voting?))

  • ((OOC Indeed.))

  • ((OOC: Yes he can. Apologies, been a busy couple of days.))

    "Voting on the recognition of Kalmar as a neutral state by the European Council is now open. It will end at 09:46 GMT, 27/12/15."

  • The United Kingdom of Kalmar votes FOR the proposal

    ((OOC: I do request for the voting period to be extended. Mainly because I think a lot of people forgot about his proposal.

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