Kalmar- Diplomacy Chamber

  • Chamber and Summit for Diplomacy at Kalmar:

    This chamber is solely for diplomatic meetings of all types for Kalmar


    Introduction to the delegates and RP entrance: Airplane arriving and greetings

    The Playing of the National anthems: We all shall post a video of our anthems(If you do not have one it is not required)

    A speech addressing their agenda: Give a speech just giving us an outline on what are discussing that day

    The conversation/debate: After the speech of each leading delegate will directly go into working with our proposals

    additional proposals: If any other proposals that were not addressed that need to be discussed now is the time to do it

    Additional Events: An example of this is an opera of anything that happens afterwards.

    Finial Documentation: Notes, treaty, or agreement summarizing the agreement reached in the meeting.




    DATE FOR SESSION: 21.12.15




  • It was early afternoon in Copenhagen. The air was biting cold and the sky lit dark grey. Winds gently blew were they pleased and the city remained quiet as if it was abandoned.Shortly afterwards, it began to lightly snow and ambiance in the air was present. The terror that happened a month ago still could be felt. It would only seem that the Framptonian delegates would be unpleasant.

    Now, with the screaming of the airplane becoming more audible and in sight, the guards in their beautiful red coats and yellow stripes lined up from two sides. What seemed to be a more high ranked soldier said, " Opmærksomhed!" idmediately the soldiers perfectly aligned each other. Only moments later, the Limbo arrived to the church and the delegate with their red fingers reached to their satchels and got out their notes.

  • Flying to Copenhagen on the first official flight to leave Scudness International Travel Hub, Phillipa Bentley was extremely excited at the the through of her first foreign visit as Head of the Framptonian Government. Only a few weeks ago she had been a little known backbench MP, with no real hope of political advancement. Now here she was with Lucy Rigby her Secretary of State for Foreign and International Affairs about to touch down in Copenhagen.

    As the doors opened there was a blast of cold Scandinavian air that rushed over her, giving her goose bumps. As she stepped out of the plane she realised that she was not dressed for the weather conditions. Looking around for Lucy Rigby, she realised that her Secretary of State had brough a warm woollen coat with her.

    Damn, she thought. But at least next time I'll know to ask about the weather before flying off from the relative balm of Framptonia.

  • As the Framptonian delegates stepped out of the Limbo, the Prime Minister was the first to meet the other. He smiled and shook her hand. He later said "Welcome to Copenhagen I hope the construction noise and the snow is not too much of a concern. I must know how your trips went I quite hope it was alright" said the Prime Minsiter.

  • "The journey was excellent Prime Minister," said the Framptonian Prime Minister Philippa Bentley smiling. "It is good to see you again back in your homeland. Sir Mark sends his best wishes to your Royal Family. He is sorry that he cannot be here with us."

    "While we are in Kalmar, I should be grateful if we could take a look at some of the damage done by Davishire during their recent aggressive action."

  • "Well, I suppose we could do a tour." said the Prime Minister gesturing the Framptonian delegates to follow with theirs "We have some business to attend to. If you wish to stay here, then perhaps we can show you."

    Both the King and the Prime Minister went into the Stage while the other stood aside. Later a man shouted:

    "Please arise for the national anthem of the Democratic Republics of Framptonia, followed by the National Anthem of the United Kingdom of Kalmar performed by the Kalmaran military Marching Band"

    Framptonian Anthem plays

    Official Voice/Instrumental Anthem of Denmark and the United Kingdom of Kalmar.

  • "I'm very pleased by the progress our two nations have made towards establishing a mutual and profitable friendship," began the Framptonian Prime Minister, Miss Phillipa Bentley.

    "I feel that there should be collaboration between the smaller and newer nations of the European Union to ensure that they are not overwhelmed by the actions of the hegemony of the more established and larger states. As a starter I can confirm that the application for slots at the Scudness International Travel Hub by Scandinavian Airlines allowing for flights between Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo to Scudness has been successful. This will strengthen ties between our two great nations.

    I would further suggest that we should consider negotiating a free trade agreement between our nations and a discussion about he possibility of fully funding higher education exchanges between our students. Furthermore I think there is an opportunity for our EU Councillors to work on presenting a bill to the European Council concerning the preservation of traditional fishing grounds."

  • The King went up to the podium in the church and spoke in his most friendly and soft, yet serious voice. Quite surprisingly so fluent in English, that it hard to tell he spoke another language.

    " My dear Delegates, the relations of Framptonia and Kalmar have some work to be done. We shall note that our presence is in the presence of Friendship. I will also acknowledge that diplomatic efforts taken beforehand were successful and bolstering friendship and unity between our two nations. In Kalmar, we face some of the greatest diplomatic and internal challenges we have ever faced since World War 2. We have infrastructure that was world class that was destroyed. The cost of such will cost 62 Million British Pounds. We would like on this hour, talk to one of our only friend in this challenging hour in Kalmaran history, and perhaps invest in infrastructure. Furthermore, I would like to talk about expanding visas between our two nations, expanding airline opportunities, and above all make more trade deals that will make more well-paid jobs that will not help just one of our nations, but both of ours. Brothers and Sisters it is one of the most critical time in the European Union to bring our people together and fight and crusaude for a better life."

  • "Well it gives me great pleasure to put some firm proposals on the table, Your Highness," said Phillipa Bentley, Prime Minister of Framptonia.

    "Firstly, I should like to abolish mandatory passport control at our international airports for all travellers bearing passports of either nation, so that the only travellers passing through passport control on flights between our two nations would be the nationals of other states. Obviously we would need to include a mechanism to allow for the prevention of free travel for people suspected of committing offences, but this could easily be achieved."

    "My second proposal is that our youngsters entering Higher Education should be able to do so in either nation without fear of financial hardship. Accordingly the Framptonian Government is prepared to pay the required fees for Framptonian students studying for a first degree or higher at Kalmaran Universities. We would request that the Kalmaran Government offers reciprocal opportunities for its students to study at our Universities."

  • The Prime Minister looked at his notes as he sipped some tea, then we looked up and spoke to the company.

    " I will answer your proposal to your non-mandatory passports. Despite some security issues within this nation, you do have the support o the Kalmaran people. We believe that freedom for the common person is more important than the security of such. Also since we are in good terms, it is quite reasonable to abide to this. We do have some immigration polices where the Kalmaran government will need to investigate people's criminal records before we proceed to issue them a visa. We could work out a program to settle this between us, but I just wanted to let you know it is going to be hard to achieve access into this nation if people have a gruesome record . I also want to give the Framptonian government the polices in our Education system of Foreigners. Since you are the only nation that has a college and/or University program with Kalmar, I do believe you should have this paper."

    The Prime Minister passed the legal sized paper to the Framptonian Prime Minister.

    " It say basically on this-paper, that there is no tuition no matter what country you come from and students are set with a standard minimum wage. In which it is 150 Kroner an hour. There is however, student fees for units and materials. But most of the expenses are paid by the government no matter if you are a foreigner. This especially applies to member states. I do not see any financial hardships that students in Kalmar can encounter. But I am interested in how you are invision administering this program."

  • "I am pleased to see the progress that we are making in these areas," said Prime Minister Phillipa Bentley excitedly.

    "However, I think it would be useful for me to clarify some of what I am suggesting. Firstly with regard to passport control, I am not suggesting that there should be an entire freedom of movement between nationals of our two states. Simply that such a freedom of movement should be the norm. I do not think it should be necessary for Framptonian passport holders to have to apply for a visa to enter Kalmar, the possession of a passport should be sufficient. Neither am I suggesting that there should be no border control or ability of a nation to refuse entry to persona non grata."

    "As a first stage, I feel that we should limit the option for relaxed passport control to direct flights between our two countries. The airlines should provide a full list of travellers to the destination nation in advance of the flight and if there are any Framptonian citizens that the nation of Kalmar does not wish to give permission to enter Kalmar, then Kalmar can notify the authorities and these persons would be prevented from flying. There should then be no need for Framptonian citizens to pass through passport control at Kalmaran airports. Effectively the border control is taking place before the flight takes off and not after it lands."

    "With regard to Higher Education, in Framptonia Higher Education is not free, but charged to the student on a loan basis. Neither are there grants, but further loans which are repaid from a graduate tax applied on future earnings. I do not expect the Kalmaran Government to pay for Framptonian students who are studying at Kalmaran institutions. Neither do I expect the Kalmaran Government to provide Framptonian students with financial aid. The cost to the Kalmaran Government of the education provision would be paid by the Framptonian Comptroller and the students would be provided with subsistence funding from the same source as if they were studying in Framptonia. Similarly the Framptonian Government would expect the Kalmaran Government to pay for the course fees of Kalamaran students in Framptonia and provide subsistence funding for them."

    "The educational exchanges which I am proposing should simply be an extension of choice to the students in each country to study in the other country. It should not place any additional financial burden upon the host country."

  • " I think we understood the passport proposal. It would not apply all the time, but would be normal. I think we can be flexible with abolishing the visa system between our two nations, but I would keep it in note we do have some distance in between our borders and it would be slightly premature to proceed with no visas. But we are still listening to the Framptonian delegates on this issue. It is not like we are hostile. Education. The most funded government service in Kalmar-of course other than the Environment and resource management, Similar to other governments we will prioritize our students over others. But it will not be hard to adapt our Education policy to be flexible with yours, Prime Minister. The Kalmaran government will more than certainly and rightly pay for our student's fees. However, we would like to offer your students in Kalmar some financial aid which is approximately 10 British Pounds ((OOC: $12)) an hour. We believe studying higher Education is very much like labour, and is the backbone to post industrial societies."

  • ((OOC: There is no way we are going to get this done by the time the Uk get here. As a result, I am assuming the diplomatic mission went well ,and we have achieved what was on our agenda. The Document on stateing what we have accomplished will be published on the 3rd of January.))



    DATE FOR SESSION: 4.1.16 & 8.1.16





  • Repairing the old cogs

    Morning arose in the peaceful yet shaken capital of Copenhagen. As usual the docks and the canals were busy, and business was normal. But today was no normal day, for the Kalmarans were going to end hostilities with their war rival, the United Kingdom. As the airplane descended from the sky, the delegates with the royal guard in their elaborate uniforms awaited the special guests. The British delegate later came from Limbo and the walked up the great steps of the Royal Amielanborg Palace. With great fanfare of rejoice from their historical friend shaking hands. The Prime Minister met with the British cabinet and warmly siad " Welcome to Kalmar. We are so glad to meet our old friends and let us end this foolish hostility together. Let us work twords the fututre together."

  • The United Kingdom of Kalmar will no longer be hosting summits until further notice.