Scudness International Travel Hub

  • The International Travel Hub at Scudness is now available for business. It is ideally positioned to act as a gateway for Central Europe. It has high speed links to the rest of Central Europe by rail and motorway links. There are plans to incorporate a ferry terminal, though this option is till at the design and consultation stage.

    The airport has three runways and five terminals. One of the terminals caters solely for international freight travel. There is no facility for the airport to be used for military flights unless specifically sanctioned by the Framptonian Government.

    Airlines wishing to adopt the airport as a destination or stop over point should complete the application form below.



    Flying to/from:


    Number of gates required:


    TERMINAL ONE - Transatlantic Flights

    1. Framptonia Airlines

    2 - 3 South African Airways

    4 - 8. available

    TERMINAL TWO - Northern and Eastern European Flights

    1 - 2 Framptonia Airlines

    3 - 5 Scandinavian Airlines

    6. - 15. available

    TERMINAL THREE - Southern European Flights

    1 - 2 Framptonia Airlines

    3 4. Fremet Airways

    5. - 12. available

    TERMINAL FOUR - Western European Flights

    1. Framptonia Airlines

    2.10 - available

    TERMINAL FIVE - Internal and Freight Flights

    No available gates.

  • Airline: Scandinavian Airlines

    Flying to/from: Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen

    Terminal: 2

    number of Gates Required: 3

  • Airline: Fremet Airways

    Flying to/from: Trondheim and Venice

    Terminal: 2, 3 (it appears they both apply, whichever is most efficient)

    Number of gates required: 2

  • Airline: South African Airways

    Flying to/from: Cape Town, Johannesburg

    Terminal: 1

    Number of gates required: 2