EPP-ED Defence Pact

  • _EPP-ED Defence Pact

    RESOLVED, the undersigned nations and members of the European Union, in order to protect said union,
    DETERMINED, to preserve democracy and the fundamentals of said union in the face of military, or otherwise, crisis,
    PERSUADED, that Soviet military mobilisation is a definite threat to the unity and cohesion of said union,
    IN THE BELIEF, that the preservation of said union is an higher ideal than the potential loss of life,
    CONVINCED, that any loss of democracy signifies the defeat of said union on the whole
    AND WILLING, to protect any and all signatories hereunto affixed by signature and ratification,
    DO SWEAR to uphold the present boundaries of said union,
    DESPITE any efforts to the contrary, be they military or otherwise,
    AND DO HEREBY DECLARE all changes in boundary affected by military force or otherwise to be criminal in nature and offencive to democracy
    AND THAT ANY SUCH ACTIVITY shall render such offending nation or nations in a state of war with any and all signatories hereunto signed and affixed;
    DRAFTED this 27 December 2006 for the by the Commonwealth Dominion of Derbyshire and Fife, for and by the Bailiwick of St-Honor?._

    In light of recent discussions, I feel it fitting to bring this to the international attention.

    This is a Defensive aggreement between the nations of Derbyshire and Fife, The Holy Roman Empire, and Nazione Italiana of the EPP-ED.

    It protects only these three nations, and all of the undersigned nations consent to its decree.

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