Ja vi elsker dette landet

  • so I was expecting during the war that Davishire would at least try to engage me in combat before we sued for peace I was going to use this song that the soldiers sang in battle:

    Yes, we love this country
    as it rises forth,
    rugged, weathered, above the water,
    with the thousands of homes, —
    love, love it and think
    of our father and mother
    and the saga-night that lays
    dreams upon our earth.
    And the saga-night that lays
    dreams upon our earth.

    This country Harald united
    with his army of heroes,
    this country Håkon protected
    whilst Øyvind sung;
    upon the country Olav painted
    with his blood the cross,
    from its heights Sverre spoke
    up against Rome.

    Farmers their axes sharpened
    wherever an army advanced,
    Tordenskjold along the coastline thundered
    so that we could see it back home.
    Even women stood up and fought
    as if they were men;
    others could only cry
    but that soon would end!

    Sure, we were not many
    but we were enough,
    when we were tested sometimes,
    and it was at stake;
    we would rather burn our land
    than to declare defeat;
    just remember what happened
    down at Fredrikshald

    Hard times we have coped with,
    were at last disowned;
    but in the worst distress, blue-eyed
    freedom was to us born.
    It gave (us) father's strength to carry
    famine and war,
    it gave death itself its honour -
    and it gave reconciliation.

    The enemy threw away his weapon,
    up the visor went,
    we, in wonder, to him hastened,
    because he was our brother.
    Driven forth to a stand by shame
    we went to the south;
    now we three brothers stand united,
    and shall stand like that!

    Kalmaran in house and cabin,
    thank your great God!
    The country he wanted to protect,
    although things looked dark.
    All the fights fathers have fought,
    and the mothers have wept,
    the Lord has quietly moved
    so we won our rights.

    Yes, we love this country
    as it rises forth,
    rugged, weathered, above the sea,
    with those thousand homes.
    And as the fathers' struggle has raised
    it from need to victory,
    even we, when it is demanded,
    for its peace will encamp (for defence).


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