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  • Welcome to the Nation Embassies of the United Kingdom of Kalmar

    Welcome delegates to the Northern nation of Kalmar. Our nation is always happy to work cooperatively with other nations a build relations to new heights. Let the pen and paper decide fate, not the sword. -Minister of Diplomacy, Harold Hjakford

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    Nation:Ambassador:Mission Location:
    InimicusMs. Janet MorrisonFormer Norwegian Royal Palace, Oslo
    AngleterSir Edmund VincentFormer Swedish Royal Palace, Stockholm
    Upper floor of the Folketing palace, Copenhagen
    InquistaMs. Jaime Elginn457 Hafrsfjord Ave, Copenhagen
    231 Olav Street, Oslo
    658 Hjealheim Street, Copenhagen
    459 Hafrsfjord Ave, Copenhagen
    502 Hafrsjord Ave, Copenhagen
    1558 Olvind Street, Gothenburg
    4557 New Holstein Ave, Hamburg



    Ambassador(with image link):



    Number of Staff:





    If the United Kingdom of Kalmar has an embassy with the applicant nation please fill out below:

    Embassy(with image link):

    Ambassador( with image link):

    Time that Embassy has sustained:

    Diplomatic Missions and Standings:

    Nation: @Inimicus

    Ambassador: Janet Morrison

    Both nations have embassies: false

    Location of Embassy: Former Royal Palace of Norway

    Relations: Kalmaran relations with Inimicus has not not yet been determined due to lack of communication. However, it has been noted that negative statements has been declared within the past month. While we may have a very minor opinion of Inimicus, we would be interested in working with them in the future.

    Nation: @Angleter

    Ambassador: Sir Edmund Vincent

    Both nations have embassies: True

    Location of Embassy: The Former Royal Palace of Sweden

    Relations: Angleter and Kalmar had very minor contact but nothing that has made progress in diplomatic relations. Kalmar considers Angleter in a neutral status among other European States. Angleter in the past month is were relation interaction has been prevalent. We greatly appreciate the Neutrality support form Angleter, but we feel that Negative statements follow. But, have been excused since they denounced and protected us diplomatically against Davishire with their crazy foreign policy. In all, we do believe Angleter and Kalmar have potential to become good friends. We will watch diplomatic progress with keen interest

    Nation: @Inquista

    Ambassador: Jaime Elginn

    Both nations have Embassies: True

    Location of Embassy: 457 Hafrsfjord Ave, Copenhagen

    Relations: Inquista has neutral standing with the United Kingdom of Kalmar. Inquista has many ways they can approach Kalmar and many opportunities to have a well, and healthy realationship. Among others, we do look forward working with our European friend. We perhaps can start with trade deals, and even visas. We have yet to see what Inquista's aproach will be however.

  • Nation: The Empire of Inimicus

    Ambassador(with image link): Janet Morrison


    Age: 42

    Credentials: Just take the Emperor's word that she's qualified.....

    Number of Staff: 15


    Weaponry: 9mm sidearms, electric batons

    Vehicle: 2 armoured limousines


    Embassy (with image link): http://nseuropeanunion.com/topic/2498/inimicus-emb...

  • @Inimicus The Empire of Inimicus has been hereby accepted a diplomatic mission with the United Kingdom of Kalmar. We wish to work with you in the future. Before we make preperation however, please slect an embassy that your ambassador will work in. -Minister of Diplomacy, Harold Hjakford

  • His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos would like to invite Kalmarian representatives to choose the site they think is best suited to His interests.

  • Understood. We will assign the embassy at the palace in Oslo.

  • Admin

    Nation: The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter

    Ambassador: Sir Edmund Vincent

    Age: 68

    Credentials: Member of Parliament 1984-2009, Minister for Veterans' Affairs 1993-1997, Deputy Head of Mission to Inquista 2012-2015

    Number of Staff: 15

    Security: 3

    Weaponry: 4 FAMAS, 6 Manurhin MR 73

    Vehicle: 2 Rolls-Royce Phantom (armoured)

    Requestes: None

    If the United Kingdom of Kalmar has an embassy with the applicant nation please fill out below:

    Embassy(with image link): Old Corporation Hall, New Birmingham (No. 5)

    Ambassador( with image link): Lars Peter Thorsen

    Time that Embassy has sustained: About ten minutes

  • @Angleter The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter is hereby accepted to have diplomatic missions to the United Kingdom of Kalmar. We wish to make progress with you in the future with keen interest. -The Minister of Diplomacy, Harold Hjakford

  • Admin

    Nation: The Microstate of Inquista

    Ambassador(with image link): Jaime Elginn

    Age: 49

    Credentials: Former ambassador to a number of countries, most notably California and Oregon.

    Number of Staff: 20

    Security: 2

    Weaponry: Tasers, pepper spray, semi-automatic pistols

    Vehicle: Sports car, limousine, helicopter

    Requestes: To be placed in the upper floor of the Folketing palace.

    If the United Kingdom of Kalmar has an embassy with the applicant nation please fill out below:

    Embassy(with image link): 1108 City Gates Avenue, Saint Dominico

    Ambassador( with image link): David Loreson

    Time that Embassy has sustained: January 1st, 2016

  • @Inquista The United Kingdom of Kalmar hereby accepts your application to establish an embassy in Copenhagen. We wish to work with you in the future.

  • Nation: Union of South Africa

    Ambassador(with image link): Wolf Rothkegel

    Age: 45

    Number of Staff: 18

    Security: 6

    Weaponry: Vektor SP1

    Vehicle: VW Polo

    Requestes: Embassy located in 459 Hafrsfjord Ave, Copenhagen

    Embassy(with image link): 180 Blackwood Street, Arcadia

    Ambassador( with image link): Trine Rask Thyegesen

    Time that Embassy has sustained: 10 Days

  • I would ask the Union of South Africa to realese the ambassador's credentials. Meanwhile, the application is under consideration.

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