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  • This was meant for me but ok lol.

  • Renember EU4 anyone? This video made me laugh the whole time.......

  • Remove EU4! Victoria II Ftw! But I haven't even played EU4 though...

  • The thought of me leaving the Eu is starting to return to me. I am going to take a few days off. I will see you on the 26th

  • Dear Fellow Europeans,

    Within the past month, it had been mental chaos for me. I have made alot of mistakes that I could have averted. Before I go into detail what I did wrong and what I should have been faithful to my views of the matter, I do want to tell you the situation for me.

    The first thing is I want to confess something. Particularly to those people that I lied to about my identity. I am not in my 20’s rather that I am 14 years of age. I am a high school freshman who loves politics since I was 11. And I do not get along with very much people because I have a different mindset than a lot of people. At least that is what I thought until I was told I had a form of Autism.

    When things started to intensify, it was not such a great time for me to deal with stress. I had a lot of work, and my grades started to decline due to me screwing up on a group projects. Furthermore, I have finials only a couple of weeks ahead, plus I have to attend numerous basketball game because I am in band. This all may seem like an excuse, but what I did was wrong and I had numerous remedies that I may have used.

    This game has not helped me in School neither any other part of my life. I want to enter the diplomatic field when I grow up, so I thought this would be good practice. But the truth is I had no idea what I was walking into when I came to the EU. Like Framptonia said, I perhaps should leave. This game is for my amusement not at the expense of it. But, I will make my final decision on the day of my RP referendum, the 2nd.

    I must apologize to the people that I talked to this evening. Angleter, Aalen, and the United Kingdom. This is what I get when I am around people for too long. I say stuff that I regret. However, this game is very appealing to me in a sense, in fact addicting at times. But with the amusement comes my curse. I am chained to stress for the last month making school a more relaxed environment than home. I shall make up my utter Ridicule and Humbug.

    Now, I shall announce that my statements were against RP criteria and logic. Henceforth, removing and withdrawing my claims for the gas explosion. And I found myself guilty for libel. In which I shall make a personal apology to UK and Davishire. I hope our two nations can move away from hostility as soon as possible. With that being said, I hope to see all of you EU4 players on the 26th in which I will return.

  • The last day I have been contructing a new nation. It will be the Rupublic of Florence. I would like to hear your guy's thoughts on ths idea via chat. I am perfectly okay with discarding this idea if you guys dont find it a good idea.

  • Dear all,

    I am getting somewhat concerned about the worrisome number of nations that have attempted of had shunned me in the past. I am growing weary of this and I have waited two months and progress has only been made with 1 nation. Like I said, this is not cool. Weather you are shunning me OOC or IC perhaps a little bit of both. Like Framptonia said, if I am having little or no fun then there is no point in playing. I understand fully that a few of you (you know who you are) have been supportive to some degree. I must thank you for those who took there role playing a little less seriously and take in consideration have terrible it is to be shunned. I know, I am being over-dramatic and I may be, but Politics has been I have valued and been attached since I was barely in middle school.

    I understand why you are mad at my nation and when I did sanctions on Davishire and threatened to kill their incoming population , I can see that and that was reasonable to be upset at me about. Especially to Davishire in which I apologized to IC. But after that. you guys have not been making this fun for me thus hindering my ability to make it fun for you guys as well. Most of you do not want me to start a new nation nor leave. I ask you this question: If you like how I am, then why are your nations treating me like this? Furthermore, why do you think it is fine the way I am?

    Private message me for your responses of request to start a new thread if you want to share it. I think at least talking about this community issue is completely reasonable.

  • Hey guys,

    I am getting more inclined to join a region that Aalen suggested, Enternity. If anyone besides Aalen has been in this region, I would much appreciate tips or advice on the nature of this region. However, this does not mean I will abandon the European Union. I will take roughly one month to observe the differnces and changes. I have heard that there are big eu4 and ck2 players in which that would be more appealing to me. Either way, I do not know which region I will stick to in the end. Kalmar will stay here while I will create my second nation on eternity. I will be inactive starting today and I will return at the beginning of February. I wish you all well and hope that this community will have fun when I am gone.



  • Hey guys im back due unexspected conditions. The regitration seems to be broken. I do intend on trying this community, but I suppose it can wait.

  • Look, if you're going to do this the whole week, I do not want you here period. Either take a break and don't be like this or leave completely if you are going to continue like this. This is completely unacceptable and you need to make a decision. If we aren't making you happy, fine. Go. But if you are going to stay then suck it up.