Troublemaker Welcome

  • Inimician-Kalmaran Summit

    Inimician Capital City, Telum

    It had been some time since the last occasion when Emperor Artabanos sat in the government lounge of the Telum Imperial Aerodrome. Months had passed since He last escorted a fellow statesman to His Palace in the usual motorcade. He'd missed the usual double espresso He always had when waiting in the comfortable leather armchairs. His mind refreshed, He inquired after the state of the Kalmaran jet. Five minutes. He watched other aircraft take off. The 09.54 Imperial Airways to Europolis had trouble taking off, no doubt causing delays the entire day. Some geese were scared away by the noise of jet engines, which reminded the Emperor how Telum City Council had pleaded Him to allow them to gas the geese.

    "Your Majesty, the Kalmarans are due in two minutes. Would you accompany me outside?"

    The Scandinavian jet pulled up in front of the Inimicians. The doors swung open, and the Kalmarans emerged.