ENAA Elections (December 2015)

  • With the passing of the amendment to the Nuclear Proliferation Act creating an additional non-permanent seat on the ENAA, there are now three vacancies for non-permanent seats this Council can elect. I'd invite candidates to nominate themselves now. Obviously, permanent members are ineligible.

    ((Note: Nations run for this office, not candidates. Your Head of Government will serve on the ENAA.))

    Nominations begin now and close at 12:05 GMT 06/01/16

    Voting will then begin, closing at 12:05 GMT 13/01/16

  • Admin

    I would like to go forth and put in an application on behalf of the Constitutional Monarchy of Miraco to serve on the ENAA.

  • The Republic of Pacifist Cowards would also like to put itself forward for consideration.

  • The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia are an entirely pacifist nation and will therefore not be nominating itself for appointment to the ENAA. As a nation we are fundamentally opposed to nuclear weaponry and shall not be participating in the elections either.

  • South Africa puts itself forward for the ENAA. We are an neutral nation in peace since the current Government was established and have both an unbiased and fair view on Nuclear authority. Our Nation is also the most safe as we do not border any other nations and is transatlantic from potential threats.

  • As a nation which has applied to the ENAA and faced criticism from the body, Inimicus knows all too well how careful the authority has to be, and therefore would like to put itself forward to become an elected ENAA member.

  • I do believe the non-nuclear states need to have representation within this council. As a result, the United Kingdom of Kalmar will abstain if there is no nuclear states avalible.

  • The Second Serene Republic of Aalen see's this as a chance to further peace in Europe, Aalen does not believe in the distinction of non-nuclear versus nuclear that often comes down in discussions over nuclear weapons. We are all nations of humanity, all nations of God, therefore we look to treat each nation with a fair and impartial eye. The ENAA is not be used as a political tool to further agendas, it is a place to discuss merits of proposals. Therefore, the Serene Republic puts its name forward for consideration.

  • Admin

    The Microstate of Inquista also puts itself forwad for consideration.

  • Icholasen puts itself in for consideration.

  • The United Kingdom of Kalmar puts itself for consideration. As a non-nuclear state, we believe that it is in our agenda to make better peace and make sure these weapons do not end up on people. We declared ourselves a neutral nation and we shall act as such being unbiased, and treating ambassadors and national representatives with equality, justice, and fairness.

  • @Aalen The United Kingdom of Kalmar too sees this as an instrument for peace in Europe. It should be treated with great responsibility. However, we have seen that the very reason for nuclear weapons' creation was born out of fear and competition. As a result, I do not have very much faith when a time in crisis, those nation would avert that nature. We stand by our faith that it is quite necessary if we have a significant number of seats on behalf of the non-nuclear states.

  • @Kalmar How Ironic! The Nation that only a few months ago committed terrorism acts against Tourists from Davishire! I doubt that will go any better with Nuclear Authority.

    (OOC: Voting should start now, I believe)

    EDIT: Thought it meant 1st of January

  • I didn't realise this was a debate?

    As nominations are open until the 6th January, Davishire would like to put itself forward for election to the ENAA.

  • His holiness Pope Aloysious wishes to place the holy see in contention for a seat on the ENAA to provide moral authority and reflection on such decisions

  • (OOC: Oops, my bad. I thought the voting date meant 1st of January. I'm not used to European Dates still. BTW it wasn't a debate I just replied to Kalmar)

  • I understand this is not a debate but I question whether the pope has the ability to apply for election to the ENAA on the basis that the Pope is not a representative of an EU member state. Also I question how the pope accessed the council chamber to begin with. I demand that the Defence Commissioner completes his security review as soon as practicable

  • The pontiff is a distinguished citizen of Os Corelia thus may enter. Now law impedes our application.

  • So you are entering on behalf of Os Corelia? Surely however if Os Corelia entered it would need to be the head of the nation that holds the position. Are you informing us that you are now the head of Os Corelia

  • The Holy See, as an EU member state, is entitled to run in this election. It is also entitled to all the rights and responsibilities of being a member state, as per the Constitution and relevant legislation. I think the issue some Councillors have is that the Holy See's participation in the functions of the EU has been extremely limited thus far, so the announcement of its candidacy is a bit unusual. But there's a first time for everything, so even though its a new thing for the Holy See, there's no reason why it can't be considered a candidate for the ENAA.

    Also, for the Councillors wondering how the Pope got past Council security....he's the Pope. Perhaps we should appreciate His Holiness' presence rather than think he's going to blow the place up or kidnap someone.

    Speaker John Walters

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