Davishire - Statements by His Majesty the King Hubert II

  • A New Years Address by His Majesty the King

    "Over the past year the European Union has seen much evil emerge. In the forms of international terrorism, conflict and abuses of human rights by the governments of nations people should be able to trust. During this period Davishire itself has been directly impacted by conflict and international terrorism and abuses on human rights. Only recently there was a series of massive attacks on our capital city in which a significant number of innocent civilians were killed. My thoughts are with the families of those killed this year and with those whose lived have been changed forever by the emotional and physical injuries which are inevitable as a result of being apart of these incidents. I commend the bravery of the emergency services in responding what was going on around them. They all acted in a selfless way in an attempt to preserve life.

    Over the past year the people of this nation have faced many threats, and I as your king, am proud to see the people of this nation face these difficulties together. Communities have rallied round to provide support to people impacted by these terrible events and I am sure that the nominations on the New Years Honours list will reflect the kind and generous nature of all the people of this nation.

    I am sure that over the year two thousand and sixteen our nation will go from strength to strength.The people of Davishire have reason to be proud, for they have and will continue to show the strength in the face of adversity"


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