G'Day Mate: Angleteric - Australian Summit

  • 2 January 2016

    Canberra, Australia

    Prime Minister Turnbull cut his summer break early but he was glad to do so. He had a brilliant meeting planned with the Angleteric delegation that were heading to Canberra. It was a lovely summer morning, with Canberra's beautiful birds echoing in the distance. He arrived in Canberra after returning from holiday to The Lodge, the official residence of the Prime Minister. Mr. Turnbull picked up his morning coffee and vegemite on toast

    "Mr, Prime Minister, the Angleteric delegation have touched down at Fairbairn in the Canberra Airport. They'll be here in around fifteen minutes," said an aide to the Prime Minister.

    "Great! We'll have everything set for them when they arrive," said Mr. Turnbull. "Hopefully, Jules will get here in time from Sydney."

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    Sam Courtenay's motorcade pulled up outside The Lodge. He was speaking to his aide in the back seat.

    "...nice to get an invite so early in their time in the region, though. Now, these people are perfectly intelligible, right, Georgina?"

    "I think so, sir," replied the Prime Minister's aide. "I'll translate if necessary."


    Courtenay and Georgina emerged from the car and went to meet Mr. Turnbull.

  • The Prime Minister watched as Mr. Courtenay and his aide pulled in. Unlike Julie Bishop, the Foreign Minister, Mr. Turnbull had a different approach to the English language...

    "G'day," said Mr. Turnbull. "Welcome to Australia, Mr. Courtenay. Can we offer you anything as we get in? A beer, perhaps?"

    HIs strong New South Wales accent came into prominence as he led the two into the Lodge.

    "This is The Lodge, the home of Prime Ministers of Australia since federation in 1901. I hope you don't mind, I will certainly be having a beer while we have this discussion. Thank you for coming on such short notice, Mr. Courtenay. I just thought since you were here, I'll give it a fair go."

    He had been trying to iron out his speech a bit, sensing Mr. Courtenay and Georgina both strained to understand what he was saying at first.

    "Shit, mate...I'm sorry. You're lucky you haven't had a Bogan or larrikin PM," Mr. Turnbull joked. The humour clearly went over the head of Mr. Courtenay and Mr. Turnbull awkwardly pivoted.

    "Forgive my ignorance, but all we know of Angleter is what we've learned through other sources like the Duxburian Union and the United Kingdom. Could you tell us a little bit about Angleter before I indulge a bit about Australia?"