Monsoon PR

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    Type: private limited company

    Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom

    Owner and Managing Director: Edina Monsoon

    Industry: media relations, creative industries, advertising, fashion, television, interior design

    Trading symbol: MPR

    Revenue: £592 million (2015)

    Monsoon PR is the multimedia fashion and PR company started by Edina Monsoon, who has represented some of Britain's most popular celebrities and fashion icons like Katy Grin, Twiggy, Britney Spears, Emma Bunton, Naomi Campbell, Lady Candida de Denison-Bender.

    Monsoon PR promises media exposure for your career, business, product, album, designs, etc. Excellence in promotion, beauty in design.

    We are now opening ourselves up to European celebrities, fashion models, designers, and all those in need of PR. We PR things, ideas, Lulu!

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