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  • European Union Language Preservation Trust:


    Eilidh Whiteford.

    Stephanié Dubois.

    Nocilau If-Sessul.


    Duchess of Saint Pierre, Councillor Poppy Carlton-Romanov the Third.

    Section 1: Definition:

    I. A minority Language is a language spoken by around 50% or less of the population or, a minority within the European Union. (For example, French is not a minority language in Miraco, but it is in the wider European Union).

    II. Preservation has the aim of conserving the language’s literature, form and uniqueness.

    III. It is not compulsory so therefore does not need any enforcement.

    Section II: Procedure:

    I. Countries can choose to enter in as many languages as they want in a form which will be detailed below.

    II. Countries can enter works of literature from their language (it just needs to be the title).

    III. Languages will be entered into a collective database, which will be maintained by a Director.

    Section III: Director’s Role:

    I. The Director will be appointed by the Internal Commissioner.

    II. The Director will be in office for a year.

    III. The Director will maintain the database and process applications.

    * - denotes required.
    *Nation Name:

    *Language Name(s):

    Pieces of Literature's name(s) and translation(s):

    Short extract of language:

    1. Debating begins now and ends 15:00 19/01/16
    1. Then voting on amendments begins and ends 15:00 21/26/15
    1. Then final voting begins and ends 15:00 24/01/16

  • "Realising the cultural heritage of the Union is a very bold and noble move, I applaud you for bringing this before us - however I feel like its unclear towards how we should ensure their security and what benefits we would get to making it a Europe wide matter as oppose to a National one, would you be able to clear this up?" - Councillor James Tournay

  • "Even though I would welcome a language preservation trust, I have to say the legislation is unclear and does not come to the point. I would be willing to work with the Nicolezian councillor to clarify both the contents and the layout of this bill. As it stands, Inimicus cannot support it."

    Ralph Jaevons, on behalf of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos

  • While I would support a Language Preservation to conserve minority languages, this bill is unclear specifically on Section I. I would be more inclined to support this if the following is clarified.

    I. A minority Language is a language spoken by around 50% or less of the population or, a minority within the European Union

    So does that mean a minority language is 50% or less of the population of the EU or a single member state? French is a minority even if its the official language of Miraco?

    II. Preservation has the aim of conserving the language’s literature, form and uniqueness
    What would be the efforts to conserve the language and its popularity other then keeping it on a database?

    South African Councillor Paul Willemburg

  • "In order to make this bill passable, I do formally propose the act be completely rewritten, which I would be willing to contribute to. However I would, like the South African and Poretisian councillors, like to ask Mrs Carlton-Romanov what exactly she is planning to achieve with this bill, as it is not written into the actual text. Moreover, I agree with the South African councillor when they say the definition of 'minority language' is vague and unsatisfactory. I do advise this bill be completely rewritten."

    Ralph Jaevons

  • Admin

    I am glad to see such an idea proposed to the Council floor. By preserving as well as keeping a record of minority languages, we will be able to better protect and safeguard people of minority identities.

    However, given the deficines pointed out by my colleagues from Poretos, Inimicus, and South Africa, as well as some of the other general formatting errors that I can see, I have to join in as well in requesting a rewrite, and I think Councillor Carlton-Romanov will be best served to withdraw this bill, rewrite it, ans then reporpose it.

    Deapite this, I am glad to see friendly and constructive criticism being brought back to the Council Chamber. I am also glad to see Councillor Jaevons willing to work with Councillor Carlton-Romanov in order to improve this bill. I believe this is the Nicoleizian Councillor's first bill, so I sympathise with her. However, after this, I suspect Councillor Carlton-Romanov will be great legislator.

  • Take that in great pride Councillor Carlton-Romanov, Ive written many bills and been no where near successful, so good luck!

  • Duchess of Saint Pierre, Councillor Poppy Carlton-Romanov the Third came out of hiding, and came to the council floor. "I gladly accept the help of Mr Jaevons and I thank Inquista for your addition. This is a rough draught and ergo meant to be criticised. Thank you."

  • "Could we clarify the current status of this bill? Does Councillor Carlton-Romanov want to withdraw it from consideration?"

  • "Yes thanks, dear." The Councillor said.

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