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  • Controversial Painting vandalized in Goodman Gallery

    January 20, 2016

    JOHANNESBURG -- A controversial painting called "The Spear" showing Leader of ANC Jacob Zuma with his privates hanging out has been vandalised by two men in Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg. The ANC party is asking the South African High Court to make Goodman Gallery remove the painting of Jacob Zuma.

    Footage shown on TV showed a man painting a big cross over the president's private area to censor it and then his face, then another man, wearing a hooded top, rubbed black paint with his hands over the president's face and down the painting, AP news agency reports. "The middle-aged man was the one who started the vandalizing and then a young man finished it off," Lance Claasen, a witness told the AFP news agency.

    "I'm doing this because the painting is disrespectful to Zuma and the ANC" one of the vandalizers told the correspondent. The African National Congress has described the work as "rude, crude and disrespectful". Earlier a crowd of ANC supporters had gathered near the court house in Johannesburg where the party's challenge to get to the painting removed was being heard. It was decided that a full bench of the High Court would hear the case on Thursday.

  • Paranormal scenes in Ou Radsaal Chamber

    February 1, 2016

    PRETORIA -- Ou Radsaal stands on the southern side of Church Square and was the seat of Paul Kruger's Parliament at the end of the 19th century during the last leg of the old Boer Republic. It is a Renaissance Revival Architecture building built in 1889 and housed a Transvaal museum and a jail. There has been long persistent rumours that it is been haunted.

    Websites around this allegation say the spirit of officials of the old regime are inside the building right now and they include Kruger and his wife Gezina. South African paranormal researchers say security officials have reported lights going on and off by themselves, footsteps on the second and third floor, also strange noises coming from the prison cells below. When they visited, the research claims to have stumbled on more proof it has been haunted including "objects of energy" coming from all over Out Radsaal. In the dining room, they experienced temperatures dropping fast and then the lights coming out, there were also captured images indicating paranormal presence.

    Pictures on a Facebook page show images of lights along the walls of the room which there is no explanation. They also talk of an investigator standing in front of Kruger's office, with his back to the door who was pushed away, almost falling. A shadowy figure was also seen near Kruger's office, they heard scratches on walls and footsteps, and apparitions in the cells which quickly disappeared.

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