The Ultimate Deterrent Act

  • "Good day fellow councillors, I shall warn you before I begin that what I am about to present to you, you may find shocking however needs must and all that,
    This region isn't getting any safer nuclear proliferation, acts of terror, bully states" The councillor looked around the room giving harsh glances at particular nations "And in many cases the threats of raising the threat levels or endangering the region are not fundamental, and they are certainly not equal. I hereby propose the Ultimate Deterrent , no nation will be able to get away with an act of mass destruction or a first strike without repercussions. I hereby propose a world ending device to ensure the sanity of mind of every fearful, power-hungry or abusive region - making sure that every nation can sleep at night, for the safety of the regions Ultimate Protection

    The Ultimate Deterrent Act

    Proposed by Councillor James Tournay of the 2nd Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos

    Contents of Act

    1. Proceedings of the Act

    2. Definitions of the Act

    3. Technicalities of the Ultimate Deterrent

    4. Governing of the Ultimate Deterrent

    1. Proceedings of the Act

    (a) Debating and proposal of amendments begins immediately and shall cease at 08:00 23/01/16

    (b) Voting on amendments shall begin when the first stage ceases an cease at 08:00 25/01/16

    (c) Final voting shall begin immediate after the second stage ceases and cease at 00:00 28/01/16

    (d) All timings follow the Gregorian Calendar and Greenwich Mean Time

    2. Definitions of the Act

    (a) Nuclear Warfare shall be classed as: a military conflict or political strategy in which nuclear weaponry is used to inflict damage on the enemy

    (b) Conventional Warfare shall be classed as: not with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons

    (c) Non world ending conflict shall be classed as Chemical and Biological warfare, alongside conventional warfare.

    (d) Further legal definitions of the constitution and previous legislation shall be deemed as preceding over this act.

    3. Technicalities of the Ultimate Deterrent

    (a) The European Council hereby agree that the nations of the Union shall construct a doomsday device with the capability to 'destroy all life within the region'

    (b) The Ultimate Deterrent will not be controlled by any human, human entity of group thereof

    (c) The Ultimate Deterrent shall be politically independent and uncontrollable

    (d) The Ultimate Deterrent will be a collection of nuclear weapons, detonated using a conventional weapon and shall rely on a plutonium imploding core, this nuclear detonation will be designed to produce a mass effect ruining the atmosphere by being lined with poisonous substances including sulphur, lead and toxic components thereof.

    (e) The Ultimate Deterrent will not discriminate against any nation - it must be ensured that all nations will be completely destroyed regardless of weather conditions or other factors. The region must be destroyed.

    (f) The construction of the Ultimate Deterrent will be the responsibility of the Nuclear Weapon wielding nations of the ENAA, as they have the capability to produce such a weapon and are most likely to be the cause of the weapon - and this shall be there punishment for endangering the region.

    (g) The Ultimate Deterrent shall have a human-independent monitoring system, including, but not limited to, seismic, MS-GC and other spectrum components to be able to calculate when a Nuclear attack occurs against a member state.

    4. Governing of the Ultimate Deterrent

    (a) The Construction of the Ultimate Deterrent will be the responsibility of the ENAA as aforementioned

    (b) The maintenance of the Ultimate Deterrent will be the responsibility of the ENAA

    (c) The ENAA has no right to make decisions over the Deterrent without the approval of a majority vote of the Council

    (d) The ENAA must provide 3 monthly reports on the conditions of the Ultimate Deterrent

    (e) The de-construction of the Ultimate Deterrent shall be conducted through a majority vote of this council and the ENAA will have 2 months to propose a deconstruction programme which must again be supported by the council for the deconstruction of the Deterrent.

  • Nicola Heaven, having only resumed her post a few days prior, listened in horror to the Poretisian Councillor.

    She stood up, and walked out in silence

  • Councillor Duchess Poppy Carlton-Romanov the Third got up and left. "What the bloody hell was that?" She asked Nicola when they were walking out.

  • Having listened to the Poretisian councillor with eyes and mouth wide open, Ralph Jaevons calmly extinguished his joint, gathered all his papers, closed his purple notebook, and after caressing the Imperial Crest on the cover, deposited all his stuff in a brown leather briefcase. He straightened his tie, got up, and followed Councillor Heaven out of the Council chamber.

  • This post is deleted!

  • "Thank you councillors for listening to the Act and pondering how much safer this will make the smaller states of the union who do not have their own deterrent and will actually reduce the Nuclear Weapon count of the region an ensure the protection for future generations. This proposal was debated by the Poretisian Atomic Council and was suggested to the council after the validity of the results had been ensured"

  • It was at this point that George Asquith Robinson entered the chamber,

    "Mr Speaker, I am aware that I am not a councillor however as Commissioner holding the brief for Defence and Peacekeeping I feel it is relevant to say a few words regarding this proposal by the Poretesian Councillor.

    The first concern, the proposal itself. Never before in my life, and I have worked in the Davishirian Government, have I seen such a mad and insane thing. You are essentially proposing that we plan to destroy the world in which we live on. If used, in any circumstance, it would be disproportionate. I am also suprised that any person even had the mental capacity to bring such a bill to this council floor.

    Alongisde this, I question the proposals legality. Section three of the Human Rights Declaration states

    "Everyone has the right to not be arbitrarily deprived of their life, the right to liberty, and the right to security of person"

    By bringing about the destruction of every nation and every person living I personally feel that you would be breaking this section and arbitrarily killing billions of innocent people.I do not know how this could be addressed without getting rid of the bill entirely, although I leave that to the remaining councillors to sort out.

    My final concern is that this bill does not state when the weapon will be used and as a result this could result in abuse and threatening lives. I call upon the Poretisian councillor to propose an amendment which clarifies when the weapon would actually be used what oversight is put into place to ensure the weapon is only used, well, as intended.

    I do not personally know why anyone would support this proposal and I hope to a god that it is kicked out unanimously , and I hope that the council throws it out ASAFP"

    At this point Geoffrey shook his head, ignored the Poretisian Councillor, shaked the hand of the speaker, and left.

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    Cllr. Stuart leaned over to the nearest Councillor, and said in a hushed tone:

    "This is why Peter Montfort left, isn't it?"

    She then stood to speak.

    "First of all, the Angleteric nation will not stand for being publicly accused of 'endangering the region' to the extent of warranting 'punishment'. Otherwise, I agree wholeheartedly with Commissioner Asquith-Robinson."

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    "I think so. Granted, I imagine running Eurovoice is equally as maddening", Councillor Firoux said, whispering back to Councillor Stuart. However, as Firoux glanced over to Councillor Stuart, he instantly fell into a trance. Wait. Oh my God. She's the new Angleteric Councillor. Look at those eyes. Oh my God. That smile. Is she married? Should I say say something to her? My God. Now you're just staring at her. She's looking back at you. Oops, caught. Idiot. Oh yep, she's talking now. Ah yes... so agreeable. Argh, wait what? What did she just say? She's so beautiful. I didn't listen to a word. Just nod. Yes. So much yes. I hope she isn't married and doesn't have kids. But when did that stop me in the past? True. Okay. Gotta make a move.

    Firoux was totally lost in thought before returning to reality. Once Councillor Stuart finished speaking, Firoux wrote down his private number on a piece of paper and slid it down to where Councillor Stuart could see it. Firoux then stood up to address the Council.

    "Yeah this whole thing", Firoux said, while gesturing wildly with both his arms, "is a no for me. No thanks. I think my position in regards to nuclear missiles speaks for itself, nervermind whatever this is."

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    Acwellan Devoy dropped his joint in shock as the councillor from Poretos read the provisions of his bill. He turned to an intern, Wesley Greene.

    "What the hell did you put in my weed today, Wes?"

    "It's just Varian Thunderfuck, Councillor, the usual. I'm hearing the same thing you are."

    "This is really happening? And I thought I was the high one!" Acwellan chuckled.

    He rose to speak, unsure of where the speaker was at first. After acquiring the floor, he spent 15 seconds admiring the ceiling. "Look at all the lights! So pretty and bright, wow!"

    "I think it goes without saying that this is the most absurd proposal ever to hit the Council Floor. I have seen some strange stuff go down in the past 9 years, but this one takes the cake! I can't even deal with this, so I am declaring my intern here, Wesley Greene eligible to vote the Duxburian Union's interests, while I go back to my office and find some good headache pills."

    With that, he motioned for Wesley to remain seated, and walked out of the chamber.

  • Councillor Tournay just stood there laughing, laughing at the simplistic considerations of the other councillors and not the pure genius of the bill

  • It was at this point Cllr Heaven returned to the chamber

    "fellow councillors, now I have gotten over the initial shock of being presented with such a bill in this chamber I believe that I would like to commend the Poretisian councillor for this proposal.

    whilst I dislike the bill it shows the intelligence of my Porestisian colleague. This bill is merely a formalisation of what already exists in this region. We already have a doomsday device because it is our member states themselves that are it. This bill shows us the principle of MAD. Mutually Assured Destruction. Many member states in this room possess nuclear weapons, and are apart of this scheme and yet you denounce this proposal which as I said merely formalises and details in full the basics of this regions nuclear weaponry.Whilst I understand that some parts of the wording could be improved,if the bill passes, no changes need be made to our national defence policies because this bill is, essentially, the status quo. Vote in favour for the status quo.

    I do urge all councillors to reject this bill, and for all nations to work with the commissioner of defence and peacekeeping to reduce the number of WMDs in this region."

    At this point Nicola walked over to her Poretisian counterpart and shook them by the hand before sitting down.

  • "First off, allow me to give the correct timescales for the proceedings:"

    Debate ends at 20:17 GMT, 21/01/16

    Voting on Amendments ends at 20:17 GMT, 23/01/16

    Final Voting ends at 20:17 GMT, 26/01/16

    "On to the bill itself. If this is some kind of satire or protest at the nuclear nations, as I suspect and Councillor Heaven seems to be suggesting, then its not a very good one. Its a concept so far fetched and unrealistic, not to mention morally questionable, that it invites nothing but...what's the word people use nowadays?....facepalming. If you're wanting to make a serious point about nuclear arms, this isn't the way to do it. The way to do it is by engaging with us, the nuclear powers, outside of the EU institutions, instead of wasting the Council's time with this proposal that I strongly suspect not even you yourself, Councillor Tournay, wants to pass.

    "The kind of language the bill and its presenter are using implies that the nuclear states are, right now, responsible for the slaughter of billions and should deserve punishment. This is insulting, patronizing and naive in the extreme, and exactly the kind of thing that makes disarmament even more of a distant prospect. This vilification of the region's nuclear states will only push us even further away from the disarmament table.

    "At the moment, nuclear weapons are a reality, whether we like it or not. Discussions are underway to set the wheels of disarmament in motion, but they can't get anywhere if they keep getting interrupted by the Council butting its nose in with ill thought-out, silly proposals that just want to make a point. Let us, the nuclear states who are actually responsible for these weapons, as Councillor Tournay even acknowledges in his bill, agree this amongst ourselves. Back off, and we'll get something done. Otherwise, we'll sitting with nukes for a long time yet."

    Speaker John Walters

  • "Firstly I would like to thank Councillor Heaven for understanding the root cause of this act, nobody is mental enough to wish to destroy the region I assure you of that - however my stand remains this exists, legally, and the problem is it effects us non-nuclear nations much more than those who currently possess them and to be fair and frank why should we trust them to deal with this on their own, they've got the upper hand? This is a region-wide matter. Not for an elitist group to decide these weapons could destroy all of us in a blink of an eye. I want to be able to sleep at night knowing my wife and my little girl will forever be safe but whilst nations like Halsberg, and I do not wish to single you out, fight to keep them and keep them out of our reach and out of our power we as a region will never be safe."

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    "I can't believe I'm going to seriously discuss the merit of this. Sigh.

    This theory simply won't work. No one wants Nuclear Armageddon. Even if there were to be a nuclear war that engulfed the entire region, I don't think any state would clamour for someone to detonate this device and just end human existence. Some states might be able to survive a region-wide nuclear war, and even then, most states would rather at try to rebuild after such a disaster. Therein lies the flaw. Nobody is going to take this device seriously because they know, even under the worst circumstances, it will never be used. States with nuclear capabilities especially know this. This won't stop a nuclear war.

    If one is going to happen, it's going to happen. Halsberg threatens to nuke the DU, or vice versa? They wouldn't even think about this decice. Why? Because under which plausible circumstances, even if they nuke each other and their respective allies to bits, how is that worse than willingly blowing up the ENTIRE region and everyone in it? That seems highly counter-productive, and like I said, nuclear states know that. Nuclear states also know most non-nuclear states would be especially unwilling to use a device, for moral or other reasons. So, bottom line, it would not work as a deterrent."

  • "Councillor nobody chooses when the device does off that's not how this works, it is technologically set up to go off when circumstances are met?"

  • "Circumstances which are...? Will the device destroy the planet as soon as it detects a nuclear explosion? If so, how does it account for testing, accidental detonation, EMPs, a terrorist or non-state actor setting one off? That's something which I was meaning to get clarified. Is there a certain threshold of nuclear explosions that would trigger it? How many would that be? And so on and so forth."

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    "That's not what's actually in the legislation, though. Are you sure you've submitted a complete text?"

  • "(c) The Ultimate Deterrent shall be politically independent and uncontrollable" refers to the technological control, and no limit has been suggested as I am no Nuclear Physicist, hence why it is the responsibility of the ENAA to ensure those limits are put into place on the device

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    "The ENAA will decide? So, essentially, the states with the vast majority of the EU's nuclear arsenals will be the one deciding the criteria for detonation of this device? That's wholly counterproductive to the aims of this entire bill."

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