Councillor Accountability and Democracy Act

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    Councillor Accountability and Democracy Act

    Authored by: Cllr. Edward Firoux

    Presented by: Cllr. Edward Firoux

    Section I - Definitions

    I. Councillor - A member state's voting representative to the European Council, as defined by Article II of the European Union Constitution.

    II. Candidate - A person running for a Councillor position.

    Section II - Process

    I. Councillors will be directly elected by the citizens of their respective member states.

    II. Councillors will be elected via democratic elections, which will be open to the entire member state's electorate. A candidate only requires the largest majority of votes in order to win an election, and will then become the member state's Councillor.

    III. Councillors will be elected once every 12 months. The date for the election will by decided by the individual member state.

    IV. The process in which a person can nominate themselves and become a candidate will be decided by the European Council Electoral Commission (ECEC), which is outlined in Section III.

    Section III - Rules and Enforcement

    I. The European Council Electoral Commission (ECEC) will be created to oversee and monitor Council elections.

    II. The ECEC will be headed by the Commissioner for Internal Affairs.

    III. The ECEC will be responsible for deciding the nomination rules in which candidates may run for a Councillor position.

    IV. The ECEC will be responsible for making sure that Council elections are free from fraudulent voting.

    V. The ECEC may void and call for new Council elections if they believe a Councillor election violated any of the rules set out by its Commission or any rules outlined in this Act.


    Debate begins now and will end on January 25 at 23:04 GMT.

    Amendment voting will then begin and conclude on January 27 at 23:04 GMT.

    Final voting will then begin and conclude on January 30 at 23;04 GMT.

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    I formally withdraw this proposal.

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