24.01.2016 [non-canon]

  • It was 20 minutes before midday on the Motorway into Europolis and a team of Crusaders, were driving a convoy.

    “Alright. You know what you’re doing don’t you.” Leanne Z said to her comrade.

    “Yes of course. We’ve gone over this numerous times.” Rhys Y replied. “I’m taking the car bombs into the main square, Gavin E will escort the car bomb convoy to the important buildings in the council. Our vans carrying our Militia will then storm the buildings. Happy now?”

    “Perfectly.” Leanne Z said boldly. “Europolis’ turn off is the next junction from here. Let’s go.”

    The convoy easily got through into Europolis with fake IDs and relaxed security. They then drove into Europolis, and got into their positions.

    “All teams are GO!” Leanne Z said, through the crackling radio, and they did. The convoy split up and entered Europolis from different sides to avert the suspicion of the Security services.

    At the Square, 12:04:

    It was a peaceful lunch time in Europolis. Cafés were packed with tourists, Politicians and residents of Europolis. The first car bomber drove up next to a café which was dense with people trying to get their lunches. The second, next to a upper class dining establishment, the aroma from the food tantalising the Crusader. The third, outside a coffee shop. Men in black and white suits, almost identical to each other queued up for their coffee. Signalled by a sound on the radio, all 3 detonated their bombs at the same time. Screams were let out like a ripchord. Then, 5 vans full of Crusaders skidded round so that the back of the van was in the place of the front. At least 15 Crusaders were in each van. They poured out of the vans and started firing at anything that moved. After they decided their job was complete, they then moved onto their next target, the Council and the Commission buildings.

    At the Commission building, 12:05:

    The Premier Commission Eilidh Whiteford had received a phone call about the events in the square.

    "Good God." She gasped. "What should I do?"

    "You've got to get out of there. There's a chute below your desk." The voice at the end of the phone said.

    "Okay, of course, thank you." She said, shaking. She shouted across the room: “Stephanie, get out of here. Here’s my emergency pistol. Use it if necessary... Which it probably will be. Godspeed.” Eilidh Whiteford said comfortingly, to her crying assistant.

    She prepared to enter the emergency escape chute installed by former Premier Commissioner Eric Hitchens. She braced herself, and held her taser pistol tightly, as if it was her one true salvation. She then took a deep breath and slid down the chute.Once down the chute, she was confronted by an unarmed Crusader. She quickly fired her taser pistol, but it failed and fired onto her. She let out agonising screams and collapsed to the ground. The Crusader then ran away, fearing that the Europolis Police would arrive. Eilidh Whiteford was severely deformed, but, by activating the chute she had indeed sounded an alarm which called the Europolis Police to the site where she would have landed. She was quickly rushed to the nearest hospital in an armoured car.

    At the Council 12:07:

    Crusader Gunmen suddenly entered the council building and fired randomly. Unexpectedly to those within, 2 Car bombs exploded outside of the Council Building. Inside the Council, Councillors screamed loudly and ducked as bullets sprayed inside the Council Building. The Crusaders just kept firing, only ever stopping to reload and begin to fire again. Bravely, Europolis Police reorganised outside the Council building.

    “Commander, are you sure it’s wise to go back in?”

    “It’s our duty. We must serve the Union.” The Commander replied. “Ready or damn not, fucking run!”

    The Police entered through the large archways of the Council Building. The Crusaders then turned, realising the threat the Police posed. A firefight broke out. The Crusaders threw grenades which weakened the door arches and the ceiling. Rubble came crashing down on both the Crusaders and the Police. The Councillors fled the building, due to the distraction made by the police. However, Duchess of Saint Pierre, Poppy Carlton-Romanov the Third was hit by a stray bullet, and was rushed to a hospital where she fell into a coma.

    At the Court 12:12:

    Already knowing an attack was happening, the European Police moved to fortify the outside of the Court. Behind the masonry, the Police raised their weapons up above the marble and prepared for the worst. Two Car bombs exploded off outside the Court. Several vans again full with Crusaders parked in front of the building. The vans were hailed with Police bullets. Again, the Crusaders used grenades to throw inside the sentry-d positions of the Police. Inside the Court, screams and wails echoed.

    A Policeman made his way timidly to the front of the Court, where the Judge would normally sit and announced: “We need you all to stay inside, the Crusader gunmen are outside, and it is too dangerous to leave.”

    Audible disillusionment with these words was easily heard, with some shouting “We want to get out, damnit!” As the gunshots grew closer, and the explosions grew louder, the nervous anticipation weighed down on the room. The tide of the battle outside was soon going in the Police’s favour as they managed to hold back the Crusaders long enough for reinforcements to arrive. When the reinforcements arrived, the Crusaders were shocked and couldn't fathom that they would fail to enter a building. But they kept fighting. Nevertheless, Crusaders were taken down quickly by Police from all sides closing in slowly and steadily.

    The Aftermath 15:05:

    Eilidh Whiteford rose from her Hospital bed to deliver a message in audio only on all Europolis Radio Stations.

    “I have been given the authority to give the all clear. That means Europolis has been secured by the Europolis Police. You are now safe to return to your offices, but be wary of fires and unexploded bombs. I will be addressing the Council today. Thank you.”

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