Address by Eilidh Whiteford [non-canon]

  • Eilidh Whiteford rose, slowly to address the damaged Council.

    "Today was an attack on the fabric of our Union. These Crusaders are filthy and they must be destroyed.

    The Crusaders, and some within our own Council, had conspired to create the shadow of Terrorism and let it grow and multiply in our Union... They had hoped to grind the Union into ruin. At last, there came a day when our enemies showed their true natures.

    The Crusaders hoped to unleash their destructive power against the Union by assassinating our Premier and destroying our institutions. But the aims of would-be tyrants were valiantly opposed by those without cowardly and suicidal weapons. Our loyal Europolis Police stopped the insurrection within the Council, Court, and the Commission Offices where I myself work.

    The remaining Crusaders will be hunted down and defeated! Any collaborators will suffer the same fate. These have been trying times, but we have passed the test. The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed, but I assure you my resolve has never been stronger. The war is just about to begin. We stand on the threshold of a new beginning. In order to ensure our security and continuing stability.

    The Europolis Police, will now be added to the New European Union Army, which I will set up in the coming weeks, and will tackle the dangerous work of fighting our enemies on the front lines. Many have died in their devotion to the Union. European citizens would do well to remember their example.

    The New Order of peace will triumph over the shadowy secrecy of shameful Crusaders. The direction of our course is clear. I will lead the Union to glories beyond imagining.

    We have been tested, but we have emerged stronger. We move forward as one people. We will prevail. Ten thousand years of peace begins today."