Johannesburg Stock Exchange

  • JSE Limited is the largest stock exchange in South Africa. It is situated at the corner of Maude Street and Gwen Lane in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2003 the JSE had an estimated 472 listed companies and a market capitalisation of US$182.6 billion (€158 billion), as well as an average monthly traded value of US$6.399 billion (€5.5 billion). As of 31 December 2013, the market capitalisation of the JSE was at US$1,007 billion.

    Basic Information

    CEO: Nicky Newton-King

    Stock Price: JSE, 12,320.00 ZAC, +270.00 (+2.24%)

    Currency: South African Pound

    Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa

    Founded: November 8, 1887

    Market Cap: US$1 trillion


    The JSE provides a market where securities can be traded freely under a regulated procedure. It not only channels funds into the economy, but also provides investors with returns on investments in the form of dividends.

    The exchange is directed by an honorary committee of 16 people, all with full voting rights. The elected stockbroking members, who cannot number less than eight or more than eleven, may appoint an executive president and five outside members to the committee. Policy decisions are made by the committee and carried out by a full-time executive committee headed by the executive president.

    JSE TradElect

    The JSE's fully automated (electronic trading) trading system is called the Millennium Exchange, which replaced the JSE TradElect system in 2012, which in turn had replaced the JSE SETS system in April 2007, which had replaced the JSE JET system in May 2002. The change to the Millennium Exchange involved moving the platform from London to a new platform housed in the JSE building in Johannesburg, thus speeding up the execution of transactions. The JSE operates an order-driven, central order book trading system with opening, intra-day and closing auctions.

    Alternative Exchange

    The Alternative Exchange is a stock exchange that was founded as a division of the JSE in order to accommodate small- and medium-sized high growth companies. Its website is accessible from the front page of the JSE's main website. The Alternative Exchange is known as AltX.

    Trading Hours

    JSE's normal trading sessions are from 9:00am to 5:00pm on all weekdays except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays declared by the exchange in advance.

    Listed Companies (Major)

    South African Airways / SAA

    AECI Limited / AFE

    Basil Read Holdings Limited / BSR

    Capital & Counties Properties / CCO

    Datatetic Limited / DTC

    Exxaro Resources Limited / EXX

    Famous Brands Limited / FBR

    Glenrand M.I.B Limited / GMB

    Investec Limited / INL

    John Daniel Holdings Limited / JDH

    Kelly Group Limited / KEL

    MTN Group / MTN

    Netcare / NTC

    Pick 'n Pay Holdings / PWK

    Quantum Property Group Ltd / QPG

    Richemont Securities AG / CFR

    Sasol Limited / SOL

    ** More to come **