• The Mountains of Korriban, Aalen

    An unknown tomb of a forgotten Sith Lord


    The Mountains of Korriban, the place where the original Aalenic Sith Order escaped to during the great purges of the 1430s by the Catholic Church, were snowcapped. The sun shined upon the some of the highest mountains in the union, however Darth Khan felt differently about the sun. He disliked how the snow would reflect it, even though his mask possessed an internal sunshield, he hated the nuisance of dealing with the sun in such a way. However, on this day Khan was happy. He was elected to being the new Councillor for Aalen. With that, the Sith Order was pushed into mainstream Aalenic society. At least, according to social media.

    Phase one of the plan was accomplished, obviously the help some benefactors from Halsberg had provided had pushed the Sith to achieve such a great victory. However, Khan knew his master felt otherwise. No doubt his master would push now for implementing the total plan much faster.

    After hours of climbing the steeps of Aaron’s Spire, the highest mountain in all the European Union at 28,901 feet, Khan arrived to the entrance of the Tomb of the Unknown Sith. A majestic piece of architecture created by the Sith escaping the barbaric Christians during the great purges. This tomb is where many held a last stand against the merciless armies. The sith strong in numbers were decimated here. Khan felt the hundreds of souls, all killed violently by the barbarians in the force. A great disturbance in the force was here, a void in a way. A place to draw strength. A place to plot a return.

    The entrance to the tomb was mainly covered in snow, however the two ten meter high statues of two Sith Warriors stood tall at the entrance, each having a saber over the entrance. Khan instructed his guards to remain outside and stand watch, no doubt the First Ministry would be paying attention to him now with his election to councillor. If his master were to be found, then there would be great upheaval in the order.

    Entering into the tomb brought about an eerie feeling to anyone who was not used to it, it was a tomb of various sith warriors whose names were all lost to time. Some scholars believe that Darth Jardun, the founder of the Aalenic Sith Order, was buried in the tomb, but no solid evidence of this existed. With only the torch light guiding him, Khan eventually made his way to the throne room of the Dark lord of the sith.

    He knelt at the sight of his master, Darth Jandice.

    “Master, I have completed phase one of the plan. I will depart for Europolis shortly. Is there anything you wish to say, my Lord.”

    Jandice rose from her throne, an object of pure silver, taken from various old Aalenic nobles who feel to the blades of the sith. Like Khan, she wore a mask. A mask not to hide her identity, but to allow her to view the world differently. To view the world focused, and clearly.

    “Yes my apprentice, you have done well. Now is the time to focus on expanding the order, I’ve ordered Lord Kin to begin a recruitment campaign, we will need volunteers for the coming days.”

    “But Lord Kin is a fool-”

    “Silence! He may be a fool, but he is a master with words; now you are to begin operations in Europolis. Do not, I repeat do not, attempt to bring disfavor to us. We are already at a disadvantage due to those heretics in Dromund Kaas.

    Now leave me, I have more pressing matters to attend to.”

    “Yes master,” responded Khan as he stood and turned to exit the room.

    Jandice sat on her throne, beginning to contemplate her plans for the future.