Fremetian Defense Ministry

  • Ministry of Defenseof the Kingdom of Fremet

  • New Defense Building

    TRONDHEIM - The Fremetian Ministry of Defense opens a new building in Trondheim today. The 16.5-hectare (41-acre) complex on the southern edge of Trondheim replaces dozens of sites, some of them 18th century townhouses, spread throughout the capital. It cost 4 billion Francs. Built around the air force’s 1930s headquarters, the new complex includes a command-and-control centre combining the headquarters of the Fremetian Army, Navy, and Air Force under one roof. The facility includes gardens and a sports centre, with the roofs of the buildings covered in solar panels. The new centre has walls that can withstand a missile strike. More than 9,000 officials will work there. The complex will be known as the Fünfeckgebäude.

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