New EU Institution Security arrangements

  • Dear Fellow Commissioners and Councillors,

    Please find attached a document detailing the security changes that I put into place today and that will be fully in force in 7 days time.

    This includes significant changes to the security measures that we have to deal with on a day to day basis, so if you can look into this then that would be great. Also, if any councillors have any concerns or questions then do please get in touch with me!

    All the best,



  • This post is deleted!

  • "While I'm broadly supportive of the Commissioner's efforts, there are a few points I'd like to raise. Firstly, the part which says anyone who isn't an EU official can only enter the Council if they have clearance from the Defence Commissioner himself. I'm sure the aim is noble, but the Commissioner doesn't and shouldn't have the authority to determine who comes into this chamber. The Speaker of the Council, yours truly, has had and should continue to have that authority. Its part of the reason the office was created in the first place.

    "Another point is the armed guards. I support the idea of armed guards in EU institutions, but having them only patrol private areas defeats their entire purpose. The most dangerous areas are public areas, and having the armed guards hidden away in staff only parts of the complex is fairly pointless. If we're going to have armed personnel defending us, at least put them where they'll do the most good.

    "I'd also suggest that there be a clause in the document which says that the Speaker may allow entry to figures of regional importance without them going through the arduous security screening. As an example, could you imagine the embarrassment and outrage that would have happened if Council Security performed a cavity search on Pope Aloysius when he visited us last month? At the Speaker's discretion, individuals should be granted entry without the security rigmarole.

    "Apart from those points, the security guidelines are good ones and I applaud Commissioner Asquith-Robinson for his efforts."

    Speaker John Walters

  • I thank the Commissioner for his kind words, but I think it probably best that I clarify a few points.

    The first is the issue of armed guards. There will be armed guards stationed on all of the necessary entrances and exits, outside the building, and in the areas where people are being searched and in the non-public areas as has already been said. However, it is important to ensure that our security is not overbearing, and as a result I feel that the measures I have put into place will ensure that the council and commission remain safe and secure whilst also encouraging a friendly atmosphere for those visitors.

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