If all the nations on NS European Union existed...

  • ...where would you live? Aside from your own nation.

  • Most likely the UK, South Africa, Angleter, or like Inquista.......

    Probably Inquista

  • I'd live in either -UK or Australia, mostly because they're in the Anglosphere

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    UK, Miraco, Angleter, or Inquista.

  • Who would not want to live in the glorious nation that is Inimicus! It accepts everyone - except people who want to vote.

  • ...or South Africa! You have to admit, it's gotta be the most beautiful nation in Europe right now. (Other then those townships)

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    Australia is prettier.

  • But you are still forgetting one thing....

    Look at #1 here http://www.buzzfeed.com/travelguru/the-20-most-bea...!

  • RL America is nice if you go somewhere away from a lot of people..... Yosemite National Park, Most of Alaska, and the Appalachian Mountain Trail/Highway are all beautiful

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    Beauty is nice for a place to visit, but the thread is about places to live. Ideally, you want a location where you can find a quality career job, enjoy a high standard of living, meet with diverse people, not worry about crime, afford the cost of living, etc. Perhaps you want good schools for your children and a neighborhood with a strong sense of community and many activities for your family to engage in. Scenery really isn't up there as a priority, unless you are very wealthy and don't need to care about these items.

    In my case, my ideal place to live is a small city or a quiet section of a large city, with one proverbial foot in and one foot out, so I am immersed in the city culture, but can retreat to nature when I need a break. Ideally, there is a train station or subway station and a free bridge/highway that does not suffer from too much rush hour traffic. Ideal house or apartment would have high ceilings, tall windows, colonial charm with broadwood floors, plenty of space, in-suite laundry, and off-street parking. Ideally, the climate does not require A/C, the water is from a drilled well, the power is solar, but hooked into the grid as backup. A gym nearby would be nice, a discount supermarket, several Italian restaurants, several thrift stores, a local/non-chain hardware store, and a large park to run in. Stores like B&H and Microcenter would be really nice to have, as well.

    Ideally, this is an old neighborhood with sleepy, tree-lined streets, off the beaten path, a bit of a commute, an overlooked place that neither tourists nor criminals bother with or know about. Big chains have not moved in yet, wealthy foreigners have not moved in yet, rents have not risen yet. Demand downtown is so strong that hoods like this one lack velocity and 1% gentrification pressure. The residents are mainly 20somethings and 30somethings working in broadcast television, cable channels, media production, audio engineering, web development, game development, sports programming, indie filmmaking, etc.

    However, these are the types of people who haven't made it yet, there is a real startup culture. Your neighbors just got their first big break, just got a new show, just got their first app running, they have big dreams and ambitions. However, they have thick portfolios and thin wallets - everyone helps everyone out because no one is making it on their own. You go run a drive over to your neighbor and pick up a camera from them, a friend calls seeing if you'll come to their late night coding party, but you already promised another friend that you'd attend the first screening for their new documentary (Thank God!)

    Google Fiber has announced that it's coming to the neighborhood, so your existing ISP has doubled your throughput at no extra charge. They thank you for your loyalty, but you know it's essentially a bribe out of fear. The city has just finished upgrading your subway line, the station is amazingly clean and the new cars no longer make that horrible screeching sound at the 125th street junction. The price of food is rising, they want another damn fare hike, you're not sure if the network is going to renew your show again, but overall, life is good.

    Looking at the RP world, there are few places where I could find such a lifestyle. I know I could find that in London, UK and Mertz, Miraco. These are both stable, mature countries, with open societies, booming tech industries, Ripple-enabled, legally laid back, with good safety nets in bad times. Angleter and Inquista are less certain, but they have huge tax benefits. My own country isn't eligible according to the rules of this thread, but it has several cities (Verington, Dairghazbury, Hasilthec) that I would enjoy living in.

    Most other countries in the region are too unstable, too conventional/locked down, or haven't been RPed extensively enough for me to envision living there.

  • Very nice response DU (where's that up arrow button I want to use that)

    Shocked & Hurt no one has mentioned Icholasen. It's great. All you could want. Dairy is bad for you #ViveTransFatAct.