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    Welcome to the European Progressive Alliance.

    Register here for caucus membership. Your registration has to be accepted by one of our caucus executives before you can obtain official caucus membership. If you are already a member of our caucus, you do not need to apply. Please apply by completing the following registration form:

    Councillor: (Yes/No)
    Party affiliation: (i.e Progressive Party)
    Ideology: (i.e. liberal, Christian democrat, pro-European, etc.)

    You can find the list of current caucus members here. Associate members will automatically be upgraded to full membership upon obtaining a seat on the European Council. Should a full member lose or resign from their seat on the European Council, they will automatically be given associate membership. If you wish to resign from our caucus, please state so here.

  • Nation: Aalen

    Name: Dr. Richard Dawson

    National political affiliation: Democratic-Republicans

    Ideology: Conservative Progressive

  • Nation: Fremet

    Name: Thomas Ericsson

    National political affiliation: The Conservative Party

    Ideology: Progressive Conservative

  • Nation: The Norsefire Union

    Name: Francis J "Frank" Underwood

    National political affiliation: The Norsefire Party

    Ideology: Ultra-right wing, Capitalism, Meritocracy, Norsefire nationalism, White nationalism, Nativism, Anti-Americanism

    (But personally he can be flexible and not always follow psychopatic Adam Sutler demands...)

  • Nation: The Commonwealth of Australia
    Name: Senator Hillary Clinton
    National political affiliation: The Liberal Party of Australia
    Ideology: Economic liberalism, fiscal responsibility, constitutionalism

  • Nation: Icholasen.

    Name: Duchess of Saint Pierre, Duchess Poppy Carlton-Romanov the Third.

    National political affiliation: Left/Liberal.

    Ideology: Pro-European, Liberal, Anti-Conservative.

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    Dr. Richard Dawson, Thomas Ericsson and Senator Hillary Clinton have all been granted associate membership to the EPA. Welcome to the European Progressive Alliance.

    Councillor Poppy Carlton-Romanov III is already a full member of our caucus, so her application is unnecessary, although we welcome her again nonetheless!

    We unfortunately reject Councillor Francis J. Underwood at this time, because we do not find his beliefs and political leanings to be compatible with the beliefs of our caucus.

    Edward Firoux,

    Councillor of Inquista & Caucus Chairman

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    Nation: The Microstate of Inquista

    Name: Anja Emerett

    National political affiliation: None (currently); The Christian League (formerly)

    Ideology: Progressive, Christian Democrat, pro-Europe

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    Anja Emerett is granted associate membership, welcome, my old friend.

    Edward Firoux,

    Councillor of Inquista & Caucus Chairman

  • Name: Federation of the Democratic Republic of Sitanova
    Councillor: (Yes/No) Ms. Amalia Coppola
    Party affiliation: (i.e Progressive Party) Christian Democrat Party
    Ideology: (i.e. liberal, Christian democrat, pro-European, etc.) Christian Democrat

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    Amalia Coppola is granted full membership! Welcome to the European Progressive Alliance! We look forward to having another voice with us in the European Council.

    Edward Firoux,

    Councillor of Inquista & Caucus Chairman

  • @Inquista

    Nation: Golfia
    Party affiliation: Civic Platform
    Ideology: Liberalism, Liberal conservatism, Economic liberalism, Pro-Europeanism, Golfian nationalism, Monarchism
    <a href="https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xtp1/t51.2885-15/s320x320/e35/12345965_1240255432667935_1280427409_n.jpg" target="_blank">Picture of Dr. Chwojnicki himself</a>
    - As a conservative liberal party, the Civic Platform wants to protect
    civil liberties and individual responsibility. CiP calls for mutual tolerance of people with different opinions and self-identities, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, the rule of law, and participatory democracy.

    - The party believes that an open society and economic freedom are more conducive to prosperity, and greater economic and social stability, rather than a redistributive and regulative state. CiP wants more freedom of choice rather than restrictions in all areas of private life. According to the party's stance, self-responsibility and competition should dictate the actions of individuals, rather than bans. CiP wants to ensure that personal initiative is rewarded and not restricted by paternalism. Start-ups, particularly by young people, are to be encouraged.

    - CiP works toward a society offering genuine opportunities with flexible choices in education, work and family support. It is also aiming at more and better jobs, a sustainable social welfare system which will result in strong national cohesion that counteracts see the divergence of society. This includes stabilizing premium costs in the healthcare sector and combating the abuse of social welfare systems, but also intergenerational equity. The motto of the party in matters of social security is: "Solidarity where it is necessary" and "self-reliance where it is possible". As a profitable investment for the future of society, CiP wants to promote the highest quality education at all levels, since it considers human capital the most important resource of Golfia. It considers innovation as a crucial asset for prosperity and wants to improve the position of Golfia as one of the leaders of innovation.

    - The party stands for a simple tax code, low taxes, and for tax competition among the cantons. It calls for a more citizen-friendly state without excessive bureaucracy and excessive regulation, and for a lean state with lower government spending, which offers only those services which citizens and the private sector cannot provide. The party, which calls for a competitive and sustainable market economy, wants to strengthen Golfia as a financial and economic hub with as little government interference as possible. It also calls for the reduction of public debt and fiscal deficits. In general, it believes that tax incentives are better than subsidies in creating incentives. The party sees in the current financial crisis an opportunity to carry out financial and tax reforms quickly to improve situation of companies in Golfia. The main objectives of energy policy are security of energy supply and increasing energy efficiency. The party wants to support the research of alternative sources of energy for electricity production which generate no carbon dioxide. Despite this, it is against a carbon emissions tax.

    - The party supports neutrality, federalism, direct democracy, and the tax sovereignty of each canton. It believes that national security should be credibly guaranteed by a skilled and strong military. The party is for a "cosmopolitan Golfia", which benefits from the opportunities that globalization provides. CiP supports Golfia's current EU membership. The immigration policy of the party is based on the integration of immigrants, requiring clear and effective rules by means of an "integration law". CiP calls for consistent action against abuse of laws in Golfia by immigrants, and in repeated cases calls for deporting foreign criminals in accordance with international law. CiP wishes to as well instate the possibility of life without parole for the worst crimes and to establish a public register of convicted pedophiles.
    CiP has also emphasized a desire to crack down on abuses and crimes of which the elderly are particular targets. CiP supports a peaceful foreign policy, which increases the security of Golfia and prevents an increasing number of refugees.

    - The party is in principle in favor of legalized consumption and (regulated) commercial production of marijuana to encourage safe and legal free enterprise as opposed to a costly war on drugs. CiP emphasizes personal and family responsibility over life choices as opposed to making such choices a state power, which is clearly shown through the party's other liberal stances towards other "hot" topics such as prostitution, euthanasia, abortion and same-sex marriage.

    - CiP advocates a cultural policy that would strengthen support for traditional Golfia's traditional cultures (which are Polish, Hungarian, Romanian and Kashubian) including traditional craft, folk music, folk dance groups and the Christian churches while opposing state funding of immigrant cultural organizations and festivals. The party supports the current modern constitutional monarchy in Golfia "with full accordance to democratic procedures and current laws" as well as promoting the monarchist conception among Golfians and other people of the EU.

  • Nation: The Kingdom Of Ezriya

    Name: Speaker James Williamson

    Party affiliation: Liberal Democratic Progressive Party of Ezriya

    Ideology: Progressive Liberal.

  • Nation: The Commonwealth of Australia
    Name: David Leyonhjelm
    Councillor: Yes
    Party affiliation: Progressive Party of Australia (APP)
    Ideology: social liberalism

  • @Australia @Ezriya @Golfia

    On behalf of the European Progressive Alliance, I, Darth Khan approve the applications for full members for Cllr. David Leyonhjelm, Cllr. James Williamson, and the Cllr. from Golfia!

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    We are saddened to have received news about the unfortunate passing away of our dear colleague, Spokesperson Darth Khan.

    Khan was a true progressive - one who fought for equality, liberty and democracy. May he rest in peace, and may we never forget his good deeds.

    As a result of his death, I will be reshuffling our caucus executive.

    Edward Firoux,

    Caucus Chairman and Councillor of Inquista

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    ((OOC: Sitanova requested that I post this on their behalf, as they are having posting difficulties.))

    Nation: Democratic Republic of Sitanova

    Name: Marie Therese Charlaix

    Councillor: (Yes/No): Yes

    Party affiliation: (i.e Progressive Party): New National Party

    Ideology: (i.e. liberal, Christian democrat, pro-European, etc.): Centre right wing, pro-european

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    We gladly accept Councillor Marie Therese Charlaix as a full member of the European Progressive Alliance! Welcome.

    I would like to also announce the new EPA Caucus Executive:

    Councillor Poppy Carlton-Romanov III of Icholasen, who currently acts as Treasurer, will be taking over as the Spokesperson of the EPA.

    Councillor Charles Michel of Fremet will continue on his role as Secretary of the EPA.

    Our newest member, Councillor Marie Therese Charlaix of Sitanova, will succeed as Treasurer of the EPA.

    Welcome EPA Executive 2.0!

    Edward Firoux,

    Caucus Chairman and Councillor of Inquista

  • Nation: Icholasen.

    Name: Eilidh Whiteford

    National political affiliation: Liberal.

    Ideology: Pro-European, Liberal.

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    The EPA warmly welcomes Eilidh Whiteford on board! We congratulate you on your new position as Councillor of Icholasen, and we are deeply honoured to have you as part of our group. Your tenure as Premier is greatly appreciated by us as well.

    Councillor Whiteford will also be succeeding Ms. Poppy Carlton-Romanov as our Group Spokesperson. So congrats on that!

    Edward Firoux,

    Caucus Chairman and Councillor of Inquista

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