The Norsefire Union - Factbook



    About the Norsefire Union

    General Information

    • Full name: The Commonwealth of The Norsefire Union
    • Short name: The Norsefire Union
    • Denonyms: Norsefire, Norsefires
    • Official language(s): English
    • Capital city and Largest city: The Capitol/Capitolium
    • Official motto: Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Faith
    • National holiday: 31 October
    • Formed: 1973
    • National Anthem: Horn of Plenty
    • Military Anthem: Imperial March
    • National Animal: Norsefire Eagle
    • Drives on the: Right
    • High Chancellor and Lord Protector: Adam Sutler
    • Vice Chancellor: Coriolanus Snow
    • EU Council Delegate: Francis J. "Frank" Underwood


    • Type: Ultra Right-wing one-party state; Totalitarian dictatorship; Capitalist Meritocracy
    • Head of State: High Chancellor/Lord Protector
    • Head of Government: High Chancellor/Lord Protector
    • Legislature: Diet of the Realm
    • Judicial: The People's Court
    • Party in Power: Norsefire Party
    • Voting System: Party-list proportional representation;
    • Political Parties: Norsefire Party

    Cabinet and national authorities

    • Office of the Realm Chancellery (Rafferty Shawcross)
    • Office of the Party Chancellery (Madeline Malone)
    • Chancellery of the High Chancellor/Lord Protector (Cosmo Dennison)
    • Office of the Vice Chancellery (Victoria Brentwood)
    • Privy Cabinet Council (Leander Evans)

    Realm Offices

    • Office of the Realm Master Forrester (Jonathan Altman)
    • Office of the Inspector for Highways (Ruby Wakefield)
    • Office of the President of the Realm Bank (Antoine Valentina-Smith)
    • Realm Youth Office (Evie Kaylock)
    • Realm Treasury Office (Curtis Hillington)
    • General Inspector of the Realm Capital (Priscilla Marfont)
    • Office of the Councillor for the Capital of the Movement (Landon Lupton)

    Realm Ministries

    • Realm Foreign Ministry (Gideon Edison)
    • Realm Interior Ministry (Evelyn Lytton)
    • Realm Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (Coriolanus Snow)
    • Realm Ministry for Aviation (Lily Holloway)
    • Realm Ministry of Finance (Phillip Beaumont)
    • Realm Ministry of Justice (Isla McLeod)
    • Realm Economics Ministry (Quincy Tannenbay)
    • Realm Ministry for Nutrition and Agriculture (Georgia Farraday)
    • Realm Labour Ministry (Ralph Brighton)
    • Realm Ministry for Science, Education, and Public Instruction (Tiffany Fitzcharles)
    • Realm Ministry for Transport (Maximillian Ashburnum)
      • Realm Commission for River Navigation (Devina Newmont)
    • Realm Postal Ministry (Christian Fitzgerald)
    • Realm Ministry for Weapons, Munitions, and Armament (Georgette Remington)


    • Region: European Union
    • Location: Northeastern Europe
    • Borders the next countries: in the North: Halsberg; in the West: Aalen
    • Climate: Hot and dry summers, cold and dry winters (Temperate climate)
    • Natural resources: Iron (Ore), Zinc, Manganese, Titanium


    • Population: 160,000 (08/03/2016 census)
    • Urbanisation: 82.6%
    • Nationality: Norsefire
    • Ethnicity: Norsefire (100%)
    • State Religion: Holy Church of Norsefire


    Since 1973 the currency in the Norsefire Union is the Tesseras (plural: Tesserae). It is marked as TES.


    • The Empire of Halsberg (The Colony of Carlsberg): 22nd October 1962- 29th October 1973
    • Independence: 30th October 1973
    • The Norsefire Union: 31st October 1973

    HISTORY (II) List of High Chancellors/Lord Protectors

    • Francis Urquhart: 1973-1992
    • Adam Sutler: 1992-Present

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