Fremet-UK Summit

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    06 March 2016

    Right after the Inimican delegation left, the Prime Minister was happy to have the delegation from Fremet visiting London. Instead of meeting at Number 10, he decided to borrow the City Hall building. He thought he would enjoy getting away from Number 10 for a small while to visit the Fremetian detail.

  • It was the Prime Minister's first visit to London. She was quite nervous and as her plane landed at London Heathrow, her anxiety turned to apprehension. She had spoken to the King that very morning and he made it clear that this meeting is critical to the development of Fremet and her foreign relations in the European Union. As she stepped off the plane, she looked up at the clear sky and was guided to a car to transport her to meet with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. As her car pulled up to the city hall building, she stepped out and an aid guided her inside where she shook David Cameron's hand..........

    "Very nice to meet you sir, shall we get started?"

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    "Yes, we shall. I think you've had the pleasure of meeting our Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Sajid Javid," Prime Minister Cameron said to the Fremetian Prime Minister. He led his counterpart into the City Hall.

    "Hopefully, your flight has been pleasant. Here in the United Kingdom, the Government that I lead has expressed a great keen spirit in getting trade deals and other proposals to Fremet. Your nation is one of the most exciting newcomers that we have seen, so we want to work with you.

    "First, trade on a broader scope. Since you are interested in free trade, as are we, we offer a free trade agreement between our two nation on all essential products. These things include food, materials, water, etc. Anything that is absolutely essential for a populace. We also propose free trade with standard VAT added on other goods, and a reduction in luxury tariff to 2.5% to be lowered by 2018. Would that suit you, Prime Minister?"

  • "It would, I can speak the same for parliament when I say I am in full agreement"

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    "Fantastic. I'm glad we've gotten that out of the way.

    "We in the United Kingdom pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of intelligence services. Indeed the Secret Intelligence Services, GCHQ and Security Services are both very effective at what they do, and I would like to propose an intelligence sharing programme, initially sharing important briefing information but over the course of the next year, developing into formal requests to see database information with a warrant and proof of suspicion. Our intelligence sharing programme has been effective and includes nations like the Duxburian Union, Angleter, Inquista, Icholasen, Miraco and Davishire, and we are always adamant that the proper documentation and warrants are filed in the home country and proof that our cooperation is absolutely imperative to the system working.

    "We also would like to introduce visa free travel between our nations. Of course, this proposal speaks for itself in terms of being good for businesses and good for our citizens mutually."

  • "Yes, I am glad as well.

    I'm sure that we can come to some sort of an agreement on all of these fronts.

    I know that the RIS has been dying to have the opportunity to cooperate with another nation's intelligence service. The Royal Information Service is Fremet's primary intelligence apparatus, and has ongoing missions throughout Europe.

    As for visa-free travel, I know that the Foreign Ministry in Fremet would be delighted to hear of this change.

    Are there any other matters you would like to discuss?"

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    "Yes, I'd like to talk about university exchange programmes. The UK has traditionally been a free tuition country, since February of this year, we have instituted a system where British students are free and those coming in from the outside must be eligible via scholarship to come to British universities. We would like to offer scholarship programmes for exchange students so that they will not have to pay a tuition to go to university."

  • "Fremet has offered free university attendance to all our citizens for some time now, with of course them meeting the requirements to attend university. I would be much in favour of Britain instituting scholarship programs in Fremet. What I would like to propose to you is free education for British citizens, who meet the entry requirements, to study at Fremetian universities."

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    "A most agreeable answer, Prime Minister. We've covered everything on my agenda. If there's nothing else to discuss, I'd like to give you a parting gift: a bust of Winston Churchill, a bottle of Irish whiskey and a sash with the Tartan of Boudicca, Queen of the Celts."

  • "As is my agenda. I thank you for these gifts. It was truly an honour to be invited to London to speak upon these matters. And as a token of my gratitude and hope for future relations between our nations I give you this: a sash of the first queen of Fremet, Elizabeth I. It was wonderful meeting you, perhaps we can do this again sometime?"

    As her plane took off from London, the PM of Fremet felt satisfied on the developments here. She was dreading returning back home however, as she will have to make a statement on the upcoming referendum, address the protests by the Norwegian minority, and meet with Frank Underwood, a very curious politician.