"Shadowy Dealings": Francis J. "Frank" Underwood's Schemes - IC Secret

  • @Fremet @Aalen

    Francis J. "Frank" Underwood: Dr. Richard Dawson and Thomas Ericsson, my fine colleagues, I would like to first wish you good luck about your candidacy for the EU Commission, a powerful organization that can certainly turn the tide within these sacred halls of the House of Cards, if I must say so. Now, I want to make a fine proposition my good sirs; I'll give my votes to both of you in exchange for dropping the charges against my nation, the Right Honorable Norsefire Union, when it comes to allegations of mass genocide and discrimination. We can also discuss more about possible trade agreements, military cooperation and so forth. Now, what do you two say? 😉

  • Donald Tusk, Dawson's Chief of Staff, received some weird email from Underwood early in the morning...knowing not to bother the candidate about it he sent back this email:

    "Dear Councillor,

    I would love your vote in the council, however I do not believe that Aalen has condemned Norsefire over genocide or discrimination, possibly over nomads crossing the border but that is about it. I hope this clarifies some inconsistencies."

  • @Aalen

    "But can I count on Dr. Dawson's support? As I said; Trade and Military can be negotiable, perhaps some secrets..."

  • Meanwhile, while waiting for Dr. Dawson's and Mr. Ericsson's responses:

  • One of Thomas's aides received the same email at the oddest of hours in the morning. Fearing being brought down on corruption charges, he brought the message strait to his superior, of who replied:

    "Mr Underwood,

    As I would fancy having your vote, the Federation of Fremet is not in favour of bringing any charges against your nation. My government is not interventionist in nature, so making a promise such as this would be an empty one, as what you desire is already the case now. I hope that further inconsistencies are ratified in this manner.

    Thank you"

  • @Fremet "But would it be possible for future cooperations rather than the trade agreement we're already taking advantage of"?

  • @Norsefire "I cannot completely guarantee, but yes it would be possible"

  • @Fremet "It's good you're considering that. Thomas, I do know about your burdening cross of yours and it would be such a shame if someone, oh I don't know, would nail you to it..."

  • @Norsefire "Is that a threat Frank? I don't take kindly to threats. I can play dirty if I have to"

  • @Fremet "A threat, no, no, no. Just a precaution, after all those pictures of yours with a whore, who's btw under age....ouch.

  • @Norsefire "I can bring a world of fire down upon you. I know the multitudes of who you have killed, it would be a shame to see you executed"

  • "Don't forget all those nasty pics of young kids on your computer...Damn...you're one horny son of a gun after all..."

  • "Councillor Underwood,

    Dr. Dawson does not represent the Second Serene Republic of Aalen, however we can connect you with the First Minister if you wish."

  • @Fremet "You do know I have powerful friends as well, you think you can scare me that easily? Hold up just a sec, need to make another important call ";)

  • @Norsefire "You know what annoys me the most in this God-forsaken world, when people lie. And that is one. How about I connect you with someone who can actually vouch for what you are asking...... I'm connecting you with the Prime Minister herself......"

  • @Inquista "This is Francis Underwood, requesting to speak with your EU-Delegate, please"

  • @Norsefire "Goodbye Bastard" He slams down the phone

  • @Fremet "Well, that went splendid, he's a tough son of a bitch after all. Perhaps it would be unwise to make enemies with such a young, talented fellow. He looks decent and sturdy, good in bed? I wonder if Meechum thinks the same".

    "Yes, this is Delegate Francis Underwood, requesting to book a meeting with the PM of Fremet".

  • @Norsefire "Your meeting request is accepted, but she is currently in the United Kingdom. You can speak to her over the phone now, or wait till she returns and meet her in Trondheim"

  • @Fremet "I shall wait for her when she returns to Trondheim. Thank you very much. Would it be possible to book the meeting in one of the city's finest restaurants"?