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  • Regnard the Communist?

    Aleutian Prime Minister Adela Regnard

    CONSTANTINOPLE - A new wave of opposition to the Government of Adela Regnard has emerged over the past two weeks. This time around, the anti-Regnard movement does not stem from the Prime Minister's traditional foes, the Socialists and Green Party, but from the her own party, the Christian Democrats, and its ally, the People's Party of Aleutia (PPA).

    Over the last several months, the Government has passed several progressive measures that aim to - according to the official statement released by Regnard herself - "improve the quality of life and the equality of the Aleutian society." These measures include an executive order that raises minimum wage by 15% to a historic new level, an anti-trust act that divides the largest and most powerful Aleutian information technology company, the Raspberry, into three seperate entities. State-owned industry is now making up 7.4% of the country's GDP, one of the highest rate in the entire Europe.

    The most controversial order by Regnard, however, is the recent decision to establish a new state-owned internet provider named The Common Internet which has started providing low-cost internet to all Aleutians. Critics from the the Right has strongly accused the Government of being anti-business as well as "attempting to control the flow of information, violating the most basic component of free speech" by creating The Common Internet.

    The fiercest critic of Regnard is no other than the leader of the People's Party of Aleutia, Benito Trump. "Sometimes I wonder if Regnard has forgotten about the thousands of Aleutians who sacrificed their lives to free Aleutia from the communists and the Soviet agents," said Trump last Friday during an interview with ABC. "Because I'm telling you, she is acting like Thorez right now," referring to Maurice Thorez, the Aleutian communist leader who took over the country and disposed the last Bourbon monarch 20 years ago after a bloody coup that culminated in a 15-year long civil war. "I cannot assure you if the PPA can remain in this government any longer if Regnard does not turn around."

    Regnard also faces strong opposition from the Christian Democratic Party (CDP). Thirty out of three hundred and fifty Christian Democratic MPs have publicly voiced their displeasure with the recent government's policies. There has even been rumor of an internal coup within the CDP itself.

    On the other hand, Adela Regnard continues to enjoy the support of the Union of Automobile Workers, the largest Union in the Empire, together with 3 other national unions. She also appears extremely popular among the younger voters and college students. Under her policies, average income of the poorest 10% of the Aleutian Society has increased by almost 50% since Regnard's ascension to power. It is now ranked 4th in the Union.

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