A Letter to the Chief Justice

  • Dear Chief Justice,

    I am writing to you to advise you of a situation regarding former Prime Minister Mr David Cameron and former Prime Minister Mr Philip Hammond.

    I understand that you are fully ready to receive my telephone call, but in this instance I felt an official note was more suitable.

    Mr David Cameron and Mr Philip Hammond have been detained in Davishire under the suspicion of breaking Article V of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by authorising the use of interrogation methods which may have amounted to torture against terrorist suspects in the months after Davishire's entry into the European. Another former Prime Minister is also under investigation, although this is not currently public knowledge.

    I wish to advise you that His Majesties Government will do all it can to establish the facts in this case and bring those responsible to justice. We do not currently need ECoJ assistance in this matter however the Crown Prosecution Service is considering whether to continue a prosecution in the European Courts.

    Your servant,

    Maggs XX

    Rt Hon Mrs Margaret Thatcher MP
    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Buckinghamshire

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