Flexibility is Key!

  • Let's just abolish the incomprehensible and sluggish economy and war systems and instead:

    - Determine your own Military strength (Manpower + Technology/Weapons/Equipment)

    - Determine your own Economy (including GDP Total/capita)

    - Determine your own total Population

    All within reasonable grounds, of course.

    Let's also focus more on our history instead of just some damn modern day RP, have a bit of fantasy!

    We haven't even discussed the potentiality of a World War which would have been a criteria for a EU in the first place. We need to also encourage co-operation between our nations' histories, how they came to be, their interactions, their significancy etc. instead of just typing everything down in a factbook that not everyone bothers to read.

  • Just highlighting the frustrations that I have at the moment, that's all.

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    The war system keeps things remotely realistic, and therefore it keeps war RP fair. It ensures that everyone's military is playing by the same rules and works, at least roughly, like a modern real-world country would. I'd also point out that you're already more than welcome to use fewer ICs than you're entitled to. The econ system is currently being developed, but will ultimately serve the same purpose - to keep people within the bounds of realism. Quite what we'll do with population (since population growth right now is, obviously, emphatically not realistic), I don't know, and I would be more open to people deciding that for themselves, although I do think it's both fair and good for the RP that players (usually) have to start as a geopolitical minnow and grow in prominence over time. In any case, a major problem with allowing players free rein over their military and economics is that it essentially allows them to get what they want (which, let's face it, is almost invariably a strong military and a strong economy), regardless of other factors in their RP. Actions should have (realistic) consequences, and the war and econ systems should reflect that. The econ system is being developed to that end, and once that's done, the war system will be due further revision. It's also worth noting that removing the war system especially would require a tonne of extra work on the part of players as they try to construct something vaguely approaching a normal military - we're not all defence policy experts.

    As for our histories, we did have something called the Baltan War. The reason it no longer figures in the RP is the same reason we should not try to reconcile all our histories to each other. In the Baltan War, the three victorious powers were Aesop Rocks, the Soviet Union, and Belarum. All of these players (although Belarum occasionally pops back in) are no longer part of the RP. Players and their nations come and go. I might try to reconcile my history, for instance, with Inimicus and Duxburian Union - but what happens if they leave the region? And then a new country turns up in one of those plots, and suddenly my entire history - that is, the main basis for why Angleter is like it is - needs to be retconned to fit someone else. But, of course, it's regional canon that between 20XX and 2016, I bordered a country called Inimicus that used to occupy that plot, even though my history says that [New Country] was there back in 1540 or whatever. Reconciling our histories, in addition to being a pile of work that would need tearing down and repeating as people come and go, wouldn't remove contradictions so much as add them.

  • Well, in that case, accept my resignation papers and erase me from the map. Clearly, this region doesn't suit me unfortunately and I should get going on to focusing on the other one that I'm currently building up. Let me tell you this; in the regions that I used to be affiliated with, we didn't have these restrictions yet managed to create wonderful RPs. It was nice getting all of you and I wish you gl for the near future!

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  • Well, leaving that instantly was... unusual. At least this regions roleplay isn't as restricted like this ones