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  • SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY- This afternoon The Sitanovan Electoral Comission and its president Sir Gerald Bauhaus, made the official announcement of the start of the first phase toward the General Elections of June 4th, 2016. In this first phase, they made a call to the political parties and their militancy to start with their own internal elections, in which the electoral code establishes that those candidates elected would represent their Political Party on the General Elections. They also made a call to the citizens to be aware of the candidates and their proposals. And they ended their reunion clariffying that the last day that the political parties would accept the nominations will be in two weeks, that the inscription of politcal parties intrested in participating in this elections have until Wednesday, March 30th 2016, clariffying that those parties that participate and get less than 1.80% of the votes would loss their accreditation as political party, they also clarified that the last day that the Political Parties have to celebrate their Primaries would be until Sunday, April 10th 2016, after that the Political Parties will have exactly a week to inscribe their Official candidates and the second phase would begin on Friday, April 29th, 2016.

    On the other hand, there are some names of important members of the Political class, that may seek the candidacy on this internal commission. Some of the names remarked as possible Candidates are the actual Prime Minister Sarah Poschenko of the Cristian Democrat Party (CDP), who has her last chance to seek a second opportunity to serve as head of the Goverment, Another name is the Actual Conservative Party Leader in the Parliament Baroness Michelle Johnson, the Liberal Party General Secretary Sir Harold Heinz and the Brauer Province Alliance Party Fundraiser Gustav Chamberlain. Today it is worth noting, that there are six traditional political parties and two new that are seeking the leadership in Parliament.

  • SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY- Tomorrow Monday 27th 2016, Archbishop Paul Craticus Head of State of the Microstate of Inquista, will maka a state visit to Sitanova.During his visit he will meet with the Prime Minister Sarah Poschenko and his Majesty King Mark Brauer I in the Royal Palace of Beldevere. During his visit the two governments will strengthen their relations and very important for both nations issues will be discussed. This visit also will be made with the newly Diplomatic opening of both nations. More information will be revealed tomorrow.

  • SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY- Yesterday registration of candidates for the primary election to be held on April 10 closed. Early this morning Sitanovans woke up with high expectatives on seeing who are the pre-candidates of every party. Amazingly some of our expectatives came true about some of the posible candidates on whom are now on the Primary Race, the posible candidates that we mentioned and are actually seeking to be Prime Minister are: Sarah Poschenko from the Christian Democrat Party, currently it has strong support within his party, especially supported by the more conservative members, so it has great support from the Sitanovans. From the Conservative Party, we have Baroness Michelle Johnson who is the new leader of the party, currently she is the most edible candidate to compite against Sarah Poschenko she as her CDP opponent counts with a great support from her party,and from the citizens.Finally from the Brauer Province Alliance Party ,Gustav Chamberlain is also running in the Primary elections, Chamberlain is a vert well-known economist of Sitanova and has a great support from the Youth, Male and Elder sectors.

    The Candidates running in the Primary elections are:








    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY- Today, the Conservative Party with its leader and current pre-candidate Baroness Michelle Johnson presented a piece of correspondence to the commission of Finance and Economy of Parliament in which a modification is proposed to the corporate law in which it expedites the process of creating companies by eliminating certain unnecessary forms and making it difficult the creation of new businesses, also within the piece of correspondence creating Seminars innovation and business entrepreneurship and finally the cherry on the cake was the request of the Privatisation arises some state companies such as Wind Power company, the oil company of Sitanova and Bus company of Sitanova. After a heated debate in both committees of Finance in which the privatisation of certain state enterprises requested and the economy Commissionof in which the elimination of the forms AB-1 and D-21 were asked which have always served as a barrier to those who want to put their own business, as well as the creation of seminars for innovation and entrepreneurial energy, Both comissions passed the three request with 9 votes in favour in the Finance comission and 10 votes in favour in the Economy comission. The plenary session also was another heated debate in which the Christian Democrats and Liberals radically opposed the proposal, while the Conservatives, Social Democrats, the Alliance of the Province of Brauer and the Social Liberals were in favor.

    "In the past privatization was the first reason why Sitanova came to a precarious economic situation and since 2012 when the Christian Democrats came to power Nationalization has helped improve the economy to reach the perfect economy we have," he said Rachel Morrison MP of the Christian Democrat Party.

    Baroness Michelle Johnson said. "Unfortunately our dear fellow Christian Democratic Party and the Liberal Party does not want to see and try to make us forget the past. Remember that in the past Liberal governments and the Christian Democrats goverments made nationalization of enterprises to give employment to corrupt officials and their friends and family. "

    "Not only do not want to see the error in protecting the nationalization and non-business inovation, but have also protected their corrupt officials, currently perhaps the Prime Minister is not corrupt, but its officials especially those working in state enterprises are the main corrupt employees "said MP Gustav Merkz the Social Liberal Party.

    King Mark finally said: "Since 2012 my only difference found with the current government is the nationalization and corruption identified by the Attorney General of the Republic"

    Finally, the law is put to the vote in plenary with 267 votes in favor from the Conservative Party, the Alliance Party Brauer Province, the Social Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party, while there were 231 votes against. with this, the Ministry of Finance has a period of 4 weeks to sell all the companies stipulated by law to be privatized. While the Ministry of Economy has a period of 4 weeks to plan and make the necessary contracts and then submit it to the Economic Committee of the Parliament for approval.


    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY- Tomorrow The Oficialist Christian Democrats, The main oppositors the Conservatives, the center-left wing Liberal Party, the Independentist Political Party of Brauer, the Social liberals and the Social Democrats will be celebrating their internal elections also known as Primaries. It is noteworthy that the Communist Party of Sitanova and the New Nationalist Party decided to participate but skipping the step of internal elections which is approved by the new electoral law but it id not seen very well seen by citizens. After this candidates elected will have exactly one week to be inscribed by their political institutes.

    Today we are going to show the pre-candidates and how they´ve done in this week of internal campaing:


    First in appear is Prime Minister Sarah Poschenko who´s leadership in the party at the begginig of the contest was big, but as the internal campaing proceeded she has slowly been decreasing in number of supporters, althouh recent polls say that she may win the nomination. Then we have the actual Minister of Eduaction Maxwell Lindtt, who also is the Leader of the biggest sector of the Christian Democrat Party the youth movement, Lindtt instead of his main opponet has been increasing in the number of supporters and some people even believe that tomorrow in the Primary elections he may also win the nomination. Finally we have Mayor Nigel Farelight of the City of Adele he has mantained his number of supporters and it´s often saw as a puppet candidate to favor Sarah Poschenko. At the end we can only wait until tomorrow when we can see what is the real outcome and who may win the nomination.


    In the Conservative Party we first have Baroness Michelle Johnson who is the actual leader of the Party in Parliament, as well as she is the pre-candidate with more support inside and outside the party, she has a lot of experience since she has also being the viceprimeminister in the last presidential period and has a successful legislative carrer. Then we have MP Orlando Heinz who is Johnson´s main opponent and second in number of supporters inside the party, specially from the youth sector, which is the one he leads. In third place we have Governor Gregory Robertson who is a skilled architect and has a successfull carrer as governor, his main support comes from the delegation of the Conservative Party in South Sitanova Province. Finally in third place we have Mayor Nathalie Brerzezinka from the municipality of New Poland that is one of the 4 cities that compose the Metropolitan area of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, as mayor, she has done many important works inside the city, like the installation of solar energy panels inside every house, the creation of cultural places like the new Opera House of New Poland, leading also the city in the fourth most important city in the country and second in the metropolitan area, although Mayor Brerzezinka still counts with low support from her party.


    In the Social Liberal Party we First have the Mayor of Saint Peter and Saint Paul city, Harold Marks, who also has been Minister of Economy the first two years of the Poschenko´s administration, and before that he was MP representing the Federal District´s second constituency, Known as a skilled economist and successful in managing the nation´s capital, he counts with great support from his party specially from the economist sector as well as a great power of convincing. Then in secong place we have the secretary general, MP of the 4th constituency of North Sitanova, Sir Vladimir Nero, who´s personality inside the party is well-known but has low power of convincing and has most of his support in the center left-wing sectors of the party.


    In the Liberal side, we have first the leader of the LPS in Parliament as well as leader of the left-wing sector of the Party MP Maximilian Oats, who is the more supported candidate and is the main symbol of all the leftist politicians, he is also known for his policies of nationalization of the enterprises and for having very close relations with the Communist Party, although Oats is not athesit nor angnostic, he is member of the Lutheran church. Then we have in second place the Governor of the North Sitanova province Ms. Catherine Beecher, she is the opposite of Oats, she is the leader of the center right-wing of the party and is openly against nationalization. Then in last place we have the mayor of the city of Alexandria capital of the North Sitanova Province Mr. Paul Humels, who like Beecher is openly against the nationalization, but is in favor of same sex marriage.


    In the BPA Party, we have in first place the economist Gustav Chamberlain, as in political experience, he was two time pre-candidate first with the Conservative Party in 2008 where he lost in second place and in 2012 he again run as pre-candidate only that this time was with the BPA and he also lost in second place, he has been a successful economist in the Brauer Province, as well as President of the Brauer Province Association of Bussinessman and has been treasurer of his party, considered a right-wing candidate he openly has said that the BPA should let the ideals of making the Brauer Province a country and better to develop a new Political Party that compites in national level. Then in second place we have the Mayor of the city of Augusta Ms. Helena Bertlet, The city of Augusta is located 3 miles from the city of Adele, the country's largest city, Augusta is a city where 98% of its population are all billionaires in the country, the Mayor Bertlet, has been the mayor of this rich city since 1990, however, and unlike his opponent she claims to be willing to sign and support a referendum to separate the Province of sitanova Brauer and create a duchy. It should also mention that this match only competes in 2 provinces sitanova for members of Parliament and only in the province of brauer for local elections.


    Finally in the Social Democrat Party, we have in first Place the Leader and MP of the SDP Ms. Caroline Mertz, she has been former Minister of Culture and Secretary of estate in the 1990´s in the Goverment of Mirolsav Valera, were she played a important role in the decisions made, as MP, she has done many legislative laws in favor of education and culture as well as creating a ONG dedicated to the manutrition of Orphans throught Sitanova. Then in second place we have the Mayor of Port Insbrook Mr. Gerald Hudson, which municipality holds the principal comercial port in the country, located 70 miles from the nation´s capital, as well Hudson has served as president of the mayor associations.


    Opening music Begins:

    Then the camera focuses on the three presenters of election coverage.

    "Good evening and welcome everyone to the special report of the primaries of the Royal Telecorporation (RTÉ), I am Harold Neville and I will have the pleasure to be your host, as well I will be accompained by the analysts Laura Schonenberg and Peter Van Daar. After a long and tiring election day within each of the five traditional political parties and after the final count has begun here in the studio RTE talk a while of political figures who participated in this primary election and possible results , are tuned as live also present the results of the primaries whose conference will be provided in 30 minutes.Well without further ado I would like to ask each of our guests disitinguidos that has seemed primary elections and what are your expectations ?, Laura why don´t we start with you.

    "Good evening everyone, well Harold think this primary election has been the most notorious of all primary since 1984, because for the first time a prime minister who has tried to reelect as in the case of Sarah Poschenko has failed to maintain a high leadership within his party, while inside the other parties have seen that the favorite to win the nomination has maintained and increased its support, so here for me this has been the most symbolic of the primary and in terms of results, I think that within the Christian Democrats we take a surprise because until now the Prime Minister and his main opponent are technically tied, while conservatives is almost certain that Michelle Johnson won, these are my expectations".

    "What about you Peter?"

    "Well first of all I send a greeting to the audience. I, like Laura agree that this has been a very symbolic but also a very quiet primary election and that on this occasion we have seen peace with which citizens have acted and I think that helps us to strengthen democracy, also by first time citizens abroad could vote for the primaries. As a result I think the PM Poschenko achieved the nomination, as Johnson CP, SLP Harold Marks, Maxwell Oats LPS, Gustav Chamberlain BPA and Caroline Mertz SDP".

    "Of course it could not be more agree, I think we had a very noticeable primary elections and very quiet at once. But now tell me in the unlikely event that all the favorite candidates and that were mentioned by Peter should win the nomination ,what could you think the outcome will be in the General Elections on June 4th?" Laura?".

    "Well Harold, I believe that Michell Johnson and Sarah Poschenko will be the firts two positions although we can barely predict who may win, because both candidates have a small margin of difference in different Polls, while the SLP and the SDP will end in 3rd and 4th, and the LPS and the BPA in 5th and 6th, also we have to wait and see who will be the candidates of the Communist Party and the New Nationalist Pary, who are very unkown political parties".

    " What´s your opinion peter?"

    "Well Harold I personally beleive that Michelle Johnson will win over Sarah Poschenko for her audacity and skills as successful economist and as MP, while the rest of the parties will en: SLP, LPS, SDP and BPA and like Laura said we will have to wait until next week to meet the other two candidates from the ComP and the NNP".

    "Well thank you for your opinion and sorry to interrupt you, but the Council of elections will give their official results in the Priamries of the SDP and the BPA, let´s see".

    The camara shows the Council of elections stage and it´s president Sir Gerald Bauhaus procedes:

    " Dear Sitanovans today we have done history as we have recorded the most pacifist primary elections since it´s establishment in 1984. Today I will read the results of the Social Democrat Party and the Brauer Province Alliance Primary election final results.

    Social Democrat Party: With 456,182 votes Candidate Caroline Mertz, then we have with 55,000 votes Gerald Hudson. As a result MP Caroline Mertz has won the nomination of her Party to the General Elections of 2016.

    Brauer Province Alliance Party: With 556,872 votes Gustav Chamberlain over 322,000 votes in favor of Helena Bertlet. As a result Gustav Cahmberlain has won the nomination of his Party to the General Elections of 2016.

    Thant´s all for today, the rest of results will be given by the Council of Elections until Tomorrow in the Afternoon, because of several imperfections and problems with the rest of Political Parties.

    The camara focusses on the RTE stage

    "Well ladies and gentelmen, we have two official candidates for today and as he comisioner Bauhaus said that´s all for today stay tunned we will have the next information tomorrow, thank you for whatching the Royal Telecorporation."

    Then the camara focusses the images of the winners of today night.


    Opening Music Begins:

    Then the camera focuses in the night news program presenters.

    H.N: "Good evening everyone and welcome back to our special coverage of the primaries, I'm your host Harold Neville and with me tonight is out new co-host, economist and politicial analyst Patricia Gerald".

    P.G: "Thanks Harold for the presentation and good night everyone"

    H.N: "Well, today we continue our special coverage of what were the Primary elections of each of the political parties celebrated yesterday.And well, the electoral council decided yesterday to stop the difussionn of results of 3 political parties".

    P.G: That's true colin and is that Sitanova so far has only two official candidates are BPA economist Gustav Chamberlain and SDP MP Caroline Mertz. Likewise although a delay, the two candidates that have already been elected had permission to officially register the day today at the headquarters of the Council of elections. In addition coincidentally both candidates were found on the way to join the board of elections, there they greeted and congratulated and everyone went his way.

    H.N: "which most incredible moment. Well continuing with our program this day we are privileged to have an interview with candidate Caroline Mertz who is officially and for a few seconds the first registered candidate. Pitifully we tried without success to obtain an interview via telephone with candidate Gustav Candidate Chamberlain, but his campaign manager told us that on another occasion because today had a meeting at the BPA. so proceding we go now with Ms. Mertz."

    The screen focuses on candidate mertz:

    C.M: "Well thank you very much for space Harold and Patricia and cordial greetings to the audience".

    P.G:"Thank you Caroline, we would like to know how it feels to be the candidate nominated for the general election and also congratulate you on your victory over Mayor Hudson on the Internal elections in the SDP".

    C.M: " Well Patricia thanks again and well i feel very happy as well as capable of leading my party as well as to congratulate Mayor Hudson for his respect and profesionality inside the race".

    H.N:"Very Good Caroline and now we would like in a few words you could say we the Sitanovans should vote for you and what separates you from the other potential candidates, Caroline?"

    C.M: "Well first you should vote for me because I am an honest, hardworking and transparent woman and I think this is reflected in all my years as a member of Parliament and also the years I did as minister of culture and Secretaryof State.Then what differentiates me is that I will fulfill my campaign promises not as it has the current government trying to convince citizens that they have kept their promises when it is not true".

    P.G:"Well now speak us about your parliamentary candidates competing under the banner of SDP".

    C.M; "Well all my MP candidates are people like me honest, transparent and workers, and are almost entirely new people especially youth and the truth is that only 15% of my MP's candidates are seeking re-election".

    H.N:"Caroline sorry to interrupt our precious interview but we must live link to the Board of Elections where the final results will be projected and as well the C.E will give us a declaration of why the difussion of the results was delayed."

    The camera focuses the C.E comissioner Sir Gerald Bauhaus speaking:

    C.E Comissioner:"Dear people of Sitanova and the entire TV audience, we want to first apologize for the delay in final results of the primary elections held this past Saturday. Our slight delay was because there was a problem in transporting the boxes contained ballots from the embassies of Roseburg and Fremet from the international airport of the capital to our facilities, but well, without further delay proceed to say the results of the matchesof the: Christian Democratic Party, Conservative Party, Social Liberal Party and Liberal Party of Sitanova."

    "Social Liberal Party: With 680,512 votes in favor of Mayor Harold Marks over 330,762 votes in favor of MP Valdimir Nero. As a result Mayor Harold Marks has won the nomination of his party to the General Elections of 2016".

    "Liberal Party of Sitanova: With 500,000 votes in favor of MP Maximilian Oats over 329,534 votes in favor of Governor Catherine Beecher over 12,903 votes in favor of Mayor Paul Humels. With this MP Maximilian Oats has won the nomination of his party to the General Elections of 2016".

    "Conservative Party: With 880,028 votes in favor of MP Baroness Michelle Johnson over 230,893 votes in favor of MP Orlando Heinz over 34,873 votes in favor of Governor Gregory Robertson over 10,772 votes in favor of Mayor Nathalie Brerzezinka. As a result MP Michelle Johnson has won the nomination of her party to the General Elections of 2016".

    And finally but not the least:

    "Christian Democrat Party: With 528,832 votes in favor of Minister of Education Maxwell Lindtt over 526,001 votes in favor of Prime Minister Sarah Poschenko over 9,092 votes in favor of Mayor Nigel Farelight".

    "And with this we end the difussion of the final results, thank you ladies and gentlemen of your attention",

    The camera now focuses on the RTE stage:

    H.N: " Well I think the nomination of the candidates of the Conservatives, Liberals and Social Liberals was something predictable to happen however I think anyone ever imagined that the Prime Minister Poshcenko would lose the nomination of his party in favor of her own Minister of Education. What do yo think?

    P.G: "Well I have came to the same conclusion as yo did Harold, however I did expected Prime Minister to lose because since mid-internal election, PM Poschenko was losing supporters. But returning ot our special guest candidate Caroline Mertz, what do you think of these results and about yout future oponents?"

    C.M. "Well I did hoped these results were about to happen, because see although i was vert well aware of my contained within the SDP also I was aware of the other internal elections of the other political party and my technical research team gave me the same result as you just mentioned the Council elections. And as for my opinion on my new opponents I think they are all good people but I want to convey to the public that in the past were the governments of the SDP were those who took the corruption and poverty in this country thing the self-attributed CDP."

    P.G: " Well Unfortunately our time is exhausted and on behalf of the RTE news team, we want to thank the SDP candidate Caroline Mertz for your time also appreciate the tuning of the entire audience Good night.".

    Then the camera shows the photos of the new elected candidates:


    Former Prime Minister Ivan Grabrilov (1996-2000,2000-2004), The also Former Prime Minister Michael Cohens (2004-2008) and Comisioner Against Corruption and Impunity Lord Ludwing Brecht

    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY- Today the Commissioner against Impunity and corruption Sitanova appeared before the General Prosecutor a request for investigation against former prime ministers: Ivan Gabrilov (1996-2000, 2000-2004) and Michael Cohens (2004-2008), so as 20 former government officials from the two administrations from which the most notably former Finance Minister Sir Joseph Poschenko, who also is the brother of the current Prime Minister Sarah Poscehnko is implied in the case, also against hundred former Members of Parliament who belonged to the now defunct National Alliance of Sitanova Party, whose Secretary General and Main founder was Ivan Grabrilov and his main fundraiser was Michael Cohens.. The Comission points these former public servers of llicit enrichment, corruption and money laundering.

    One of the most remarkable case of corruption is that of the former state company of Petrolium of Sitanova which was led by former Prime Minister Gabrilov between 2004 and 2006, in which the company had just lost and serious indebtedness, but they made it look like it was alright to justify the great amounts of money earned by the CEO of the company and former Prime Minister Gabrilov that were transeferred to his Bank Account in the Central Bank of Sitanova every payday.

    At present none of the former officials mentioned has held political office, all go about their own business and as well as there are 15 suspects who do not reside in the country since 2008 and no one has heard of his whereabouts.

    Now what remains to wait is whether the Attorney General's Office proceeds to investigate or not, and if this investigation goes, the General Prosecutor has one week to present at the National Parliament before the commission of Government Ethics and against corruption, then it would pass to the plenary session and if approved the Supreme Court proceeds to cancel their bank accounts, and list them on trial in the Court against Corruption and if this proceeds pass into the hands of the Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justicie where if found guilty, they will have to face up to 40 years in a Federal maximum security prison. However, if votation do not pass in the National Parliament, there is still the protection that the plaintiff can make to the Court of corruption, which of they agree, it would follow the same process as detailed


    Candidates: Michelle Johnson (CP), Maxwell Lindtt (CDP), Harold Marks (SLP), Caroline Mertz (SDP), Maximillian Oats (LPS), Gustav Chamberlain (BPA), Marie Charlaix (NNP) and Joseph Valley (ComP)

    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY- Today, the Council of Elections announced that the deadline to register candidates for prime minister, has closed. In total eight are the candidates that are running for Prime Minister from which six come from the Sitanovan traditional parties: The Conservative Party, the Christian Democrat Party, the Social Liberal Party, the Social Democrat, the Liberal Party and the Brauer Province Alliance. And two more candidates come from new political parties: The New Nationalist Party, which is composed by many of the former NAS Party members, Party from which his main leaders, Former Prime Ministers Gabrilov and Cohens are being investigated of Corruption and money Laundering. And the Second new Political Party is the Communist Party, which in reality has been re-founded in several occacions, but it never manages to keep his registration as a political party. From all the Parties mentioned seven are running in all the constituencies for the election of Parliament, which in total makes 3,550 candidates for the National Parliament.

    Finally, the Board of Elections announced today would be the start of the election campaign until May 28, which would be exactly one week before election day. From May 28 to June 6 there will be a week of electoral silence in which no one will be allowed to advertise candidate to any elected office of any Political Party or otherwise be penalized by law and that since June 2nd there will be dry law, which means that any establishment can´t sell alcoholic beverages to any citizen until July 5th day after the election.

  • P.H:"Good day everyone and Welcome. I´m your host Patrick Hudson and This is my co-host Linda Marchetti"

    L.M: "Thank you for wathcing RTE NEWS, Today we will be discussing and important and very controverisal theme that has occured in our country this weekend and is that this week the Commissioner Against Corruption and Impunity in Sitanova, Lord Ludwig Brecht, asked and recommended to the General Attorney of the Republic Sir Francis Köbernik investigate expriemer ministers Ivan Gabrilov and Michael Cohens, as well as 8 members of both cabinets, hundred former Members of the Parliament durinf the Period (1996-2000,2000-2006), and former senior leaders of the defunct National Alliance Party of Sitanova, from which former Prime Minister Gabrilov was it´s main leader, on charges of corruption and money laundering".

    P.H:" That´s right and well the news that we bring up to you is that today the General Attorney of the Republic Sir Francis Köbernik, in a press conference he admitted that the evidence presented by the commissioner are sufficient to initiate a formal investigation. Let´s see the press conference:"

    G.A: "Dear Sitanovans and all the people present, After a thorough review of the evidence presented by the Commissioner against Corruption and impunity, Lord Ludwig Brecht, The General Attorney of the Republic and your present speaker, have considered that the evidence submitted fulfill all the criteria that our body uses therefore we will proceed to an open investigation toward the Former Prime Ministers: Ivan Gabrilov and Michael Cohens, Againts: Joseph Poschenko ( Minister of Finance from 1996 to 2006), Lauren Montgomery (Minister of Justice from 1996 to 2000), Patrick Alger (Minister of Health from 2000-2004), Janeth Lacey (Minister of Education from 2004 to 2006), Howard Cotton (Minister of Natural Resources from 2000-2004), Martin Vaan Daar (Minister of Transportation from 1996 to 2004), Allan Gadget (Minister of Economy from 2004 to 2006) and Rosemary Martin (Secretary of Estate from 1998 to 2006). As well as hundred Former Members of the Parliament that served during the period of 1996 to 2004 under the National Alliance Party. Finally I would like to add that today is a is a very important day to Sitanovan Justice since it has succeeded in dismantling a network that for years served to benefit the aforementioned defendants. Likewise I give my sincere commitment to fully investigate and perform all procedures are in my power to bring this case to court and to never repeat this case again. Thank you so much".

    Camera returns to studio

    P.H: "Well, this have been the words of Mr. Attorney General's Office. We will keep you informed of progress on the issue when we have more informatio. Thank you for watching us".


    Headquarters of the Sitanovan Herald-Sun

    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY-As good citizens we are and our strong commitment to spread the truth and defend freedom of expression, today the Sitanovan Herald-Sun in accordance with the national association of radio and TV broadcasters has conducted a survey to know what citizens think of the work of the current government, parliament performance and the performance of the parties in parliament and finally an election poll to know the preferences of each citizen as the electoral process proceeds. Let´s see the results:

    1-What do you think of the Work of the Current Goverment? :

    2-What do you think of the Parliament Performance? :

    3-For you which Political Party does the best work in Parliament?:

    4-Which Political Party do you think is the best? :

    6-For which Political Party are you going to Vote for PM election? :

    7-Why? :

    8-For Which Political Party are you going yo Vote for MP´S election? :


    Prediction of Results of the MP Election:


    Police Convoy at Saint Peter and Saint Paul City

    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY-Yesterday, after a long debate in the National Parliament, was approved with 400 votes in favor the request of HM King Mark Brauer submitting to research all members related to the case of corruption and money laundering, including including 2 former prime ministers, several former members of the National Parliament, among others. After the green light was given the National Police launched a nationwide operation called Corrupt Hunting, nationwide. The result was the capture of former Prime Minister Michael Cohens, 50 of the former MPS accussed and eight former members of the cabinet. As well as the police is still in search of the Former Prime Minister and mastermind of all, Ivan Gabrilov, who is believed to have fled the country, as well as two former Cabinet members including the brother of the actual PM Joseph Poschenko, 50 former MPS and 10 leaders of the defunct NAS Party.

    This generated a great sense of celebration in the country, and as a prove of it around 2.7 million people participated in celebrational marches nationwide . We leave you with photos of some of the marches:


    On the Left: Former Prime Minister Ivan Gabrilov (1996-2000,2000-2004), Middle: Former Finance Minister Joseph Poschenko, and on the right: Police patrol escorting Ivan Gavrilov, to the headquarters of the Federal Police.

    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY-In Less than 24 hours after the second nationwide operation called "Corrup Hunting II" started, the police captured 48 of the former MP's linked to the case of corruption, also they captured, while trying to flee the country, former prime minister and head of the whole network of corruption Ivan Gabrilov as well as his former finance minister. Both of them tried to escape in a Mercedes Benz (whose License Plate: L 5-002, was identified as stolen), to a Farm belonging to Poschenko in the delegation of New Sarajevo, which delegation is located between Inquista and Sitanova border. Police said, both would try to escape through the mountains and they would be received by a hitman that would transport them to a private track in Inquista where a private jet would take them to the Cayman Islands. However, both were caught by the police in the small town of New Krakow, in the Province of South Sitanova, which was 20 miles from the farm of Poschenko. As well, ten Political leaders of the deceased NAS Party linked to the network of corruption twere captured and it is believed that the two former members of cabinet missing, will try to escape the country.

    As well, today people again took the streets and marched to HM Conrad II Square, at Saint Peter and Saint Paul city to celebrate the capture of Gabrilov and his partners, but after this pacific demostration, People Marched to the Federal Police Headquarters of Saint Peter and Saint Paul city, were all the suspects are held, and the pacific demostration turned violent and the police had to dissolve the march. As a result 100 people were captured by the police for disrupting the Public Peace, although all the protesters that were captured, were freed in less than 4 hours. we leave you with the photos of today´s protest:

    On the left: Peaceful Consentration at HM Conrad II square, Middle: March toward the Federal Police Headquarters,right: Protest being dissolved


    The Building above, corresponds to the Parliament Museum, Located inside the Royal Palace Complex. Once this Building was the Headquarters of National Parliament, but in 1945 the Headquarters were passed to the actual building, which on that time was the Parliament´s Museum.

    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY- While yesterday million citizens marched peacefully, The Governance Committee of Parliament, approved and Submitted to Plenary today, a request of an anonymous citizen iin which it was asked, that the National Parliament was to be composed of a lower house (House of Commons) and a upper house (Senate). Within the request, the House of Commons would be composed of 200 members while the Senate by 150. In the Plenary the request step with the support of the Conservatives, Christian Democrats, Social Liberals, Social Democrats and Liberals for a total of 484 votes, while the Brauer Province Alliance Party and its 14 MP's voted against because they considered an imperialist measure and that was against the Constitution.

    In the past HRH Queen Marie Therese Brauer, he had established the same legal system, with the only difference from now only 20 of the 150 Senate seats would be occupied by nobles appointed by the monarch when in the past they were 50 nobles. In addition it was agreed that the headquarters of the National Parliament from being reinstalled in their former home and current Legislative Museum within the complex of the Royal Palace, leaving the current site as the New Museum and Legislative Library.Therefore also it was approved with the support His Majesty the King Mark Brauer, to postpone one week more, the election day so that they can re-enroll 200 candidates for the House of Commons and the 130 candidates of Senate. The parties will then have until Saturday of this week to register candidates.

    knowing this we went to the streets to know how the Citizens felt of the new measure and this was their response, and as a result, 80% of the people said, that they agreed with the new measure, because, it will reduce the number of MP´s, which meant the MP´s contribution TAX will be reduced. As well they Believed, that the Postpone of elections helped people who don´t know for whom to vote to decide. 15% said No, because they say it as a way of returning to the Old times of the Absolutism of Monarchy and the Postpone of elections will confuse more voters. While 5% Didn´t Cared about it.

  • PM Sarah Poschenko announcing her definitive separation from the CDP, and Announcing her Candidacy for PM, under the United Way Coalition, formed by the Patriotic and Green Parties

    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY-Current Prime Minister Sarah Poschenko, announced his Definitive separation from the Christian Democratic Party, which she belonged for 30 years. Her arguement for leaving it, was that she considered the party has lost the political course and has disrespected the statutes under which the party was founded. It is noteworthy that Sarah Poschenko has had a long political career, being three times MP under the banner of CDP, during this period, he served several important roles within Parliament being Leader of the Opposition, President of the Economic Affairs Committee of Parliament and President of the Finance Committee of Parliament. It was three times General Secretary of the Christian Democratic Party, Leader of the Women's Sector of the Party, leader of the youth sector of the Party, President of the Christian Democratic Party in the Federal District and its most important position, Prime Minister of Sitanova and first woman elected to that office. However, although it has had a large participation within the party, she wasn´t able get the nomination to Candidate Prime Minister of his party, which partly helped her make the decision to be separated Party.

    In addition, this same day, the Board of Elections accept the registration of two new political parties: Patriot Party and the Green Party. The Patriot Party is composed of former members of the CDP loyal to Poschenko, while the Green Party by former members of the Liberal Party. But the icing on the cake was the news that Poschenko will run as a candidate for Prime Minister for the United Way political Movement, a political coalition of Patritot Party and the Green Party. This new attempt to run as a candidate for PM will be possible because the inscriptions elections had to be reopened to enroll new candidates to parliament. It was announced that Poschenko and her nominees to parliament will inscirbe themselves tomorrow.


    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY-Today, the Supreme Court of Justice, found guilty, the former prime ministers Michael Cohens and Ivan Gabrilov as well as 8 former members of both cabinets and 100 MPS and senior officials of the defunct National Alliance of Sitanova Party, for malversasion of funds, money laundering, illicit enrichment and corruption. At this, all the accused were punished with 25 years in prison and entitled to bail 6 million Sitanovan Dollars, when they have passed 15 years in prison. In addition they prohibit them occupy any public office for life.

    At this, millions of Sitanovans gathered in the streets to celebrate the triumph of decency and Transparency, As well, PM Poschenko, HM King Mark Bruaer and many other important Politicians, congratulated, the Court of Justice, the Police, the Sitanovan Army and the General Attorney´s office, for their transparent and good work on the research.


    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY-Today Prime Minister Sarah Poschenko, announced through a press conference that the government bet on greater foreign investment in the country. Among the measures taken by the government, will facilitate the process of investment in the country and to eliminate certain regulations that in many cases prevent foreign investment.

    Foreign investment within the main benefits that the government present, would be a greater income to the country, more job opportunity for Sitanovans and further development for the country.

    It is worth mentioning that this measure has been taken, after the National Parliament approved a measure of greater openness of private and foreign investment, which at first was ignored by the current government.

    For political analysts, this radical change of government beliefs, is due to launch campaign for re election of Sarah Poschenko and after a private survey position the PM in fifth place


    Jury of the 2016 Sitanovan Capital of Culture in a press conference

    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY-Last week the Minister of Turism, Lord Eric Johansen, oath to the council and jury of the national contest of the cities of Sitanova.This event, was created to pick the 2016 capital of culture of Sitanova.Two days after the creation of the contest and the jury swearing, 150 cities across the country participated in the event, of which 10 reached the knockout phase and finally 5 cities passed to the final.Yesterday, and after extensive participation by sitanovans in elminatoria phase, the City of Saint Therese, was named the Sitanovan Capital of Culture of 2016.

    Let´s see the results of the contest:


    The Capital of the Marie-Therese province and now also 2016 sitanovan capital of culture, recieved 54% of the votes


    The Nation´s capital and the 2013 sitanovan capital of culture, recieved 30% of the votes


    The economic centre of the Brauer Province and 2015 capital of culture recieved 10% of the votes


    The country´s largest city and capital of the Brauer Province, recieved 5% of the votes


    The South Sitanova Province Capital, Port Spain, won 1% of the votes


    HM King Mark recognizing the electoral results of the past Saturday

    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY-Today HM king Mark, declared constitucional and Transparent the Electoral Process taken past Saturday, as well as recognized the electoral results and proclaimed that Michelle Johnson will be sworn as Prime Minister in two days, before the new Constituent Parliament, who will be sworn today.


    The New House of Commons being sworn by HM King Mark

    The New Senate was also sworn today

    SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL CITY-In 1945, the First Constitutive Act of Citanova as constitutional monarchy, defined that the National Parliament would be composed of 500 members and a single chamber. Likewise he declared that Parliament would come in the then museum of Parliament in the City Centre. But that all changed two months ago, after the parliament voted a referendum to bring the previous parliamentary system, is composed of the House of Commons of 440 members and the Senate with 354 elected members and 46 nobles appointed by the monarch. Within the new referendum, it was decided that the House of Communes would be elected every four years, while the Senate every 5 years, As well as defined the Old Parliament Building inside the Royal Palace Complex as the official building.

    Today, 71 years after this parliamentary system ceased to exist, HM King Mark Oath and restore the parliamentary system, whose members of the House of Communes and the 354 eligible members of the Senate were voted last Saturday by the Citizenship. Now will show you the Composition of each House:

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