Inquista-Sitanova Summit

  • Prime Minister Poschenko arrived early with her Foreing Minister Sir Klaus Hoffman to the Saint Peter and Saint Paul city International Airport, where Archbishop Paul Craticus will arrive. At the same time HM King Alberto Brauer departed from the Royal Palace. Today it is a sunny day on the nation´s capital and its prepared for the State Visit done by Archbishop Paul Craticus. Later on, the King arrived to the airport and was greeted by the Prime Minister. Both of them are quite nervous. Later they also recieved a message by the Ambassador of Sitanova in Inquista Ms. Indira Mebarak, that the plane was on his way to Saint Peter and Saint Paul city.

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    Archbishop Craticus arrived at the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Airport relatively quickly after departing from Saint Dominico. Craticus was very excited to be the first Head of State to make a state visit to Sitanova, which also happens to share Inquista's eastern border. The weather in Saint Peter ad and Saint Paul hinted at the special occasion. It was very sunny and pleasant, and a warm spring season filled the air. It also happened to be Easter Monday, which made the visit even more significant. Craticus especially admired the name of the city he was visiting. Craticus' namesake derived from Saint Paul, and Saint Peter also happened to be among his personal favourite Apostles.

    Brad the Intern and a handful of other assistants followed Archbishop Craticus out of his Archbishopric jet. They carefully made their way down the jet's stairs before immediately being ushered into a black vehicle, which took the Inquistan party to another section of the airport. Once there, Craticus got out of the vehicle and began embracing himself to meet the dignitaries from Sitanova. Craticus smiled as he saw them, and he extended his arm, readying to shake the hands with the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and the King.

    "Good day, esteemed gentlemen and your Majesty. It is an honour to be able to meet you all. Thank you for inviting me here. I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter."

  • " Good day Archbishop, We are very grateful to your visit, we hope your journey was very pleasant", said King Mark, then Prime Minister Sarah Poschenko said " We hope you also have a fantastic Easter and hope this visit will strengthen our relations". Then Foreing Minister Sir Klaus Hoffman said " Welcome Archbishop". After greeting each other caravan departed the airport to the royal palace.

    After an hour, the finally arrived at the Royal Palace. In there the Archbishop was received in the King´s office. " Archbishop, we are very interested in promoting a Free Trade Agreement with Inquista, sspecially to strengthen economic ties between the two nations. As well as create some exchanges for example we have a massive proudction of Olives and Almonds, as well as one of the greatest producers of Beef and Pork meat, we could exchange this for other important raw materials, that could be determined by your Excellence in this meeting, What do you think Archbishop?" said HM King Mark.

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    "Indeed, I think a free trade agreement would be extremely beneficial. A free trade area will strengthen both our economies, will draw our countries closer as allies, and will ultimately help the Mediterranean region establish itself as an economic centre of Europe. The reduction of import quotas, trade tariffs and trade taxes between our nations would go a long way in helping foster economic cooperation. As you also suggest, an exchange of goods could help kick-start an overall increase in trade of goods and services between our states.

    Inquista is only a city state, and therefore produces very little raw materials or food stuffs. We would greatly welcome the import of foods and materials from Sitanova. As a country with a rapidly increasing population and very high consumer spending, food imports are becoming especially more important in particular. Beef and olives are also favourites of the Inquistan consumer, so those will be especially in demand. In exchange for these Sitanovan goods, Inquista can provide high-end capital goods, such as engineering machinery and robotics."

  • " I believe it´s a wonderfull proposal and we accept it. But, passing from topic we would like to offer you a proposal in educational matters, and what we refer is to create University of exchanges between the two countries in the field of medicine, law, economics and other matters. In this sense we mean that sitanova has good schools of law and medicine but lack experience in certain university courses as economy and many of our students must go outside the country, which might not this available to some and so I think if we created a network of exchanges we could facilitate the education of our citizens" said PM Sarah Poschenko.

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    "I quite like the idea of this proposal as well. It's important that we not only provide a good education to our people, but that we also help them develop a more international worldview in order to be one step ahead in an increasingly globalised world. We could also set up a supplementary scholarship fund to help financially support students to study abroad between our two countries. In addition to exchanges and scholarships, it would also be great if we could also create co-op programs for our students to gain work experience along with earning their degrees. Obtaining an internship or work experience is vital for students in order to prepare them for professional careers. Students from Sitanova could then be provided with internships while studying in Inquista, and likewise with Inquistans in Sitaonva."

  • " Of course that this will be a great help for students to develop a better worldview. We accept and believe that your proposal of creating a supplementary fund for scholarships is great and would help our students, in tge co-op programs we are also in agreement and believe that it can bring more oportunities of development of our students who are the future of our nation. We, Sitanovans will recieve with open arms any inquistan student and we assure you that those that come to our nation will be treated as if they were one of ours". said PM Sarah Poschenko.

    "Changing of topic we would like to propose Inquista a Binational agreement, that would consist in a mutual defense pact, as well as a binational fund for developing and buying weapons, which only purpose could be just for mutual defense". said King Mark

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    Archbishop Craticus nodded in agreement. "Securing sovereignty and peace for both our nations is desirable. I will happily agree to a mutual defense pact between our nations. An attack on Sitanova will be considered an attack against Inquista. While Inquista doesn't manufacture its own military weaponry - which we instead buy off the Sahrawi Union -my government would be happy to diversify our military contracts, and I would be open to purchasing military equipment from Sitanova. I do believe that our militaries could also further collaborate in terms of scientific research relevant to military affairs, such as space. If our space programs could collaborate, that could go far in terms of benefiting both our states. Furthermore, routine war games and military exercises between our countries, especially between our shared maritime waters, would help to not only improve our own individual armies, but would also give our armies experience in working together."

    Pausing for a minute, Craticus took a sip from a drink before continuing. "Since we are also neighbouring countries, that will be looking to defend each other, it is also only natural that we cooperate in intelligence gathering and help prevent cross-border crime. I suggest that we also allow for our intelligence services to share secret information together, and that a bilateral intelligence server is created specifically for information sharing between our countries."

  • King Mark also nodded in agreement." I beleive what you just said is right, a cooperation between our armies in scientific research in topics such as space and the creation of space programs would help both nations, we are exited to agree and to provide all the help that is wanted, as well we are eager to create a program in which Inquistan and Sitanovan armies work together to strenght their ties. As for the last petition you made, I believe we could create a Binational Agency, dedicated to control cross-border crime and as well we agree on the creation of bilateral intelligence server so that we can share important infromation that can be beneficial to both of us", said King Mark.

    PM Poschenko nodded in agreement with the words of HM King Mark." I think you couldn´t say it better your majesty. But moving on with our meeting wanted to propose you Archbishop as part of our meeting to talk about healthcare. In Sitanova we invested a lot and believe that Healthcare is essential to our country and I believe you that you think the same, We have a helathcare sistem of big quality and of great prestige and we think of the same of the Healthcare system in Inquista. But we believe that further exploratrions in medical researches for finding the cure of many diseases has to be done, so we suggest a binational program dedicated to further exploratrions in medical researches. As well, we believe that our Doctors and Doctors from Inquista can coolaborate with their researches and work together to develop a more advanced system of Helathcare".

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    "Research into medicine and healthcare remains relatively low in Inquista, but I will be more than happy to commit to such a bilateral program. We could incorporate this bilateral program into the space exploration program that we previously discussed.

    While we've talked about working to reduce the economic border between Sitanova and Inquista, as well as establish a way of reducing cross-border crime, it's time that we also address the physical border between our two states. We are simply not only neighbouring countries, but also countries that will, especially after this agreement, be highly cooperative and connected. Travel between our borders will likely be heavy. I think it is only sensible and pragamtic if we institute visa-free travel between our two states and loosened border restrictions."

  • " We believe that as you say it more timely and accurate to do would remove the requirement for a visa to travel to both countries. We are also eager to incorporate this Healthcare program to the Space exploration Program". Said King Mark

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    Saint Peter and Saint Paul Treaty of 2016

    A treaty between the governments of the Microstate of Inquista and the Democratic Republic of Sitanova. This treaty officially commits both the signatory states to:

    1. A doctrine of mutual-defence between Inquista and Sitanova, wherein an attack of belligerent entity against either state is considered an attack on both states.

    2. A doctrine of sharing top secret intelligence, including the creation of an intelligence-sharing server between the information agencies of Inquista and Sitanova.

    3. The cooperation of Inquistan and Sitanovan Armed forces in organizing war games and military exercises with one another.

    4. The establishment of visa-free travel between Inquista and Sitanova, and the reduction of overall border regulations.

    5. The establishment of a free-trade area between Inqusita and Sitanova, with the substantial reductions of economic tariffs and quotas.

    6. The establishment of a university exchange program between the universities of Inquista and Sitanova. The exchange program will feature economic scholarships and bursaries to encourage and help exchange students. Furthermore, the program will include co-op positions and internships for Inquistan and Sitanovan students.

    7. The establishment of an Inquistan-Sitanovan joint research program, which primarily focuses in the scientific areas of medicine, military technology, and space exploration.

    Archbishop Craticus signed the document and presented it to Sitanovan delegates. "I hope this accurately covers the agreements we have made today. We have made tremendous progress and I'm pleased to see that we see so closely eye-to-eye. This agreement will go a far way in fostering a great and tight friendship between our nations."

  • Prime Minister Poschenko nodded in agreement "Of course and we hope that these good relations between the two nations last for long". Then she proceded to sing the agreement. Later on Archbishop was awarded the Royal Medal, the highest award given by the Queenship of Sitanova. Then he was offered a state dinner in honor of the Archbishop in which was attended by all the highest dignitaries and royals of Sitanova

    Next day the Archbishop was accompanied by King Mark to the International Airport of Saint Peter and Saint Paul and moments before his departure said the next words: " Archbishop we are very grateful that you take time of your busy agenda to come and vist Sitanova, I believe we have acomplished huge agreements that will benefit both nations for decades, Thank you and have a good trip".

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