ECoJ Elections, Mar/Apr 2016

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    It's now time (or at least, it was 30 minutes or so ago) to vote for the next European Court of Justice. It's one vote per PLAYER, and to vote, simply rank as many or as few candidates as you want in order of preference, with 1 as your favourite. The Alternative Vote system will be used to determine the Chief Justice out of the five Justices, who will be determined by the Single Transferable Vote system.

    The candidates are as follows:

    • Hubert CHRISTIAN, Inimicus (incumbent)
    • Brenda (Baroness) HALE, United Kingdom
    • Salim JOUBRAN, Angleter (incumbent)
    • Brian LEVESON, Davishire
    • Miroslav VALERA, Sitanova

    Voting ends at 20.30 GMT on 4th April.

  • His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos has instructed me to cast His votes in the following fashion:

    1. Hubert CHRISTIAN
    2. Salim JOUBRAN
    3. Brian LEVESON

  • The Democratic Republic of Sitanova votes as follows:

    1. Salim JOUBRAN
    2. Miroslav VALERA
    3. Baroness Brenda HALE

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    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland votes:

    1. Salim JOUBRAN

    2. Hubert CHRISTIAN

    3. Baroness HALE

    4. Brian LEVESON

    5. Miroslav VALERA

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    1. Hubert CHRISTIAN

    2. Miroslav VALERA

    3. Salim JOUBRAN

    4. Brenda HALE

    5. Brian LEVESON

  • 1. Hubert CHRISTIAN

    2. Brian LEVESON

    3. Miroslav VALERA

    4. Salim JOUBRAN

    5. Brenda (Baroness) HALE

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    The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter votes as follows:

    1. Salim JOUBRAN

    2. Brian LEVESON

    3. Brenda (Baroness) HALE

  • ON behalf of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Buckinghamshire I do vote as follows.

    1. Brian Leveson

    2. Salim Joubran

    3. Hubert Cristian

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    Voting is over. There were 7 valid votes. As there were only five candidates, the STV process is unnecessary and all candidates are elected to the ECoJ. Congratulations to them. The results of the AV process to determine the Chief Justice are thus:

    Salim Joubran - 3 ---> 4

    Hubert Christian - 3 ---> 3

    Brian Leveson - 1 ---> ELIMINATED

    Brenda Hale - 0 ---> ELIMINATED

    Miroslav Valera - 0 ---> ELIMINATED

    Salim Joubran is duly elected Chief Justice of the ECoJ. Congratulations to him and commiserations to the other Justices.

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