Commission XXI By-election, April 2016

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    As Mr. Thomas declined to accept his position in Commission XXI, and the seat of the Commissioner for Foreign Affairs thus remains unfulfilled, I will therefore call for a by-election. All those that are interested in running should please fill out the form below. Remember, this candidate will be running to fill the empty chair of the Commissioner for Foreign Affairs.

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    Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Incumbent? (Y/N):
    Eurogroup Affiliation:

    Nominations open NOW and close at 18.10 GMT on the 14th of April 2016.


    Candidate Name: Lord Eric Hitchens
    Home Nation: the Empire of Inimicus
    Incumbent? (Y/N): N
    Eurogroup Affiliation: Independent

    Biography: Eric Hitchens is a figure not unknown in European politics, having gained fame after serving nearly two full terms as the first Inimician Premier Commissioner. He replaced Ben Reiher after his untimely demise and placed focus on an active Commission - a subject more in the spotlight than ever. Hitchens was well-educated in his home city of Telum, Inimicus's capital, where he graduated with a 2:1 in Political Sciences in the late 70s. Entering Parliament in the 80s, he remained quiet during the Inimician Revolution of 2011, preferring setting up his own business to fighting a civil war. After the Empire was formed, Hitchens became a close adviser to His Imperial Majesty Emperor William, continuing to serve under Hugh when William was assassinated. He entered the Commission in 2014, but was despite his coming second in the elections bombarded to the Premiership. He was re-elected in March 2015, and when he finished his term he was appointed to the Inimician House of Nobles by Emperor Artabanos, formally making him a Lord.

  • Candidate Name: Anastasia Friedmann
    Home Nation: Democratic Republic of Sitanova
    Eurogroup Affiliation: European Progressive Alliance (EPA)
    Incumbent: N

    Anastasia Friedmann was born in 1965 in the City of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. She studied at the Deutsch Schule of Sitanova. Then their college study course at the Pontifical University where she graduated in 1988 in Political Science. Later she obtained a Master of Public Relations at Oxford University and then earned her second master's degree in Economics and Business from the University of Utrecht. Since 1994 she is a member of the Social Democratic Party of Sitanova, from which Political Party she was elected to the National Parliament in 1998, 2002 and 2006. Then served as Foreign Minister in the government of Prime Minister Karl Brehens from 2006 to 2012 . Currently she is Advisor of Foreign Affairs of the National Parliament of Sitanova.

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    Candidate Name: M⁴. Allele Ine am Acennon
    Home Nation: Iunio Dairghazburiano
    Eurogroup Affiliation: Independent
    Incumbent: N
    Biography: Allele Ine is a 4th degree master adviser in the Office of Foreign Affairs. She is a senior member of the Duxburian National Delegation and Chair-Elect of the Duxburian Embassy System as of the 825 Capital Caucus. Mezlir Ine holds Masters degrees in International Relations and Political Science from Blackstone University in 785. She has served as an adviser or cabinet officer in the administrations of four Aelirs and one Steward: Dante Maximilian, Avoldran Dehn, Aeson Valdemar, Ares Ingemar, and Mareleus Lucian. Mezlir Ine was a candidate for the inaugural European Commission in 816.

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